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Traders Education provides financial educations videos to generate more sales and leads. Their customized educational solutions have made them one of leading company in the Forex and Binary Options industry.

  • Experts in finance and education industries
  • Over 300 videos in more than 30 languages
  • Personalized
  • Forex, Binary Options, Online Casinos, eCommerce, portals

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About Traders Education

Traders Education provides companies with the tools for teaching trade. They have over 300 videos on varying topics of trade such as forex and binary options, in over 30 languages. The videos are animated, such that they are accessible and make it easy to watch and learn. They focus on starting from the beginning, understanding the concept of trade to more advanced topics. The educational tools can be completely integrated into the client’s website and can be accessed by the web, e-books and mobile applications.

Traders Education is run by experts in the online education field who put an emphasis on the production, animation, translation and voice recording of each video. This is a great tool for forex and binary options brokers to offer their clientele.


Serevices offered

The videos range in topics, including forex, binary options, CFD’s, stocks, analysis and platforms. Traders Education boasts the most comprehensive white label video library, in addition to the option of creating ones own video center widget. Alongside the videos, is a glossary, containing all words relating to the financial industry and their meaning as well as offering a chat option, giving online users the opportunity to chat with a company representative.

In addition to offering videos on a wide range of financial topics, Traders Education also offers courses teaching trading in these industries. Brokers should take into account that traders are constantly looking for content online, constantly seeking ways of improving their “game,” and Traders Education offers them the solution. Content is customized to each broker’s particular brand, assisting in enhancing their brand and pushing their name in the online circuit.