GBO International Financial Services LTD has been operating since 2009 and has accumulated thousands of satisfied clients around the world.


In recent years GBO has been specializing in providing corporate services for online companies from 2009. We are a forward-thinking company, keeping up to date with all the modern development going on in the banking and business world. Our business development model is comprised of major elements based on a strong work ethic. The banks and financial institutions that we work with have been personally verified by us giving us the confidence to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible.

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2009 – GBO’s Birth  GBO was established in 2009 by alumni of the Swiss banking system and the Israeli capital market to meet needs that came to us from customers. In those days, Swiss bank accounts held billions of dollars, offering minimal or no revenues. Many investors were looking to move their funds abroad for better returns and better investment products. We took our vast knowledge and experience in the global banking system and assisted hundreds of customers to open new bank accounts in Europe.


2011 – Private Banking – Globalization had already begun by then, and many people in business wanted to expand and open their businesses abroad. It was very complex for anyone unfamiliar with the global banking system who had no international experience to set up overseas companies and open bank accounts correctly. In this need, GBO assumed a leadership role in offering individuals account opening assistance in Switzerland, UK and Cyprus.


2013 – Rise of the digital finance market – The online banking industry took the world by storm, with startups, tech companies, gaming affiliates, eCommerce, media and many more internet-based archetypes launching themselves on the world markets. We were situated at one of the main hubs in the world – Tel Aviv.

We were able to assist hundreds of entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses in setting their corporate structure outside their home county, mainly in Europe. We became leaders in corporate services to high-tech companies, eCommerce websites, internet service providers, importers/exporters, finance entrepreneurs, Amazon Affiliates and online gaming operators. In those years, we participated in international gaming conferences like ICE London, the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, Berlin Affiliate conferences, IFX Cyprus, IFX Hong Kong, and many more. These gave us worldwide recognition and the contacts to become a market-leading gaming corporate services provider.


2015 – Introduction of new regulations

In many sectors like gaming, digital financial and high-tech, regulation increased and became a primary concern. AML, compliance, onboarding, control and licensing were the top priority. For GBO, this was the ideal time to offer guidance with Crypto & gaming licensing services and regulation. At that time, we were developing online gaming LaaS (licensing as a service). We became one of the leading companies globally that offered complete turnkey solutions for setting up the company structure, including company formation, license, active bank accounts, merchant accounts, assistance with white label solutions, corporate advice, and more


2021 – Uncompromising Professionalism

After twelve years of conducting international and cross-border business for thousands of customers from all around the world, we continue to develop our offered services for the Crypto & gaming industry. By offering better banking solutions, complex corporate structures, and licensing worldwide, we are bringing clarity to the complexities of doing business across borders.

The trust of customers worldwide is our main advantage, together with a commitment to uncompromising professionalism.