Software & Platform for online Forex

/Software & Platform for online Forex

GBO offers assistance with finding and locating online Forex Software & Platform

GBO International Financial Services has experience from small start-up companies to well-established corporations. We, at GBO, will assist with finding the best solution for our clients, depending on the requirements and budget, whether our client is relatively new to the Forex industry or has years of experience.
We provide an all-in-one package for Forex . We can offer our clients in these fields a fully operational, ready-to-use branded website that employs web based front-end and back-end brands.

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Key Factors of the Online Forex Platform/Software

  • Branded website: The ready to use branded website (Forex white label solutions) is user friendly, easily allowing you to add users, accept deposits and support trades. The designs are fresh and new, offering clients a pleasant trading experience.
  • Payment systems: There are a variety of payment systems integrated into the website, in addition to other elements, including the affiliate solution, the online chat application and others.
  • Back office: this component allows the broker to manage as well as monitor the actual system, the users in the trading platform, their activities and more.
  • Risk management: this element provides a closer look at the markets and specifically, the users’ activity. The risk management factor gives the client the accessibility to monitor the flow and functionality of the trading activity occurring on the website.
  • CRM: This provides the business with a system that allows the sales force, personnel and management to work more efficiently as well as keep track of the users and their activities. The CRM is the database for all your customers’ information.
  • Marketing and Affiliates system: an easy to use tool, ready for immediate activation.
  • System hosting and management: all systems are maintained in a secure environment, giving the broker peace of mind and allowing him to focus his energy on other business matters. The system of aspects covering IT that includes hosting, system monitoring, software upgrades and technical support.