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Shift Forex best features:

Shift Forex is a consulting company specifically targeted towards the forex industry, as the name suggests.
Wide range of clients

  • Event marketing
  • Digital campaigns
  • Hands on experience
  • Maximum precision and accuracy

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About us

Shift Forex is a boutique consultant firm for white labels for Forex that caters for clients coming from large well-established companies to smaller and newer companies all involved in the forex industry. The company was established in 2009 and since then has garnered an impressive number of clients from all over the world. One of the reasons Shift Forex has gained such loyalty with its clients is due to its excellent customer service that takes care of each client individually, reacting in a fast manner to all queries posed to them. They have gained an exemplary reputation and deservedly so.
The company has gained experience working with a range of various clients assisting them in fields such as technology, liquidity, risk management, compliance, sales and marketing. The company cooperates with each client, helping launch new products, update their technology and discover winning transactions.

Serevices offered

Main features Shift Forex provides its clients with include the following:

  • Strategy Consulting: Shift Forex will help their clients diagnose any underlying issues, and then work together to find a solution and implement it.
  • Events: Shift Forex organizes multiple events and conferences throughout the year, attracting 200-300 participants involved in the forex industry and wish to learn more about it.
  • Marketing: Over the years, Shift Forex has gained vast knowledge with regards to marketing, which they utilize in building up marketing campaigns online.
  • Design: Shift Forex will assist in implementing affective visuals to optimize their customers’ brand and individuality.
  • M&A Advisory: the company offers a range in consulting services, including M&A advisory services.