GBO offers Assistance in locating suitable nominee director and shareholder services for its clients. This option is open to a range of jurisdictions around the world.

  • We can assist to locate nominee services for your company in a variety of countries world wide, such as UK, Belize, Seychelles, Cyprus, Switzerland etc.
  • The nominees can be either private or corporate nominees – depending on what you need.


Nominee Directors and Shareholders

Nominee Directors and Shareholders

The role of the director is ultimately to overlook the company’s activities and policies and essentially lead the way in the direction in which the company is headed. The director is ultimately the company representative and image that it is relayed to the public.

One will find in most jurisdictions around the world that the director of a company is publicly listed with the local registrar, thus making it difficult if the ultimate beneficial owners of the company wish to remain anonymous. This is where the nominee director would be an excellent solution for those who wish to retain anonymity and discretion, thus their names will not be publicly listed, guaranteeing privacy. All actions and ventures that the company makes, does not necessarily have anything to do with the nominee director. The nominee director is most often than not a merely formal role such that the names of the actual owners are not exposed. A power of attorney is signed as well as a director’s agreement with the corporate documents, and at any such stage that the true beneficial owners of the company wish to terminate the use of the nominee director, they are able to do so.

  • GBO can assist you to find and locate nominee directors for the company.

The nominee shareholder is essentially the person who is enlisted as the holder of the company shares, allowing the actual owner to retain anonymity. All the company documents that are filed with the local registrar thus refer to the nominee shareholder. Similarly to that of the nominee director, the beneficial owners are granted a nominee shareholder agreement and at any time they wish they may terminate the use of the nominee shareholder.

Even though a nominee director and nominee shareholder may be used to assist in making corporate decisions, the ultimate purpose of having these services is to retain confidentiality.