The professional team of experts at GBO can offer you a unique assistance with finding payment services for your payment optimization process.

Helping you by reviewing your current payment processing status and offering you better and more optimized solutions where necessary.

Payment processing consultancy bring you great value, helping you to

  • Lower your fees
  • Get optimized payment solutions
  • Set up the solution that best meets your online business
  • Increase your turnover by optimizing your payment processing system.

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    In order to provide consumers with an enhanced shopping experience, merchants are working hard on improving their e-commerce capabilities. Payment processing has become a key element in the shopping experience, heavily impacting online revenues. As a result, merchants are increasingly focusing on optimizing payment acceptance in order to strengthen their relationship with consumers.

    Optimizing payments does not merely mean reducing payment processing cost, fees and fraud rate. It also means enhancing a customer’s shopping experience by improving payment processing. The combination of these factors generates an increase in online revenue for merchants.

    What does Payment Optimization mean?
    Payment processing is a complex service and a very important part of your website. When you cannot accept money from your clients, you lose money. Payment optimization increases the total turnover, simply by enhancing all features and improving the bottom line.
    Optimizing payments helps to increase revenues by understanding what the most important components of your processing cycle are: gateway, merchant account, risk, prices, why there are declined deals and many more factors.
    Main reasons for running a payment processing optimization:

    • Simplifying your payment processing
    • Lowering maintenance fees, processing fees, merchant accounts fees
    • Reducing declined transactions to the minimum
    • Merchant account suitability
    • On-going analytics

    Payment consultants will perform a thorough analysis and audit of your current methods of payment and put forth a strategy to help your business optimize payment processing systems, including finding you the lowest payment processing costs.

    How do payment consulting firms work?

    1. Knowledge and expertise – A payments consulting firm has access to the best available payment products, processes, and prices. These features provide you with a valuable leverage to negotiate the most competitive payment acceptance costs, reap substantial savings and maximize the return on your payment processing.
    2. Through a combination of technology tools and education, GBO can try to assist clients to reduce their overall chargebacks, and benchmark them against the industry’s rates. Our vast knowledge of the industry will help you increase profitability.
    3. A payment consulting, can help help you evaluate how implementing various mobile and alternative payment options can impact customer experience, fraud management, security, technology integration, settlement and reconciliation.

    By identifying areas of overspend and effectively making corrections, GBO’s payments consulting services helps clients and organizations from around the world which accept credit card payments, to reduce their payment processing expenses.Our experience and expertise in the Payment Industry puts you in an advantageous position to navigate the complex world of payment processing. In many instances, we are able to reduce your expenses without having to switch your existing merchant service provider. What’s best, our fee is based on results, so our incentive is to deliver you the maximum savings possible.