Covercy best features:

Covercy enables businesses and individuals to execute international commercial transactions online, at low cost with guaranteed rates. Covercy built a unique solution for small business transactions, typically ranging from $1,000 to $40,000, offering an improved experience at a fifth of their bank’s cost.

  • Suitable for businesses: Travel agents & agencies, importers & exporters, Tech companies, law firms etc.
  • Suitable for individuals: Real-estate investments abroad, relocation, Amazon sellers etc.
  • Guaranteed rates for 48 hours upon completing a transaction online.
  • Custom made solutions for specific businesses needs
  • 24-hour settlement in a number of currencies

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About Covercy

Covercy’s aim is to be at the frontier of innovation in the financial industry and create a new reality where businesses and individuals can enjoy an easy to use, fast, secure and low cost service regarding international bank transfers. They provide a secure and fast way to send money abroad, with complete transparency from day one. The rate quoted, when completing a transaction, is the rate you get, providing significant savings on every transaction and wire transfers.

Services offered

Covercy is suited for both businesses and individuals. For businesses they offer a range of integrated solutions that can make its service part of your business offering. Through Covercy’s Partnerships, clients find the easiest and fastest way to complete their international commercial transactions. In addition, they enable a multi payment option and a beneficiary list for future transactions.

Main features Covercy offers include:

  • Guaranteed rate – able to secure the currency exchange rate that was quoted on the website when a client completed a transaction online.
  • Quick currency settlements.
  • Tailor made solution – We are able to facilitate a range of solutions to be integrated with your systems in order to best suit your clients’ requirements.
  • Discounts – Our partners’ clients enjoy specific benefits such as discounted fees and volume based packages.
  • Added value – Our partners enjoy improved interactions and higher retention rates with their clients.
  • 24/7 customer assistance.