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Salesarcher is a leading sales outsourcing and business consultancy company focused on assisting online trading and gaming industry with any needs to help the business grow faster. We work with BO, FX and online gaming companies.

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About us

Salesarcher was formed as cooperation of professionals with more than 5 years of experience in sales, call center development and consultancy for call centers. Our main goal is to help companies maintain their call centers at maximum efficiency and reach better results in such fields as online trading, gaming etc.

Having entered international sales industry in 2010, we started our career as sales representatives in online credit Issuance Company. It was there that we had realized the importance of customer retention which helped us build a professional sales team operating well ahead of projected targets. This gave us enormous background to fully fit into any call center environment, building a call center model where teamwork, respect and pure fun give excellent results when combined together.

Launching Salesarcher was somewhat a response to the growing demand for online sales, while inability of many companies to run in-house operation due to high expenditures and time consumption gave us a perfect opportunity to fill the gap. Many companies expand their business by outsourcing sales to 3-rd party partners. We have professional team of sales people all having at least 5 years of experience in online sales and customer retention, giving us a sharp competitive edge against other outsource call-centers operating worldwide

Services offered

We work together with brands in FX and BO industry and help them expand their business and minimize expenditures by outsourcing their sales to our side. We also do full in-house call-center development services depending on the needs of the customer. The services are customized to each individual client, going through a process to attain the image the client has set for himself and his company.

Salesarcher’s skilled team and proven sales with our retention strategies gives you fast and successful way to organize a professional operation. We put focus on quality of sales and retention, to help brands have long customer life time and player value which we achieve through professional retention and customer education.

On top of that we provide education and business consultancy services by deploying a team of professional trainers to help our client start faster in-house operation and make the sales team ready within the shortest time possible