Clicxy best features:

Clicxy is an internationally orientated online advertising company that focuses on clients’ needs and aims to provide them with the best services.

  • Clicxy has a great reputation of paying on time!
  • They hold a direct advertiser network so can offer best payouts.
  • They developed state-of-art technologies for matching offers.
  • Forex, Binary Options, Online Casinos, eCommerce, portals

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About Clicxy
Clicxy puts emphasis on client satisfaction, and does all it can to ensure this. They are dedicated to assisting their clients in their needs and goals and directing their company to grow and reach their ultimate potential in profits. Due to their expertise and professionalism, they have become one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing companies in the industry.

  • Tools that Clicxy uses include innovative technology and various services. They pride themselves on their level of customer service they provide to each client and the way they treat their clients on an individual basis, customizing solutions depending on the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Their customers are given a range of tools including affiliate network experience, information, specialized knowledge and hard-to-beat deals. Their aim is to constantly stay ahead of all their competitors.


Services offered

Top features that define Clicxy include a team that has a quick and efficient response to any situation, a leading market affiliate platform, accessibility from any mobile device and real time S2S tracking. Clicxy works on an international scale with clients from all over the world.
A number of benefits that the advertisers receive include: a wider international market, no initial start-up fees, payments are only made for positive reaction, each client is assigned an account manager to help on a personal basis and systems are provided for means of tracking.
Clients are given the freedom to pick their preferred payment method, receiving 100% of all approved commissions. The tools provided are uncomplicated and extremely user-friendly.

  • Constant increase in affiliate advertising networks.
  • Pay on time.
  • Modernized technology.
  • Utmost professionalism and 24/7 assistance.