Bank accountOpening Bank Accounts: We work with top banks around the world that offer a range of services, including online transfers, internationally accepted debit cards, 24/7 telephonic service in English as well as additional financial packages. A range of currencies are available for the account as well as the debit cards. Read more >>
Offshore companies Offshore Companies: We offer company formation in a vast range of jurisdictions around the world, each one with its own benefits and restrictions. The entire process is done for you, taking all the stress and hassle off of your hands. We have a range of locations to offer, based on your business activity. Read more >>
Nominees ServicesNominee Services: For an added layer of confidentiality and discretion, we offer our clients the option of using nominee directors and/or nominee shareholders. Meaning that the names of the beneficial owners of the company do not appear on any public registrar nor in the company documents. Read more >>
Prepaid CardPrepaid Cards: Anonymous rechargeable cards that do not require a bank account. They are easily rechargeable via the internet, can be in either dollar or euro and one can use it to withdraw money from any ATM machine around the world, shop online + low fees for set-up and recharge funds. Read more >>
Prepaid CardCall Centers: An extra service that allows the business partners more time to focus on the vision of their business, while all calls and queries are handled by a trained team of call agents.

Added services are offered to boost your answer service so that your company comes across as impressive as possible. Read more >>


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