GBO offers an exclusive package, specifically for freelancers ,which includes incorporation of an offshore company and an offshore bank account in the EU.

What you get?

* All services are provided remotely without the necessity of a personal visit

Ideal solution for freelancers

If you are involved in the freelance industry and have garnered a number of clientele, this may be the ideal solution for you to work under your own company with an accompanying bank account.

Advantages of working under a Freelance company with a business bank account

  • You are taken more seriously and appear more professional in front of your clients.
  • The maintenance is easy and cheap; it comprises of just the annual company and bank account fees.
  • You can submit invoices to clients.
  • Separation from your personal\family bank account.
  • You can provide legal documentation for the tax authorities.
Business bank accounts

Business bank accounts offer everything you would regularly receive from a personal account – cash, direct debits and standing orders, debit/cash cards and overdrafts.

Main Features – Offshore Bank Account

  • Most banks will connect you to a business banking manager who can advise on issues such as invoice discounting – a form of short-term borrowing – and grants.
  • As a freelancer operating under a limited company you will need to open a business bank account in order to receive payment.
  • Your limited company is a separate legal entity and as such the money your company makes needs to be kept completely separate from your personal funds.

Typical usage by Freelancers

  • Receive money from their clients for the work they do.
  • Pay for their company expenses.
  • Set up direct debit payments for their mobile phone, insurance, accountancy fees etc.
  • Pay their own salary and dividends.
  • Pay their corporation tax and VAT.
  • Use their bank account for e-valet payments such as PayPal.

Do banks offer online and telephone banking?

All freelancers today have the necessity to be connected to online banking as it provides them with an online base for payments, direct debits and just being able to access their bank statements twenty-four hours a day. In addition, it is also necessary to have a bank that provides decent telephone service to be available at any point that you need them.

GBO provides you, the freelancer, with the option to work in a professional manner, with your own company and European bank account.

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