Virtual Offices Abroad for Companies and Businesses

/Virtual Offices Abroad for Companies and Businesses

GBO offers Virtua Offices solutions for worlswide clients

Virtual Offices Abroad for Companies and Businesses

Virtual Offices Abroad for Companies and Businesses

Many companies and businesses focus on online activity, however they may still feel a need for a company base, such as a virtual office. A virtual office offers these companies various services such as phone services, e-mail, fax as well as a physical address that is aligned with where the company is registered. These services are provided to the company without the necessity of the company or its owners to physically be in that location.

Locations where we provide virtual office solutions:

  • Virtual office in Cyprus
  • Virtual office in Hong Kong
  • Virtual office in Seychelles

The option of having a physical address offers clients an actual location to receive mail and packages on behalf of the company. These parcels are forwarded on to any address that the client chooses. Other services that are offered are telephonic services, such as answering the telephone, message forwarding and emails.

  • It is up to the client to decide on which particular services he is interested in as well as the size of the office allocated to him.

When setting up a virtual office, the client lists all the emails, telephone numbers and physical address to which he wishes all this information be sent to. This information is not publicized thus retaining the confidentiality of the client. The virtual office offers all the services of a regular working office, just that the company owners are not located there.

One should take into account that a virtual office is not “virtual.” It is a physical office that exists in the country of incorporation. It is an ideal solution for online businesses that wish to keep their costs low while still retaining a professional corporate image that emits reliability and validation. Attaining a virtual office may be the one additional aspect a company needs to convey the confidence of a well established business.