Best eCommerce Expos, Conferences and Events for 2017

/Best eCommerce Expos, Conferences and Events for 2017

GBO has researched the main eCommerce expos, events and conferences worldwide for 2017


If you have an eCommerce business then attending eCommerce conferences 2017 or eCommerce expo 2017 will give you a major advantage in the industry. At eCommerce events 2017 you will gain invaluable knowledge, get to network with fellow online retailers and learn from the best in the industry. Below is a brief list of the best eCommerce conferences 2017; there are many other eCommerce events 2017 but this list gives you a taste of some of those to mark in your calendar for 2017.

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Best eCommerce Expos in 2017 

eCOM MTL 2017

This event offers a vibrant and interactive space for participants to be inspired and network with other professionals. About 800 people are expected to attend. The aim of the event is to promote e-commerce and the digital ecosystem. eCOM MTL hopes to support participants in navigating the digital economy.

Organizer: eCOM MTL

Date: TBA

Location: Montreal, Canada

ShopTalk 2017

ShopTalk the “next generation commerce event” is expecting more than 5,000 attendees; over 2,000 companies; 500 CEOS and will present more than 250 speakers. It is a mega conference offering practical technology and covering the rapid evolution of consumer preferences and expectations and how they shop online. It will be an excellent platform for establishing startups and making meaningful connections. The event is only in its second year but is already considered one of the hottest platforms for industry innovators.

Organizer: Spark Network Program

Date: 19-22 March, 2017

Location: Aria, Las Vegas, USA

Social Media Marketing World 2017

The motto of this event is “networking, discovery, fun.” This is the world’s largest social media marketing conference and will be attended by more than 120 top international social media pros as well as over 3,000 visitors. The idea is to spark ideas which will transform your social media marketing of your eCommerce enterprise. You’ll learn the latest ways to deploy and track social statistics; reduce trial and error time; network with marketers like you and take workshops at no extra cost to develop your marketing strategies.

Organizer: Social Media Examiner

Date: 22-24 March, 2017

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Intellectual Content Conference 2017 (ICC 2017)

Find out about content strategies for marketing your online business. This three day event includes case studies, workshops, speakers, panels and networking. The topics covered range from multi-channel content delivery and responsive design to content optimization and conversion techniques and organizational structure. In today’s hyper-connected global marketplace gone are the days of hand-crafting content for each individual channel, device and audience segment. Come and learn about the most resent developments in the content field. Take one of the conference courses to optimize your content strategy.

Organizer: Content Marketing Institute

Date: 28-30 March, 2017

Location: Las Vegas, USA

ConversionXL (CXL Live) 2017

This 3 day single-track conference means you get to see everyone! It is held in a remote location where you can focus on gaining as much knowledge as possible about growth and optimization from peers and experts. You will come away with very practical and deployable knowledge. All speakers have put their words into action and are practitioners rather than theorists. The focus is on the quality of learning from peers. All speakers have been hand-picked for their no-fluff, no pitch, practical experience. They represent a model of how to boost profits in your business.

Organizer: CXL

Date: 5-7 April, 2017

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Internet Retail Expo 2017

“Unveil the future of the retail nation” at this special event. More than 5,000 visitors are expected to attend this expo which will present thought-provoking content, and allow you to network, discover the latest trends in the multichannel retail business and hear about the latest innovations. Over 300 eCommerce leaders will be exhibiting their cutting-edge tech solutions to better business multichannel performance. The expo consists of conferences, one-on-one workshops, clinics and interactive sessions in the Digital Payments Theatre, Jiangsu Pavilion and Omnichannel Theatre.

Organizer: Internet Retailing Events

Date: 5-6 April, 2017

Location: NEC, Birmingham, UK

Scandinavian e-Business Camp 2017 (SEBC17)

This event aims to provide Scandinavian e-commerce professionals with valuable knowledge. The event is held bi-annually and hosts influential international speakers to share their experiences and insights. One of the speakers this year will be Jorij Abraham, e-commerce professor. Industry insiders, suppliers, retailers, e-tailers and Jetshop customers are welcome.

Organizer: Jetshop

Date: 18-19 May, 2017

Location: Clarion Hotel, Gothenburg, Sweden

Call-to-Action 2017

The focus of this event is on optimizing your marketing with actionable insights. The CTAConf can bring you to your next level of actionable marketing tactics. World-class marketing experts will be speaking on a range of subjects including copywriting, PPC, conversion optimization and e-mail marketing. This year speakers include the highest rated speakers from the last three conferences, like Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz.

Organizer: unbounce

Date: 25-27 June, 2017

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2017

With the rapid evolution of eCommerce IRCE will help you identify the next big thing, latest trends and eCommerce solutions. IRCE brings together an unrivaled agenda of events including an exhibition hall full of solution providers, network opportunities and key speakers. The topics covered include online retail strategies, new SEO techniques and much more. There will be more than 200 speakers and over 130 conference sessions. The organizers, Internet Retail Magazine have their finger on the pulse of the industry and have hand-picked the best content for this event.

Organizer: Internet Retail Magazine

Date: 6-9 June, 2017

Location: McCormick Place West, Chicago, USA

Retail Global 2017

The Entrepreneur Magazine lists this among the Top 10 must-attend eCommerce conferences. The conference presents a number of top speakers which in the past have included people like Bob Shwartz, founder of and Stacie Sefton, the co-founder of eBay’s top seller. With more than 50 speakers over the course of three days you will go away with new eCommerce solutions and strategies to make your online business boom. You will have a chance to interact with hundreds of global online merchants.

Organizer: Retail Global

Date: 12-14 September, 2017

Location: Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA

e-Commerce Expo 2017

At this event you can get the tools and inspiration to make your eCommerce enterprise grow exponentially. This is one of the largest annual eCommerce events drawing in about 7,500 visitors and 5,000 companies from more than 50 countries across the globe. More than 80% of those attending are senior management. With so many eCommerce professionals attending participants get to meet a wide range of people from the industry. Learn about the latest trends that are driving eCommerce into the future. The event covers customer service, logistics, multi-channel solutions, payment methods, security, doing international business, delivery and eCommerce platforms.

Organizer: UBM

Date: 27-28 September, 2017

Location: Olympia, London, UK

Online & Digital Summit 2017

This summit brings together leading digital professionals from consumer goods industries including groceries and food. This event differs from most of those on this list; as it is geared specifically towards grocery business owners who are marketing and selling online. As consumer expectations are constantly changing so the services of regular retail businesses need to change with the times. There will be networking opportunities, guest speakers from major retail companies, innovators in the eCommerce industry and key suppliers.

Organizer: IGD

Date: 10-11 October, 2017

Location: Lancaster Hotel, London UK

eCommerce Events 2017 and Why you Should Attend

With the start of 2017 we enter a new season of eCommerce events, conferences and expos. Anyone with an eCommerce enterprise should stay up to date with the hottest trends, technical developments, strategic solutions and latest news in the online retail industry. The best way to do this is to attend some of the best eCommerce conferences 2017.
Still wondering why you should attend eCommerce events 2017? eCommerce conferences are the best way to remain current and relevant in an ever changing market. There is a wide range of eCommerce expo 2017 events to choose from, some are more general and others focus on a particular sector, like the Online & Digital Summit listed above. Digital marketing eCommerce conferences are always useful to online retailers as well as those which highlight content, social media marketing, customer relations and the technical solutions available in eCommerce.
A vital element of all eCommerce expos, conferences and events is the opportunity to network. Meeting and sharing with your fellow professionals in the same field can be enlightening and even lead to collaborations and lasting business connections. As you grow your business having connections can be extremely beneficial and eCommerce events are the only place where you can truly make one-on-one face-to-face connections.

Signing up for an endless string of webinar sessions; reading endless blogs or downloading white papers is no substitute for attending an eCommerce conference 2017. At an eCommerce event the information is consolidated in one place; you get to hear about the latest trends from the real “movers and shakers” of the industry and get “hands-on” solutions and personal input about your eCommerce business. The best eCommerce conferences offer practical tips and insights from leaders in the industry and an opportunity to network with your peers.

Why You Should Attend eCommerce Conferences 2017:

1. Gain Real Knowledge
Let’s face it most online businesses take a while to get up and running; so having a little bit of inside information doesn’t hurt. No business person knows everything about their field, especially in the digital world where consumer trends and technology changes at the speed of light. By crossing paths with other people in the same business, people who are sometimes more experienced or knowledgeable than us, we can often bring our business to the next level. The best way to gain inside knowledge, learn from leaders in the industry, educate ourselves and make connections in our field is to attend the best eCommerce events 2017.

2. There are Expos, Conferences and Events Focused on your Needs
eCommerce events 2017 will be held across the globe so there is always one not too far from where you are based. The eCommerce conferences 2017 take place throughout the year, in every month of the year. So whenever you are free you will find an eCommerce event to attend. The vast range of eCommerce expos covers both general online retail subjects and specific fields of interest so that you will always find an expo, conference or event to meet your eCommerce needs.

3. eCommerce Conferences are Fun!
Almost all eCommerce conferences 2017 include some form of down-time – whether it is just a social get-together over a drink or a full-out party! Attendees traveling abroad to eCommerce events often travel with colleagues or friends so these events can turn out to be a mini-vacation as well. eCommerce events are designed to offer networking opportunities and ways in which you can interact with your peers. So parties, excursions, games, dinners, attractions and special happenings are usually included. Just looking at the above list of eCommerce events 2017 there are a few great examples of the fun you can have at eCommerce conferences this year. For example look at how many of the events are being held in the ultimate fun city – Las Vegas. At the ShopTalk event there is going to be a reception at Jewel sponsored by Google; at Retail Global there will be a pool party and ConversionXL is holding a “beer, wine and outdoor games” night with live music. So together with giving your business a boost you can also enjoy your time, recharge your batteries and relax at eCommerce conference 2017 events.