MoneyNet best features:

MoneyNet is a payment solutions provider, offering a range of various services in the industry including Low-Risk, High-risk, eCommerce and online business.

  • Trustworthy and efficient.
  • Sophisticated technology and gateways.
  • Aim to respond quickly and see to the matter as soon as possible.
  • Customer-orientated
  • Affordable

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About MoneyNet

MoneyNet is dedicated to providing its clients with top service in the payment solutions industry. They aim to service their clients with accurate, real-time information and competitive rates. They value their clients and treat each client on an individual basis.

One of the main goals of MoneyNet is to simplify the KYC process as much as possible, such that they offer their clients the convenience of doing all the work for them, all that is required is for the client to provide his/her personal/company details.

MoneyNet prides itself in being flexible with regards to software. There is no need to change or update existing software as using their API, it will interface with the client’s software smoothly and easily.

Services offered

MoneyNet offers a range of services and features for payment solutions. One such feature is their e-wallet. The e-wallet ensures the transaction to be simple and secure. MoneyNet uses their own banks when it comes to wiring money, such that this saves the client on commissions. Transfers are done in local currencies and then converted to Euro.

An additional service offered by MoneyNet is SEPA (DDS) which stands for the Single Euro Payments Area, this system records the customer’s bank details such that they do not have to submit their details every time they wish to make a transaction. In addition to this MoneyNet offers ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payment Service which enables the client to collect payments electronically.

MoneyNet features the following services: credit card processing, debit cards that grants the client direct access to his MoneyNet account, white label payment solutions and merchant payment solutions.