A short brief – What is an Offshore High Risk Merchant Account?

/A short brief – What is an Offshore High Risk Merchant Account?

We are being asked many times what’s an offshore high risk merchant account so we summarized the answer in short:


When a credit card payment is made to a business funds are transferred to a merchant account held by the business. The business is fully responsible for transactions made to or from his merchant bank account. The business must abide by the specific bank’s terms of service. In order to receive credit card payments for online services, e-commerce stores, gaming sites, dating sites and all other sites including your Shopify store you must either have your own merchant account or use a third-party payment processor.

A high risk merchant account is also known as an offshore international merchant account. It can be defined as a payment processing option for high risk businesses. An offshore international merchant account allows high risk businesses to accept credit card payments from their clients directly into their merchant bank account.

Not all banks will open a merchant account for high risk businesses and it is becoming progressively more difficult to find banks around the world that are prepared to open merchant accounts for high risk businesses with international clients.

In order to operate a successful web-based business it is imperative that you have an online merchant account which can accept credit card payments. It makes no difference whether your online business is a dating site, gaming site, forex or e-commerce store you will need an online merchant account in order to accept credit card payments and run a successful and efficient business easily.

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