GBO’s assistance with finding B2B credit card processing solutions ensure that your business is able to accept credit cards from clients all over the world. The B2B credit card processing solutions are tailored specifically for online businesses with a worldwide client base.

B2B Credit Card Processing represents the most cost effective way to process business & credit card transactions for your online business.

Credit card processing solutions are suitable for

  • All types of online businesses – the B2B credit card processing encompass medical, retailers, e-commerce (ie gaming, Forex), and many more. Whether you are a high or low risk business, this will enable you to accept more credit and debit cards than any other.
  • International clients – Our specialised partnerships with global processing and banking institutions provides international credit card processing for a variety of online businesses located anywhere in the world.
  • Company structure – To be able to accept funds from overseas, a proper corporate structure is essential. GBO can assist you with finding the proper corporate needs for B2B credit card processing structures and incorporating businesses, ensuring that we can help you get set up in the manner that best suit your needs.
  • Fully integrated solutions –  Integrated B2B Credit Card Processing systems will be up and running in a matter of days, allowing you to receive deposits through your website almost immediately. So, whether your business needs a simple, low cost merchant solution for that infrequent credit card transaction, or you require an integrated credit card processing solution for your multiple locations, GBO can assist with finding you with the best solution for your needs.

What is B2B Credit Card Processing?

Business-to-business, or B2B is a business that serves other businesses. A B2B credit card processing solutions is therefore designed with this clientele in mind. Unlike consumers, who are focussed on flexible, convenient payments, businesses require payment options to streamline their processes, reduce costs and protect their assets.
GBO offers assistance with finding customized B2B credit card processing solutions for a wide variety of merchants.
Why it is so important to be able to process B2B credit cards?
B2B Credit Card Processing is probably the single most critical processing element within a business. A poorly conceived solution can have a profound negative impact on a business. It is important to note that not all B2B Credit Card Processing solutions were created equal. A good processing partner understands the complexity and details required in configuring an effective solution. Whilst knowing how to navigate around potential pitfalls towards achieving the best solution.

What you should know about B2B Credit Card Processing

One element this is critical is the decision of what kind of merchant account will act as the foundation for the B2B credit card processing structure. Will transactions be “swiped” – with the customer and their credit card present? Or will payment be made over the phone? Whilst this might seem like an irrelevant question, since swiped transactions generally qualify for a rate discount, it is a decision that can have real impact to the bottom line.

Businesses looking to increase profits may want to consider signing up for multiple B2B credit card processing services. These services can range from B2B credit card processing to online credit card processing. These services are designed to help increase business profits by offering extra ways to accept payments.
It is essential for online merchants to offer B2B online credit card processing. With approximately 175 million plus shoppers online in 2016, businesses looking to attract these shoppers may need to offer a variety of credit card payment options. A partnership with an online credit card processing company can considerably enhance a business’ potential to increase their profits.
Another way to increase profits is to offer a B2B credit card processing service. Businesses to business interaction occur for a number of reasons. A specialised B2B credit card processing service will generate a more rapid clearance of payment, especially when compared with customer processing services.
From the client end, effective software and solid integration of a quality payment processing system is essential and will ultimately drive profits. Thus it is imperative to ensure that the company that is processing the credit transactions is reliable and efficient. Values that will hold you in good stead for your business’s life time.