List of FinTech & Payment Conference in 2020

/List of FinTech & Payment Conference in 2020

GBO has researched the main Payments, FinTech and CryptoCurrency expos, events and conferences worldwide for 2020

If you want to remain relevant in your field, up-to-date with the latest payment methods and informed about new payment channels and financing then you need to attend payment conferences, payment events, payment expo 2020 and Cryptocurrency conferences.

Here is a brief list of top payment expo, conferences and events 2020. In addition there are many more such events across the globe; some cover a wide range of subjects and some are focused on a specific sector of the market.

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Best upcoming Payments conference 2020

iFX EPO Asia 2020

This is the 10th annual iFX EPO Asia; with more than 80 exhibitors and more than 2,500 attendees expected. The expo will be packed with panels, keynotes and workshops sharing knowledge and innovative solutions. Among the topics to be discussed will be recent changes in visa and EU banking and PSP regulations; marketing in China; the art of building a successful IB business in China; blockchain solution for gold; FX markets in a Trump presidency; Bitcoin in China and entering and succeeding in the Asian market.

Organizer: ConversionPros and Finance Magnates

Date: February, 2020

Location: Hong Kong

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Tallinn 2020

The Blockchain, Bitcoin & payments Conference 2020 is a network of events taking place in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Prague and Kiev. The Estonian event will look at international projects implementing cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Expert speakers will share their knowledge and insights into implementing Blockchain in government institutions (govtech); trading; Cryptocurrency license; banking systems; healthcare; media and other sectors. All aspects of creating innovative IT products will be discussed. Among the lead speakers will be Jon Matonis, founding director at the Bitcoin Foundation; Vitali Pavlov, Project Manager at HashCoins and Dima Starodubcev, co-founder and product architect at cyber-fund.

Organizer: Smile Expo

Date: March, 2020

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

FigureFinance Sydney Summit, 2020  

Sydney Summit is organized by FigureFinance, China’s national profession information platform,focuses on international Fintech, aiming to explore the financial landscape and share professional knowledge, such as Artificial intelligence,blockchain,big data,regulation as well as policy, showcasing the economic development during the era of globalization. Elites in Fintech will share the forefront of unique views in the prospects of Australia and China, such as Raymond Ma, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud, ASEAN and ANZ;Simon Cant,Co-founder and Managing Director at Reinventure Group, President of FinTech Australia; Jaylin Mao,Director of AsianBusiness, Premium Banking, WestPac, etc.

Organizer: FigureFinance,China

DateMarch, 2020

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Ignition UK: Future of Fintech 2020

With the ever changing technology in the financial industry anyone involved in lending, banking, payments or wealth management needs to keep up-to-date with the evolution of finance. Payments conference 2020 – Join the 300+ investors, entrepreneurs and finance industry leaders from across the globe in examining the current and future activity in this market.

Organizer: Ignition

Date: March, 2020

Location: King’s Place, London, UK

MIT Fintech Conference 2020

Emerging and established entrepreneurs, policy makers and current industry leaders come together for this conference to discuss the future of the finance industry. The conference will also include discussion panels on access, inclusion, gender diversity and policy. The goal is to harness technology and innovation to enhance accessibility.

Organizer: MIT

Date: April, 2020

Location: MIT Media Lab Cambridge, MA, USA

FinoVate Spring 2020

Finovate is a unique concept where presentations are limited to only 7 minutes. Each speaker/presenter takes the stage and instead of droning on for hours they get only 7 minutes to make their point; sell their concept or product. Among the many presenters there will be brandCrowder; CallVU; CaedLinX; Quid; PayActiv and SaleMove. Financial institutions, press and industry analysts, investors and FinTech companies like Apple; Google; PayPal; MX; Fannie Mae and Vanguard will be there. There is a Finovate Europe held in London, February 7-8; Finovate Fall held in New York, 8-9 September; Finovate Asia held in Hong Kong in November and this event Finovate Spring held in San Jose.

Organizer: Finovate

Date:  April, 2020

Location: San Jose, USA

Payments 2020

Those who are driving forward innovative payment solutions and practices gather for this event to share information to create common goals and progress with clarity of purpose. Payments system stakeholders from all sectors of the payments industry will debate and explore pressing issues and opportunities. There will be more than 120 sessions and workshops plus an interactive expo show floor with a PAYMENTS Innovation Hub, a unique knowledge sharing platform. The event’s networking opportunities are tailored to suit executives and senior-level payments professionals from mobile, retail and technology.

Organizer: NACHA

Date: April, 2020

Location: Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, USA

Cardware 2020

This payment conference is for issuers, merchants, acquirers, regulators, brands, solution providers and stakeholders to gain insights and network. This is the platform where business people will be able to explore opportunities to increase their revenues, manage risk in a dynamic market and decrease cost. Issues like leveraging EMV, self regulation and crypto currencies will be discussed within a Canadian context. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss issues in a neutral and non-competitive environment. You can boost your brand profile and gain exposure among leading professionals.

Organizer: Cardware

Date: May, 2020

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada

IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference 2020

This is one of the largest EMEA region’s banking solutions, finance technology and payments event 2020. The conference provides a platform for introducing and demonstrating banking solutions and finance technology solutions including hardware, consultancy, software, training and financial services. Speakers will share their experience, vision, knowledge and future forecasts. The speeches at the conference will be in Turkish or English and with simultaneous translation.

Organizer: Steigenberger

Date:  May, 2020

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Transact 2020

This event focused only on the business of payments; it is where you can meet like-minded professionals and explore the new technologies available. Discover the best practices, new products and discover insights into what the coming years hold for the payment industry. Connect with the payment technology community including online, in-store and mobile channels. There will be more than 200 exhibitors on the show floor including Payments Next Zone, New Payments Innovation Lab; PayPal; Intel; MasterCard; Verifone; global payments and Mobile Pay Zone.

Organizer: Electronic Transaction Association

Date: May, 2020

Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

Money 20/20 Europe 2020

Perhaps the most important and largest European fintech event of the year for industry innovators. Over 400 industry leaders will be speaking at this event about the future of payments and financial services and how to make commercial connections “anytime, anywhere.” Subjects to be addressed will include the mobile ecosystem, banks, and non-banks, the retail industry on and off line, payments and financial services, marketing, investors, government bodies and advisory firms.

Organizer: Ascential

DateJune, 2020

Location: Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

London Fintech Week 2020

FinTech is a packed week of hackathons, workshops, meetups, parties and conferences. Each day is devoted to a different topic with time left for networking and exchanging ideas with top industry innovators. The conference events will take place across the city in several venues. The brightest minds from across the globe will be represented with approximately 5,000 participants and about 1,000 delegates. This year’s conference will also focus on Brexit and the challenges and opportunities this may bring to the industry. The conference aims to unite the world’s fintech professionals to create a dialog between innovative firms, established multi-nationals, disruptive start-ups, media, investors and governments.

Organizer: FinTech Worldwide

Date: July, 2020

Location: London, UK

Mobile Payments Conference 2020

The conference agenda will provide information to guide attendees in navigating the constantly changing landscape of mobile payments. The keynote speakers and breakout sessions will address new mobile commerce platforms, solutions, services and elements which impact the market. The event is geared towards ISO, financial institutions, retailers, merchant services, vendors and businesses looking for industry exposure and ways to develop and grow their business. There will be plenty of opportunities to network with other industry professionals.

Organizer: MP Associates Inc.

Date: August, 2020

Location: Swissotel, Chicago, USA

Global Payment Summit-Asia 2020

Join the best ranked briefing on global and APAC payments / transaction developments in Kuala Lumpur!The Global Payment Summits are strategic and pragmatic platforms organized for and by senior professionals. The GPS series covers key trends in the payments and the transaction space. Through exchange of best practices and workable solutions as well as high level networking. We deep-dive into topics and innovations affecting the business directions of the future.

GPS-Asia 2020 takes on a new direction with an exceptional collaboration forged with PayNet Group, Malaysia’s premier payment system network and central infrastructure for financial markets. In parallel to GPS-Asia, an international P7 Think Tank group formed by payments associations will add a global dimension to the GPS-Asia program. GPS-Asia will focus on essential discussions and debate on instant/faster payments, security issues, regulatory reform, easy cross-border payments, efficient remittances solutions and many more aspects within our ‘space’. Sharing experiences and global hot topics such as open banking, PSD2, and GDPR implementation from Europe to Asia, we will blend in key lessons for Asia learned from best practices worldwide.

Organizer: Currency Research Inc

Date: September, 2020

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



PayExpo Europe 2020

The European payments ecosystem and payments marketspace will be discussed and innovative solutions formed at this important event. Professionals interested in making payments faster, more secure and easier should attend this event. Among attendees there will be CEOs, MNOs, banks, merchants, start-ups, investors, gaming operators and investors among others. More than 2,200 attendees are expected offering excellent opportunities to network and form business connections. There will be more than 75 exhibitors and over 150 speakers. This year key themes being addressed will include security authentication and biometrics; the future of banking; commercial market regulations and evolution; analysis, loyalty and localization.

Organizer: Clarion Events

Date: October, 2020

Location: ExCel, London, UK

iMoney Expo 2020

iMoney Expo is an international event for fintech, payment, blockchain, forex, banking, big data firms and financial services providers etc. The show expect 5,000 industry elites gathering around to share insights and discover the potential in one of the biggest markets in China.

Organizer: AFARD LTD

Dates: November, 2020

Location: Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, Guangzhou China


If you have an online business then you must receive payments and unlike high street stores you need to employ the services of a payment provider and be able to accept payments by credit card. Technology is constantly evolving and there are always new methods of online payments being devised.

Whatever your online business deals with, whether it is tourism, retail, service oriented, telecoms, gaming or any other field you will need a way for your clients to make payments. At card and payment events 2020 you will learn about payment solutions which can help your business run smoothly and provide the best payment experience for your clients. Digital payments are the future and we are heading towards a cashless society where businesses will have to know how to facilitate the smoothest, easiest and most efficient virtual payments. At payment events 2020 you can learn about financial technologies of the future, the global regulations regarding online payments, banking solutions, find solutions for your particular payment issues and be inspired to integrate the latest payment channels in your business. Why are Payment Expo 2020 and Payment Conferences Important?Your business can be more profitable and more accessible to clients by providing an efficient and effective payment method. The place to learn about new payment methods, financing, payment software and hardware providers, the latest changes in the payment industry and get invaluable tips on how to streamline checkout for your clients is at payment expos 2020. Payment conferences cover more than just online payment methods they also cover mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, investors, banking and wearable payment devices. In addition to the knowledge you will gain payment events in 2020 will give you the opportunity to meet fellow business people dealing with similar issues.

3 Reasons to Attend in the upcoming Payment Events 2020 and Fintech exops 2020

  • Meet Industry Leaders At payment events you will meet many leaders and innovators in the payment sector. See the products they have to offer and learn about the payment strategies available to you. Game changers and decision makers in the industry can give you a glimpse at what the industry will look like in the future and help you better prepare for the anticipated changes in payment technology and online retail. Payment expos and conferences are attended by many industry
    leaders who come to present their products in panel discussions, lectures, workshops and on the expo floor. A conference or expo offers a relaxed atmosphere where you are free to mingle and chat with whoever you want. Networking is facilitated by the many social and business events planned for payment events 2020. In this digital age where most of our business is conducted remotely we have very few opportunities to meet colleagues, suppliers and providers face-to-face except at payment events where attendees come from across the globe. The networking opportunities at these events cannot be found behind your desk.

  • Payment Events 2020 as a Learning Experience Payment events bring together dedicated professionals from the payment industry that can provide insights gleaned from their years of experience. Comprehensive payment expo 2020 and conferences provide you with the opportunity to broaden your outlook and learn of the best practices and tried and tested solutions when facing the toughest challenges. At these events you will be able to personally interact with solution providers. You can discover the latest innovations in the payment sector and learn about concepts which may seem futuristic to you but are likely to become a reality in the near future like a cashless society, contactless payments, wearable payments, cryptocurrencies etc. At payment conferences 2020 you will hear case studies by expert speakers who will share their experiences with you so that you can learn from their mistakes rather than making your own. With this invaluable knowledge you will be able to provide your clients with a way of moving, managing and spending their money as they please in a smooth, safe and flexible manner.

  • Forge New Connections Payment conferences 2020 and Cryptocurrency expos are designed to provide attendees with the chance to make new business relationships, network and forge connections which will help you in the future. The itinerary for each payment event in 2020 includes networking events. Sometimes these events come in the form of unofficial lunch breaks, cocktail receptions, parties, excursions, pool parties and fun activities. In addition to the casual atmosphere of these events where new friendships and business connections can be made there are also opportunities within the framework of the business events where you can meet suppliers, providers, experts in various fields and your fellow businessmen. For example there are interactive workshops and the expo booths where you can pick and choose who you want to connect with and which services you would like to learn more about. Don’t forget that this works two ways. At these events and expos you will also have the opportunity to put yourself on the map and spread the word about your business and what you can offer. 

At card and payment events 2020 you will find all you need under one roof and be able to begin planning a dynamic payment strategy to give your business an advantage over the rest. Having a viable payment strategy is essential to the success of your business.