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There has been a sharp increase in interest from around the world to start participating in the booming legal US online gambling sector. The focus of this is in acquisition of affiliate gaming licenses, which allow you to promote traffic to your associated US-based gaming operation and in return receive a great reward.

GBO has 12 years experience in consulting for customers all over the world seeking to establish a presence in online gaming. This now includes knowledge and experience in how to obtain a gaming affiliate license in the state of your choice in the shortest possible time and lowest possible cost.

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Online gaming in USA – a snapshot of where it stands

First important point we make is to distinguish between the main forms of gambling in the USA:

Type Control Legal since
Horse racing Generally permitted by Federal law, subject to individual state legislation
Sports betting Requires specific state legislation – currently approved or in process in 31 states 2018, after Supreme Court struck down PASPA
Land-based Casinos Wholly subject to state legislation or Native American jurisdictions
Fantasy sports unregulated
Online gaming Currently permitted in 5 states, requires state legislation which is underway in 7 more states 2011, after amendment to the Wire Act

What are the principles of gaming affiliate programs

Gaming affiliates and media affiliates work to promote activity for their US-based associates by posting material on their own website, and through social media, promoting online gambling designed to channel potential gamblers through to the service portal of their associate in the USA.

With our help at GBO, you will be able to get an affiliate gaming license in the state that you choose in the shortest possible time and the lowest cost.


How do media affiliates license holders get rewarded?

Companies that have negotiated gaming affiliate licenses with US-based casinos generally agree on receiving reward for the traffic in one of two possible ways:

Cost per acquisition (CPA), which pays a fixed fee once a new customer who has been channelled through to the gaming portal signs up and follows through with specified actions. Typically, these are making a deposit of a minimum amount, and making a certain number of bets. The purpose of these steps is to prevent customers from making new accounts without taking any actions, which costs the casino both the reward of the CPA, and the batch of free games that are typically offered to new accounts as an incentive to come on board.

Revenue sharing (rev-share) which is calculated on the profit that the gaming site earns from the wagers placed by the customer, and lasts for as long as the customer remains on the gaming sites books. It is similar to the gross gaming revenue (GGR) taxation system that most jurisdictions use to tax online gaming companies. In this case, the affiliate’s proportion of the GGR is fixed by the agreement between the casino and the affiliate at the time of sign-on.


What are the affiliate licensing requirements for e-gaming?

Requirements are specific to each gambling type, and to each state. The laws are also in a state of flux and may change at any time. What we say here is as up-to-date that we can make it, as of the end of July 2021, but even then changes that were in the process may already have overtaken the current situation, so in all cases you should consult with us before making any decisions, so that you can be given the most relevant picture.

With the possible exception of Nevada and West Virginia, the states that have legalized online sports and gaming require that all affiliates must hold the relevant state affiliate gambling license. Right now, these states are Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania   , Tennessee and West Virginia. In the process is Illinois, and the scheduled meeting to finalize this will be held in early September.


State Conditions Cost
Arizona affiliates can apply for licenses to promote online sportsbooks only. $1500 initial plus $500 renewable
Colorado Provides for only retail and online sports betting as well as daily fantasy sports (DFS). CPA – $350

Revshare $11200

Illinois Regulations are due  for debate and approval September 9th. Not known
Indiana Regulations are due to come into effect on September 1st. No known
Michigan Affiliates on a revenue share basis must hold sports betting supplier licenses $7500 registration + $2500 annual
Nevada License is not required. Only online poker, limited to $500 for registration
New Jersey New Jersey CPA must register for a vendor license. If the affiliate is being paid on a Revenue Sharing basis it needs an ancillary license. Affiliates who wish to promote casinos and sportsbooks on a CPA basis must acquire a Vendor Registration Number from the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement CPA is free.

rev-share affiliates must pay $2000 to NJDCE

Pennsylvania Pennsylvania license is similar to New Jersey’s, except that CPA model affiliate marketers must apply to be registered as gaming services providers, which includes a background investigation. For the revenue sharing affiliate, just like for New Jersey, the application requires full details of the applicant’s personal history. Affiliates wishing to promote on a CPA basis in Pennsylvania must fill out the Gaming Service Registration Application form $500 application fee

$60 each for employees and  affiliated entities.

On approval,  $2,500 registration fee for a five-year license

Tennessee Sports betting only, affiliates to fill out a Vendor Registration Form $500
Virginia Sports betting, horse racing betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS) $500
West Virginia Sports betting only. License is not required $1000 for registration

Federal requirements and regulations deal with inter-state business, and are very relevant when establishing an affiliate company. In some cases, the company must be located in the same state as the gambling operator both for legal and for tax reasons.




Must a media affiliate be located in the US?

According to federal laws relating to money transfers, it is necessary to establish a presence in the state where the affiliated gaming company resides. This is due to the prohibition on inter-state wire transfers in gaming.

What will the gaming affiliate license cost?

Refer to the table above.

Generally, there are two cost structures. CPA licenses are both easier and quicker to obtain, and are generally cheaper.

Revenue sharing is both more expensive and more complex.

GBO is fully qualified to advise you in how to obtain the necessary affiliate license and set up the required corporate structure, as well as to locate the essential banking and payment services accounts to facilitate transfer of the accrued earnings from the USA into external accounts.

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