ZotaPay best features:

ZotaPay is one of the leading Payment service provider and Merchant account services in the world. ZotaPay is an expert in providing online payment processing solutions on an international basis for high-risk like Forex, Binary Options, Lottery, Pharma, eCommerce and mire.ZotaPay Payment solutions are customized according to each individual client depending on his needs and requirements.

  • Provides risk management and fraud protection tools
  • Top notch security standards
  • Solutions support a wide range of business models
  • Monitors transaction activity and trends
  • Forex, Binary Options, Online Casinos, eCommerce, low risk

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About ZotaPay

ZotaPay has built up a team of top experts ranging from all sectors of the online payments industry and finance field. Due to the vast experience of the company, ZotaPay has become a leading payment service provider. The service that ZotaPay provides includes a variety of tools and resources for merchants in order to accept online payments to their sites via various payment methods.

  • ZotaPay has built up a solid foundation, having partners throughout the world all

Services offered

Zotapay provides merchants with customized payment solutions depending on the merchant’s particular requirements. The company ensures to pay attention to all elements of the online transactions.
Highlighted features of ZotaPay include the following:

  • Online credit and debit card: supports multi-currency and is connected to acquiring banks situated in international locations.
  • Conversion optimization
  • Recurring payments: merchants are given the option of offering subscriptions and membership fees as well as other periodic billing payments.
  • Virtual terminal: better known as MOTO which offers the option to create manual transactions as well as payments over the phone.
  • Payout cards and pre-paid cards: these can be used globally to withdraw cash as well as for online purchases.
  • Tokenization and credit card storage: this enables the merchant to offer clients to save their credit card information.
  • Multi-currency: online payments are accepted from a wide range of currencies.[/li_item]
  • Account management: each client is assigned to an account manager to personally aid the client in filling out applications etc.