Forex EXPOS 2018

/Forex EXPOS 2018

GBO has comprised a list of top Forex events, conferences and expos across the globe for 2018.

In 2018  Forex Expos will be held in Europe, Asia, Africa and Russia with a focus on B2B Forex; investors, affiliates and gaming companies.

Major Forex Expos in 2018
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Main Forex Events in 2018 

Hong Kong iFX Expo 2018 

This is one of the top Forex expos in Asia. Over 2,500 attendees are expected and there will be more than 75 exhibitors and sponsors with over 30 guest speakers; networking events and parties.

Organizer: ConversionPros

Dates:  February, 2018

Location:Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

South Africa Forex Expo and Conference

This event brings together industry leaders and experts to pass on their skills and knowledge of the latest market movements to investors through seminars, tutorials and panel discussions.

Organizer: Savannah Services

Dates:  December, 2018

Location: South Africa

London (LAC) Financial Partners Expo 2018

This is the largest event dedicated to connecting affiliates and IBS with FX Binary brokers. The Expo has been designed to bridge the gap between affiliates and brokers. Over 5,000 delegates are expected to attend to connect with some of the brightest minds of the industry; interact with top affiliates and gain valuable insights into current developments to help you increase your reach via the affiliate channel.

Organizer: iGB Affiliate and CONVERSION PROS

Dates:February 9-12, 2018

Location: ExCel London, UK

The 18th China Guangzhou International Investment & Finance Expo 2018

At this event international businesses and institutions can present their services and products to the Chinese market. It is being held in the largest exhibition center in Asia and will be attended by professionals from all sectors of the industry from around the world. The Expo offers Chinese customers a one-stop venue for financial services.

Organizer: Investment and Finance Association of China

Dates:  February,2018

Location: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

FX Update China 2018 (FUC 2018)

Industry decision makers, more than 140 companies and representatives from governments, import and export corporations, hedge funds and commercial and investment banks will all be attending this event. The Expo offers master classes, networking opportunities, eminent speakers in the FX industry and roundtable discussions. This is an opportunity to present your services and products to Chinese customers.

Organizer: opplandcorp

Dates: March, 2018

Location: Shanghai, China

Traders Fair and Gala night Thailand  

It is a unique B2C event that combines financial education and entertainment. Here you can not only gain valuable data on trading and Forex from the brightest speakers, as well as interesting business contacts, but also enjoy various entertaining activities and tasty meals in the pleasant atmosphere of Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok.

At the workshops, most popular topics – such as Forex benefits and lifehacks, future financial and trading instruments – will be highlighted.

After registrating on the official website ( and in the event’s mobile App, you will get full access to the valuable up-to-date trading, investment and Forex information.

FINEXPO company has 15 years of experience in organizing financial exhibitions, fair and events all over the world. During this period, several thousands of companies, markets and brockers have been successfully connected by us.
We are proud of our achievements and we will expand the horizons even more.

Organizer: FINEXPO

Dates: February 3, 2018

Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok

FigureFinance Sydney Summit, 2018  

Sydney Summit is organized by FigureFinance, China’s national profession information platform,focuses on international Fintech, aiming to explore the financial landscape and share professional knowledge, such as Artificial intelligence,blockchain,big data,regulation as well as policy, showcasing the economic development during the era of globalization. Elites in Fintech will share the forefront of unique views in the prospects of Australia and China, such as Raymond Ma, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud, ASEAN and ANZ;Simon Cant,Co-founder and Managing Director at Reinventure Group, President of FinTech Australia; Jaylin Mao,Director of AsianBusiness, Premium Banking, WestPac, etc.

Organizer: FigureFinance,China

DateMarch 29, 2018

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney, Australia

MENA FFxpoFinancial 2018 

The theme of the 18th MENA FFXPO is investment opportunities in a digital world. It is the longest running B2B and B2C financial show in MINA (Middle East and North Africa). The expo is geared towards those wanting to launch a new business, trade or invest in the finance and investment sectors. Guest financial gurus will share their knowledge with more than 1,500 visitors. .

Organizer: Arabcomgroup

Dates: April, 2018

Location: Wetin Mina Seyahi Hotel, Dubai, UAE

China Forex Expo in Shenzhen 2018 

One of the leading forex event in Asia and in China. This Forex expo will be placed at Shenzhen and will attract Forex brokers, platforms and software companies, white labels, financials services companies, affiliates, IB and more.

Organizer: Chinaforexexpo

Dates: May 6-7, 2018

Location: Great china International Exchange Square, Shenzhen, China

Moscow Forex Forum 2018

This is Russia’s leading Forex expo; it offers the opportunity to make new contacts and present your products and services to the Russian market. The Expo provides a forum for international financers and investors to introduce themselves to the Russian market.

Organizer: FINEXPO

Dates: April, 2018

Location: Moscow

The 2018 Shanghai Financexpo B2B

As Shanghai is China’s financial center and with the establishment and expansion of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone the location of this expo is critical. It offers excellent opportunities a platform for brokers, technical providers, IBs and all professionals involved in the financial industry. The expo is geared to those who want to understand the Chinese market, develop new opportunities and spearhead their business.

Organizer: Financexpo

Dates: May, 2018

Location: Shanghai

iMoney Expo 2018 

iMoney Expo is an international event for fintech, payment, blockchain, forex, banking, big data firms and financial services providers etc. The show expect 5,000 industry elites gathering around to share insights and discover the potential in one of the biggest markets in China.

Organizer: AFARD LTD

Dates: November 2th – 3th, 2018

Location: Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, Guangzhou China


Africa Forex Expo & Conference 2018

This event aims to provide a platform for new business developments in the African market.
Attendees will have a chance to introduce themselves to and network with international industry leaders and service and product providers.

Organizer: GT Exchanger Ltd

Dates: December, 2018

Location: South Africa

iFX EXPO Cyprus 2018

One of the top B2B Forex & Cryptocurrency Expos in Europe attended by leading professionals in the finance industry. The expo focuses on affiliate marketing for FX, binary brands, the next “big” thing in trading technology and Forex trends. Other topics to be covered include brand awareness vs. direct response, marketing insights, regulation and the business service industry.

Organizer: ConversionPros

Dates:: May, 2018

Location: Limassol, Cyprus

12th Jordan Forex Expo & Awards

The expo features international exhibitors from across the globe. With the increasing number of international companies investing in MENA and the high demand for Forex knowledge in the region the expo will examine multiple key aspects of the industry. The expo will include workshops, key speakers focused on investment and at least 2,000 attendees are expected.

Organizer: AFAQ GROUP

Dates: May,  2018

Location: : Le Meridien Hotel, Amman, Jordan

Kiev Forex Expo 2018

One of the Ukraine’s largest trade shows and the country’s only one dedicated to Forex and online trading. The expo attracts participants from all sectors of the finance industry from across the globe and examines the Forex market in the Ukraine through workshops, discussion panels, seminars and expert key speakers.

Organizer: FIN Expo

Dates: April,  2018

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

B2B Forex Forum in Sochi 2018

This premium event is exclusively for professionals from the Forex and Stock Exchange industry. The forum will cover key issues of the Forex market in Russia including regulation and licensing of the financial industry in Eastern Europe.

Organizer: FINEXPO

Dates: August,  2018

Location:Sochi, Russian

The 17th Guangzhou Investment & Finance Expo

Held in the largest and newest exhibition center in Asia, this expo is also the largest financial event in China. Here companies can present their products and services to attendees, specifically the Southeast Asian market. The expo will put focus on how to do business in China’s regulated environment.


Dates: September,  2018

Location: anton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

Moscow Forex Expo 2018

One of the largest trade shows in Russia with more than 50 companies exhibiting their services and products and 3,000 attendees from around the world. The expo program includes seminars, round table discussions, B2B conferences, workshops and key speaker representing leaders in their fields..
Organizer: FIN Expo

Dates: April,2018

Location: Moscow, Russia

Phillipines Forex Expo 2018

The only event of its kind in the Philippines; it draws leading brokers, banks, solution providers, investors and representatives of support industries. The expo offers attendees new opportunities in the Philippines Forex market and endless potential for future new business.


Dates: Novenber, 2018

Location: Philippines

iMoney Expo 2018 

iMoney Expo is an international event for fintech, payment, blockchain, forex, banking, big data firms and financial services providers etc. The show expect 5,000 industry elites gathering around to share insights and discover the potential in one of the biggest markets in China.

Organizer: AFARD LTD

Dates: November 2th – 3th, 2018

Location: Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, Guangzhou China


Berlin Affiliate Conference 2018

Consistently one of the top affiliate conferences in Europe, this annual event brings together affiliates and operators from the gaming and Forex industry. The conference offers unbeatable networking opportunities for affiliates to get to know affiliate managers; meet new affiliates; develop your igaming business; potential new ventures and learn about the latest market trends and insights.

Organizer: iGB Affiliate and CONVERSION PROS

Dates: November,  2018

Location: Berlin, Germany

Forex expos 2019 are where members of all sectors of the finance industry come together to share insights, make new collaborations, learn about the latest trends and discuss critical issues. The expos are an opportunity to get a sense of where the market is heading and to reach innovative solutions for your business.

As a business owner trying to decide which 2018 expo to attend you need to take a moment to determine your goals and what you aim to achieve by attending the “Forex expo 2018”; “Forex Conference 2018” or “Forex Event 2018. Each of these events is unique and offers different opportunities in different markets across the globe. Each event has its particular strengths; a specific focus and attracts professionals from specific regions, fields and specialties. At some Forex expos you will be able to make incredible business connections and at others you may be able to network with the exact industry experts you need to reach great solutions. Some Forex expos attract investors and deal makers who are relevant to your business while others may allow you to find services and products you seek or network with pivotal investors, market trend-setters or decision-makers. Once you have decided your purpose in attending a Forex 2018 event, conference or expo it will be much easier to determine which one of these global events best meets your needs. Take a look at the list of exhibitors for the Forex events and reach out to key companies to discuss how they can benefit your business. Then set up a meeting to take place at the Forex expo, event or conference to further discuss future collaborations.

How can you benefit from attending a Forex expo in 2018?

At any Forex expo the exhibition floor is full of industry professionals presenting their unique technology; business solutions or products and services to the Forex community. Expect to see business professionals from a wide range of financial fields including risk and compliance companies; affiliates; data and analytics companies; software solutions; white label offerings; accounting services; financial services and many more.

2018 Forex conferences are the ideal place to gain insights into the latest technology, tools and service providers from across the globe. The 2018 Forex event calendar includes expos, events, conferences and master classes led by top international brokers, finance professionals, tech providers and other suppliers. The events are usually focused on innovative changes in the market and the challenges facing the industry. Event exhibitors often present possible solutions to the challenges facing the market now and those anticipated in the future. The knowledge and expert advice gained from attending Forex expos provides the information and tools you need to steer your business into the future and plan ahead according to the latest trends.

With so many industry professionals from such a broad range of related fields attending Forex expos in 2018 attendees have an excellent platform to network with leading decision makers and trend-setters of the Forex industry. Through Forex expos business professionals can establish new connections and reinforce existing business relationships face-to-face. There is no substitute for one-on-one face-to-face encounters with your industry colleague. It allows you to put a face to the name and take the connection to the next level. Before attending a Forex expo in 2018 set up a number of meetings with key players, existing connections and those who could benefit your business. By doing your homework prior to the event; knowing who will be there and who you aim to sit down with you can make the most of the networking opportunity the conference, expo or event provides. Forex events often provide the spark which ignites new collaborations, solutions, initiatives and ideas to propel your business forward.

Although most expo content is geared towards Forex industry professionals they present invaluable opportunities for traders to gain knowledge of the industry. In recent years the B2B environment has shifted from being purely B2B to being inclusive of traders who have began to play a larger role through IB (introducing brokers), affiliates and money management opportunities. Traders attending Forex expos can gain incredible insights into the industry and acquire skills to enable them to improve as investors. Today much of the market focus is on external sales and retention programs like money managers and IB’s and so this sector attracts attention from expo exhibitors. IBs and affiliates with a good track record in  trading or market sharing have the chance to access a range of new brokers at expo events and reach more profitable agreements.

Opportunities – In 2018 Forex conferences will provide a platform to discover opportunities for expansion This has never been truer than in the present day and age when we are living in one global village. With globalization growing ever stronger and the increase in constricting regulations the opportunity of expanding into a new market like Asia Pacific or MENA can offer a boost for the company’s bottom line performance. Forex and Binary Options expos can act as a springboard for establishing new business relationships in order to break into emerging markets across the globe.

B2B –  For those who are new to the Forex market 2018’s Forex expos, conferences and events are the ideal place to learn the basics; gain invaluable knowledge about the market and make vital connections which could help you launch yourself in the market. B2B service providers will be hosting expos in 2018 focused on every imaginable aspect of the Forex market. By walking the  exhibition floor you will have access to essential information and can start reaching out to relevant providers, negotiating the best rates and deals and go forward in bring your business plan to fruition. On the exhibition floors of Forex expos in 2018 you will find a range of services represented including white label and platforms; technology and R&D, liquidity solutions, payment solutions, affiliates, financial solution companies (like GBO) and many more.

Why not start right away by contacting us to find out about the quality services we can provide together with invaluable knowledge gained over years of experience. Make use of our accumulated knowledge of the industry and let us steer you in  the direction of other service providers you might need.

As a market leader GBO is often invited to run workshops at expos and conferences providing attendees with insights into trends and advice about the direction the Forex and Binary Options markets are moving. While at the Forex events we meet with current clients and leaders in the industry along with many new clients seeking out services.

All inquiries about GBO’s services are welcome before, during and after the Forex events. By reaching out to us prior to the event we will be able to arrive prepared with the relevant information about services which interest you in order to insure our meeting will be constructive and insightful. We look forward to meeting our old and new friends and colleges at the upcoming 2018  Forex events.