GBO offers financial set-up packages for Affiliate Marketing Business

Ideal for

  • Online Gambling Affiliates
  • Forex Affiliates
  • E-Commerce Affiliates
  • Adult Affiliates

* All services are provided remotely without the necessity of a personal visit

Become a professional affiliate, register your new company and work with your new company bank account!

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    What do you get?

    • Assistance with Offshore company set up– low setup fee, low maintenance.
    • Assistance with opening business bank account in EUROPE (your company bank account).
    • Debit cards in major currencies.
    • Finding and locating nominee services for extra Confidentiality (an option).
    • E-Wallet options: you can apply for accounts directly with Paypal, Skrill, etc., once your new company and bank account are up and running.
    • One of the leading, established, well-known and popular industries on the internet is the affiliates industry. The promotion of innumerable goods and services is handled by millions of websites.
    • We, at GBO can assist with setting-up affiliate business, allowing the company to operate easily without any additional banking concerns.

    One of the most important issues when working online is keeping your private life confidential.

    When incorporating a company, as beneficial owners wishing to remain anonymous, you can make use of our assistance with finding and locating nominee director and nominee shareholder service. You can set up the affiliate marketing business and then use nominee services so some-one else, not you, will be on the public records, this is what we specialize in!  This service ensures complete confidentiality and protection of privacy as your name does not appear on any corporate documents or registrar.

    Currently, there are no universally recognized benchmarks for the classification of affiliate websites.  They are usually put into categories according to merchants (advertisers) and affiliate networks.

    Below is a list of common, generic websites, normally accepted by affiliate marketers

    • Marketing companies that are operated through PPC (pay per click ) in search engines
    • Content networks that run Media, adsense, promotion campaigns
    • E-mail marketing – using their database to send all types of offers to their subscribers
    • Website owners, app owners
    • E-Commerce sites/online malls
    • Review sites of all fields including – tourism, games, transport, financial etc.
    • Coupon sites.
    • Leads – Sites and operations that generate leads.

    Be serious regarding your online business – set up a company and open a bank account -contact us now, in addition, we welcome you to visit our summery page for the best ecommerce expos in 2017.

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