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LottoYard is a leading B2B lottery platform with 5 years’ experience and a proven success in the industry.

  • National lotteries
  • Live Lottery
  • Scratch games
  • Side Bets
  • Offline machines

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About LottoYard

The LottoYard online platform is diverse and all-inclusive. The platform can be implemented as an A-Z White Label solution for lottery brands, or as an API solution that integrates within existing systems or websites. From a variety of Back Office and CRM tools to advanced game features, we do whatever it take to fulfill our clients’ needs and requirements.

We provide businesses with guidance from the initial set up of their lottery website to its online launch and ongoing operation. Our proven model has helped many businesses launch their own unique lottery sales websites with ease and efficiency. We are committed to our clients’ needs – and have the success record to show for it.

LottoYard’s innovative platform is complemented by our founders’ proven business success and extensive experience in the online gambling, gaming and e-commerce industries.

Serevices offered

  • Ticket Scan When customers purchase lottery tickets on your website and fill out the payment form, the ticket is automatically printed and bought via our agents. The tickets are then scanned and posted automatically to the customer’s online lottery account, enhancing the purchasing process with added transparency.

  • Risk Management & Fraud Prevention – In order to protect your brand against fraudulent transactions, LottoYard offers a number of risk management and fraud prevention measures designed to block suspicious activities.
  • Processor Support – When it comes to processing funds, we’ll help you to efficiently manage your processing activities, maximize your approval ratio and minimize costs. LottoYard approves a large variety of payment processing companies, complying with both credit card transactions and e-wallet solutions.
  • API Integration – Our robust API suite allows you to easily add new official lotteries to your site. Our powerful toolset enables you to control payment options for your customers and establish your own pricing structure. In addition, you can fully control the various products you sell on your site, as well as the types of bonuses and incentives you choose to provide your customers.
  • Special Products – Our platform has various of lottery products starting from many national lotteries, lottery syndication, complex & combo products and more.  We also have dynamic product creation.  These special products increases sales and profitability.
  • Tailor made CRM – LottoYard uses a tailor made CRM that was developed specifically for the lottery industry.  It includes also a call center management system for managing an unlimited size of a call center  with various locations.

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