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Not all gaming activities require that a company be formed in Curaçao, however, forming a Curaçao company can enable companies to apply for an e-zone permit. Having an e-Zone permit has its advantages, such as:

  • 010% tax on gross bets
  • 022% corporation tax for e-Zone companies that retain annual compliance
  • 03No VAT, Sales Tax or import duties
  • 04No restriction on dividend withdrawals

What is the online Curacao e-gaming licensing authority?

The government of Curaçao offers casino operators, software and service providers in the E gaming industry, with a gaming licence that allows gaming operators to conduct business related to casino, lotto and other gaming related activities.

Gaming in Curacao is regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission, which is associated with the government of Netherlands Antilles. The jurisdiction is known to be one of the oldest, most reputable and highly respected in the online casino services industry.

The regulatory body in charge of handling the Curacao Gaming Commission is known as the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA). Established in 2001, CIGA controls approximately 30 online gaming operators and as a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) it is bound by its code of conduct.

The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority strives to ensure that its licensees operate within the guidelines established by the Government of Netherland Antilles and that certain standards of customer service are followed.

Some of the consumer standards delineated by the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority are:

Netherlands Antilles gaming license

There are certain guidelines to be followed and requirements to be met for a company to receive a license from the Curacao Gaming Commission. Before obtaining a license, the gaming company must register as a legal entity (onshore or offshore) with the Netherlands Antilles Chamber of Commerce. Once registered, the company must submit all the necessary documents of the shareholder(s) for the Curacao company to be formed. This includes an application for the Curacao Department of Justice to proceed to conduct an investigation of the company and a request for registration with the Curacao Chamber of Commerce as a locally formed legal entity, either onshore or offshore. This application states the island territories from which they wish to operate. Once the investigation is concluded and all relevant documentation approved, a provisional license subject to a number of conditions is issued. One such condition is the ability to provide a 60,000 (ANG) guarantee deposit. Generally, after submission of all application documents, it tends takes 2-4 weeks for the license to be issued.

How much Online Curacao gaming license cost?

How long does it take to get a Curacao online casino license?

Due to our fantastic service, the procedure for obtaining a Curacao gaming sublicense is fast and efficient, so if everything is handled properly, it takes about 2-4 weeks

How to apply and do I need to apply for various types of Curacao gambling licenses?

Applying is made through us as we offer fast and efficient service. Curaçao offers only one License type. The sub-license offer covers all forms of Gaming including: online casinos, sports betting, online lotto etc.

Curacao E gaming license cost:

  • We offer competitive fees and fast incorporation. The fees for obtaining the license are divided into several categories:
  • Incorporation of a Holding Company for the Sub-license – can be company from various jurisdictions, onshore and offshore. The incorporation process includes: Company formation, corporate documents, government fees, apostilled set of corporate documents, courier. The Curacao gaming license cost is usually from USD 1,600 to USD 3,000
  • Please note that after the first year, the company must be renewed every year. Renewing the company includes annual Maintenance fees such as Government fees, resident agent, registered office.
  • Sub-license in Curacao – including all procedures – set-up fee, annual sub-license fee, annual due diligence fee and annual database backup hosting. The cost is usually around USD 20,000.
  • Optional Services – you can order optional service such as nominee Shareholder and/or nominee Director. The cost for both is approximately USD 3,000.
  • Payments and banking – we can assist you with your payments needs as each operation must have the ability to accept funds from end-user, players. This is the most basic aspect with running your Curacao online casino.
  • Our service is for assisting with opening a corporate account with Moneynet for wire transactions from users, and assistance with opening merchant accounts in top banks in Europe and Asia (This is a unique service!)
    The offshore Curacao gaming license cost varies from USD 1,000 to USD 5,000.

Gaming companies may be all fun and games when it comes to what clients see, but behind the scenes, a lot goes on in order to keep the operation going. In order for a gaming company to offer services to its customers legally, it must hold a betting or gaming license issued by a licensing authority.
There are various regions around the world that have specific legislation established in order to license and regulate gaming companies that operate within their jurisdictions. Although the internet and online gaming has given the industry access to a more global audience, there is no one legislation that covers the entire world. Rather, because laws vary significantly between one jurisdiction to the next, gaming companies must choose wisely as to where best they should obtain licensing and regulation.

Apply for Online Gaming License

In order to operate an online gaming business you will need an e gambling license Curacao. To make the process of applying for an online gaming license straightforward you can employ the services of a licensing agent. The licensing agent will guide you through the application process and use their knowledge to make sure you find the right egaming license for you.
There is no “one license” covering worldwide online gambling; you will need to apply for your Internet gaming license in a specific jurisdiction. The first step in applying for an online gaming license is deciding which jurisdiction you will apply to. Each jurisdiction offers different terms and regulations so before you apply for your Internet gaming license you need to research which jurisdiction will be best for your business. Apply for an egaming license in the country where you want to set up your business. When choosing a jurisdiction consider their reputation; licensing requirements; duration and ease of application process and costs, including taxes. In each jurisdiction there is a regulatory body/commission or department which handles the regulation and issuing of licenses in the e gaming industry. Through your licensing agent or independently you need to apply to the regulatory body in your chosen jurisdiction to obtain a license.
There are many requirements when making an application and they vary, but generally include making legal disclosures about your financial situation, criminal record, banking history etc.; due diligence requirements; a business plan; providing proof of sufficient capital and you will have to demonstrate how you will address underage gambling and illegal gambling. In addition to the cost of applying for an egaming license there is the cost of the license itself (online curacao gaming license cost) which varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and ongoing annual fees.