Cyprus Forex License – CySEC

/Cyprus Forex License – CySEC

Obtaining a CySEC Forex License for your Forex Company

GBO offers Forex  companies the opportunity to obtain a Cyprus Forex CySEC license.
Our service is fast, efficient and professional, ,you can trust us with the process.

With experience with 22 companies (out of total 212~ licenses) , GBO and the legal consultenets we work with are a world leader in assisting companies to obtain CySEC licenses.



  • Vast experience with CySEC Regulation
  • We are stable, solid and well established company
  • Fair prices
  • Efficient & fast procedures

What is a Cysec Forex license?

CySEC is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the government regulatory agency that issues all Forex licensing in Cyprus. CySEC Cyprus is considered one of the leading Forex governmental licensing agencies in the world.
Most of the top Forex and Binary Options companies hold a CySEC license for their operations both within and outside the EU.

Check if a company holds a Cysec Forex license

CySEC offers the option to check online if a forex broker holds a CySEC license and many other relevant information regarding the broker.

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Main advantages of CySEC licensing

  • A CySEC license is recognized by EU countries (Cyprus is member of the EU)
  • Currently, Cyprus is the leading jurisdiction for Forex regulations
  • Respectable license
  • Fast and easy procedure
  • Affordable to obtain and maintain
  • Allows the players/investors to complain directly to CySEC
  • Minimum Initial Capital Requirement – EUR 125,000

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Why obtain a Cyprus Forex license?

Cyprus offers a positive environment for Forex companies. CySEC is renowned for being one of the first European governmental agencies to regulate the Forex industry.
CySEC is one of the leading regulators issuing the most number of Forex licenses for online trading. The whole system of CySEC is Forex friendly and their philosophy is to make the procedure as easy as possible, but at the same time, strict, without “cutting corners”.

Obtaining a CySEC regulated Forex company – The experts at GBO will assist you with the process of obtaining a CySEC Forex License. The first step will be to incorporate your Cyprus Company, and then continue with the broker CySEC license procedures. The end result of our service is a fully functional Forex / Binary Options CySEC Forex company.

Receiving the license in Cyprus is just the start. To set up your business you will need office services, marketing, accounting services etc. We, at GBO will help you with all these requirements. Once your company is incorporated and receives the CySEC license, it is called a CIF – Cyprus Investment Firm. CIFs are typically companies that offer investment services.

General requirements for CIFs

Capital Requirements – The initial capital requirements of CIFs depends on the following investment services it will provide:

  • The reception and transmission of orders for financial instruments
  • The execution of orders on behalf of clients
  • Portfolio management – professional asset management of various securities and stocks
  • Provision of investment advice

Reporting and Compliance Requirements for CySEC regulated Forex Company

Companies wishing to obtain an FX CySEC broker license company must comply with the requirements of CySEC. There are ongoing reporting requirements and reporting before obtaining the license, such as Anti-Money-Laundering, KYC (Know Your Client) etc.
Summary for Cyprus Forex regulation and license:
GBO can assist to Forex broker companies in acquiring a CySEC license. In addition to obtaining the Forex trading license in Cyprus, we can help you with the rest of the needs of a Forex company – bank accounts, payments,  Forex license in other jurisdiction (if needed) , call centers and other services.

The main requirements for any entity wishing to be regulated in CySEC Cyprus and in the EU

  • Incorporate a Cyprus company
  • Update the Memorandum of the Company as to its Forex activity, it must provide specific details regarding the nature of its business.
  • There must be at least one local director (Cyprus director) to act as Executive director (the director must have a financial background and have no criminal record)
  • The company must comply with the minimum capital requirements of 125,000EU.
  • The company must have a real office in Cyprus.
  • Submitting the application package to CySEC – In order to obtain a Forex license from CySEC the company must submit several documents.

* It can take a few weeks to obtain and prepare all the necessary documentation, and once all the documents have been submitted to CySEC, it may take an additional few months to review the applications and to deliver a positive or negative answer.

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CySEC offers the option to check online if a forex broker holds a CySEC license and many other relevant information regarding the broker.

Please click on this link to find all CySEC regulated forex companies

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