JobShop’s best features:

JobShop is a recruitment and employment agency dedicated to: :

  • Engaging in selection and recruitment for online companies – Forex, Binary options and Gaming field.
  • Finding suitable candidates for all positions, such as: sales, marketing, development, IT, and HR.
  • Finding new and qualified candidates.
  • Screening each individual to suit the organizations and companies requirements.
  • Precise adjustment of the applicant to job and organization requirements.

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About Job Shop

  • JobShop is a leading recruitment agency in Forex, Binary options and Gaming field.
  • JobShop provides Forex and Binary financial institutions high valued candidates in order to increase their valuation, sales, ability of entering new foreign fields and cooperating as a business partner.
  • Our areas of expertise include recruitment of Sales and marketing professional candidates speaking 14 languages – English, French, Arabic, Russian, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Dutch and other foreign languages.
  • Recruiting Proprietary media, Affiliates, SEO, PPC, media managers, content writers, HR, developers, IT professionals, software testers, executive product managers and more.

Our Services

JobShop engages in selection and recruitment for online companies.

  • JobShop offers instant recruiting based on a wide and value database.
  • Discreetly finding candidates that will suit the company’s best needs.
  • Fulfilling as an agent between the candidates and the organizations.
  • Professional Head-Hunting to reach the most professional candidates.


JobShop will do it’s best to provide you with the highest profile candidates that will lead to valued collaboration and in the future high ROI.
As part of being a business partner to our clients, JobShop will continue to acquire knowledge in the Forex and Binary field in order to improve its services.
The above mentioned is a brief example of the services offered by our agency.
In order to move forward and cooperate with us, please contact our office and receive proper consultation.