If you own an online business in the Forex, adult, Gambling, gaming, e-commerce, dating, travelling or marketing industries, GBO can offer you assistance with finding and locating the best high risk payment gateway solutions for your business.

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    High risk payment gateway – By encrypting sensitive data in and passing it onto the acquiring bank, which in turn lets the issuing bank know that the account holder/card holder has made a payment, the Payment Gateway allows online merchants to receive card payments securely. An eCommerce payment gateway enables the transfer of information from the online merchant to the payment service provider/bank and back.

    A payment gateway specialized in high risk business provides merchants a complete payment processing center which allows them to accept credit cards and signature debit cards through any Internet connection, without the need for a terminal. Credit card payments are processed on the merchant’s website in real time, which lets customers know immediately whether their credit card was approved or not. The high risk card processing gateway can be integrated with most ecommerce websites and virtual shopping carts in order to streamline online credit card processing.

    A shopping cart is usually the step right before the payment gateway. A shopping cart lets your customers select the items they want to purchase from your website and the specifications for each item, such as size and color, before placing them in their cart, similarly to how they would shop in a real store. Once a customer has placed all the items he wishes to purchase in his shopping cart, they continue to ‘checkout’ where all items are totaled, tax is added and the customer’s billing and shipping information is collected. Following checkout, the high risk payment gateway captures the credit card transaction, encrypts the transaction information, submits it to the credit card processor and provides the customer with either an approval or a decline notice. The information travels to the gateway via your shopping cart and a secure connection, making this a seamless process for the customer.


    GBO offers assistance with finding and locating high risk payment gateway providers.

    Our assistance with finding and locating online high risk payment gateway solutions provides the highest standard in innovative services, allowing us to find you the most competitive and attractive solutions. We work with clients across the world in most sectors. The application process is quick, easy and simple. Contact us today to begin accepting online high risk payments from your customers and give them the payment options they want!

    Our assistance with finding and locating high risk payment gateway provides merchants with the infrastructure and security needed to safely transmit data between the merchant’s website and the payment networks of Visa and MasterCard in a way that is fast, secure and reliable.

    High Risk Payment Gateways Features and Benefits

    How do high risk international payment gateways work?
    The moment a customer clicks “Place Order” in the checkout section of an e-commerce website, a series of steps take place before the customer receives a payment confirmation. Let’s take a look at how the high risk payment gateway fits into the e-commerce transaction process:

    1. The customer/visitor provides his personal information in order to make a payment.
    2. The information is SSL-encrypted and sent to the merchant’s web server.
    3. The high risk payment gateway collects the data
    4. The acquiring bank send & transmits the data to Visa’s or MasterCard’s high risk payment system.
    5. These credit card companies transmit the data on to the card issuer.
    6. The issuer either approves or declines authorization for the transaction and sends its response back to the acquirer.
    7. The payment gateway transmits the authorization response to the e-commerce website where it is displayed to the cardholder.

    High risk merchants are by definition, those merchants whose businesses are more vulnerable to fraudulent activity or whose average sales volumes are higher than average. By being categorized by acquiring banks as “high risk merchants” because of the risk involved in processing such payments, the due diligence steps taken for high risk merchants is far more thorough and rigorous.

    Some of the reasons why an acquiring bank may consider a merchant to be high risk are

    • A merchant’s business is blacklisted by acquiring banks because of a high level of chargebacks
    • The merchant had a significant security breach in the past
    • The merchant is operating in specific industries such as Adult entertainment, Online gaming, Online casinos, Online auctions and debt services, E-wallet and E-cash, Sports betting and Online dating services, all of which are automatically categorized as high-risk.