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Trusted by clients around the world:

GBO’s team of experienced professionals are committed to providing you with company & banking solutions to your business needs in different areas and across various jurisdictions.

Corporate Assistance

We offer B2B corporate assistance in setting up International Businesses, eCommerce, Online businesses and more.

We provide assistance with corporate solutions, which include step-by-step guidance through the process of incorporating foreign companies, opening bank accounts worldwide, regulations and more.


Trust our comprehensive experience and vast amount of knowledge acquired in this area to assist you in attaining the ideal company solution for you based on your business requirements. We provide assistance with packages for company formation, bank accounts, assistance with locating clearing services and platforms, regulations, payment solutions as well as other additional services.


Our experts will assist you with an internationally recognized operational business structure suited to your needs.

We have 35 years of accumulative experience in the banking sector, international corporate business and assistance in the formation of start-up companies and hi-tech companies.

Our Vendors

Our Main Industries


Online Internet and affiliate companies that deal in sectors such as e-Commerce, services, Media etc can find all their company incorporation needs here, including company formation in a variety of global jurisdictions, bank accounts in a range of banks worldwide, clearing services, virtual offices and more.
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Clients will find a one stop shop for startup company formation, such as mobile development, cyber, internet, software and more. We will assist you to incorporate your company and open a bank account, licensing and more. In addition we offer assistance with finding payment solutions.
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Online business

For high-tech companies: We provide a full package of services for high-tech companies that includes assistance with: obtaining licenses if needed, incorporating companies, opening bank accounts, PSP clearing, regulation and other services.
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    GBO's specialises in:

    Get all services for your business from GBO's corporate, Gaming and banking experts!


    Company Formation

    GBO is a highly experienced company formation firm, having incorporated countless eGaming companies including White Label solutions.


    Corporate Bank Accounts

    We assist with opening corporate bank accounts for online businesses such as affiliate business, e-commerce, trading, gaming, services and more


    Merchant Accounts

    We assist with opening B2B merchant account for online businesses such as affiliate business, e-commerce, trading, services, media, gaming and more


    Payment Service Providers (PSP)

    We assist to find and locate payment solutions that accept almost all kind of payments: credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfer, alternative , .etc.


    Regulation & Licences

    Professional assistance and guidance regarding the process of obtaining licenses and regulation for Gaming in Curacao and FX in Seychelles


    Software for White Label Activities

    Introduction with Software for white label activities such as financial white label, gaming white label, online lottery white label and more


    at the Leading Events

    GBO has researched the main Payments & FinTech expos, events and Conferences world wide.

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    When did GBO started its operation?

    GBO was established in 2009 by alumni of the Swiss banking system and the Israeli capital market to meet needs that came to us from customers

    How many clients does GBO have?

    We have started our operation back in 2009 and since then we are serving almost 4000 clients from around the world -from Europe, Asia, South America and the middle east.

    Where are we located?

    We located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Tel Aviv is one of the world’s leading hubs for technology and innovation. Ranked by Compass 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem as the world’s leading startup ecosystem, the Nonstop City is a prime destination for entrepreneurs, investors, international R&D facilities and innovation centers.

    How can I contact your experts?

    We offer many ways of communication with us:

    What is your best practice? Industries?

    Corporate services that include that include turn-key solutions for gaming, eCommerce, Crypto, Marketing & media agencies, affiliates and more.

    The service is usually combination of the company, business bank account opening, gaming licensing, crypto licensing and other related corporate services.