Svetlana Hrnjez, Founder of 4Cash

/Svetlana Hrnjez, Founder of 4Cash


Interview with: Svetlana Hrnjez,Svetlana Founder of 4Cash

Svetlana Hrnjez, Founder, over 12 years experience in the acquiring field holding various international positions such as Key Account Manager, Acquiring Consultant and Bank Relationship Manager in different international Acquiring Banks.


What has been happening in the payment industry over the past year in terms of growth, new brands and new affiliates?

In the past year we have seen massive growth from both existing and new brands. We do not see this trend changing in the next few years. Our clear impressions on attending international conferences and being in the industry for over 12 years, is that new , and substantial numbers of affiliates are entering the online gaming , betting and financial market verticals. However, the total market continues to expand and the challenge of competition is something we welcome at 4Cash.


What direction is the industry going in terms of growth, marketing, social network etc.?

In our opinion the financial industry is in already in a stage of massive growth. For startups it is important to choose the right strategy and in regards of their strength of marketing, both traditional and contemporary (including all social media platforms) the social media has a significant role in the financial industry and it became an essential marketing key role. Marketing in all its forms is also an integral part of our company’s strategy to expand the market share.


Regulation – What are the new regulations, what do you think about them?

At 4Cash we welcome a robust regulatory system. We are aware of it that this regulations put administrative borders at a price of financial and operative affiance. But from our perspective as a service provider we do see the advantages and the protection of the end consumer what is the most important thing. At 4Cash we embrace these borders and recognize that a system which regulates and protects our clients and at the end of the cycles the end-users is one which regulates and protects the industry as whole.


Developments – What are the latest developments on the technical and marketing side?

At 4Cash we are witnessing a rapid development of new payment technologies. We are confident in saying that ( mPOS) will have a maximum impact on both the landscape and software aspects of the industry .


What do you think needs to be done in order for a new brand to succeed?

Apart of basic parameters of comprehensive and robust marketing plan timing is of big importance. The brand unique selling point must catch markets attentions at just a right time. Sharp social media and promotional skills together with enterprise market research and analysis of competition are absolutely the keys.


What is your company’s uniqueness?

Tailormade Solutions to individual clients. With over 12 years experience in the industry 4Cash have had the privilege and the resource to become not just a technology provider. My vision as the founder of this company was that the services provided to every client, both large and small, must be unique and totally geared to the clients’ individual needs. There can be no comprise on this ‘’ led from the top’’ strategy.