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  1. Offering: Complete package: AML policies, corporate framework, Policies, procedures, and security to the new regulation requirements.
  2. Professional Expertise: As a leading corporate company in the gaming industry since 2009, we bring unmatched professionalism to every project.
  3. Customized Solutions: We understand the challenges of choosing the right systems and components, and we’re here to tailor perfect solutions for your specific needs.
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  5. Streamlined Banking Access: Partnering with us grants you easy access to banking services, ensuring smooth financial transactions and operations.

Why work with us?

  • Turnkey Solutions: GBO manages every aspect of your  NEW Curacao Gaming license application.
  • Hassle-free experience: We handle all documents, policies, and local requirements.
  • Platforms, White Labels, Payment and Banking Services
  • Swift, cost-effective licensing process tailored for you.
  • Leverage our deep expertise in the e-Gaming Industry.
  • Dedicated Account Manager for personalized service and guidance.

What are the benefits of the Curaçao eGambling license?

  • The new license is valid for all iGaming – sports gambling, casino, poker, bingo, lottery.
  • No restrictions on cryptocurrency with a Curaçao license.
  • High demand from online casino companies world-wide.
  • Secure, reliable, AML complied.
  • Low yearly maintenance.
  • With this license, you’re eligible to open bank accounts

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The New Curacao Gaming License Requirements – a GBO Analysis

Curacao is reorganizing its gambling industry and is ready to issue new licenses to operators in November 2024. Our analysis suggests that this projected change, referred to as “essential” by Finance Minister Javier Silvania, is similar to the Malta gaming licensing system.

What aspects of Curacao’s gaming licensing laws are changing?
Information is still developing. We have, however, stated several requirements following our review of the new criteria and procedure. These will likely be improved once the licensing arrangement is clarified. The new regulations emphasize compliance and AML. AML rules, company setting, banking, and merchant services are all part of our full license package.

Key Conditions

  1. Licensees are required to constantly uphold information security standards. They must deliver audited security policies to the GCB within six months of receiving a license, according to the GCB’s specifications, employing an auditor that the GCB has approved. Additionally, they need to have their hardware and software security checked by a third party with GCB approval.
  2. Licensees must maintain player account policies and submit audited versions of those policies to the GCB upon request and within six months of licensing.
  3. It is crucial to have consistent payment transaction protocols. Upon request from the GCB and within six months, audited policies must be provided with the GCB.
  4. Licensees must maintain responsible gaming practices and present audited plans to the GCB whenever requested and within six months.
  5. For fairness, every game operated by the licensee requires independent lab approval.
  6. Within six months of receiving their licenses, licensees are required to submit certification proof to the GCB upon request and in accordance with GCB policies.

Our services comply with these requirements, guaranteeing that you fulfill all requirements for licensure.

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    Main Advantages of working with GBO to obtain the new Curacao Gambling License:

    Last updated: 7.12.2023

    Hundreds of licenses have already been obtained for our customers

    • Curacao New Licenses Applications – full service including documentation, policies, and local manpower.
    • Just 2-3 weeks for the complete License process
    • Turnkey services: Platforms, white labels, Banking & Payments
    • Competitive Curacao gaming license costs

    The new Curacao license application and gaming laws

    As of 2.10.2023


    Getting a new Gaming License in Curaçao

    In the rapidly evolving domain of online gaming, obtaining a legitimate license is paramount for any business aiming to operate with credibility. The licensing process under the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH) in Curaçao ensures that gaming operators adhere to international standards and best practices.

    Core Objectives of the Licensing Process

    The NOOGH-based licensing is grounded in a few internationally accepted objectives:

    1. Prevention of Unlawful Activities: This encompasses the deterrence of fraud and other illicit activities related to online gaming.
    2. Player Protection: Ensuring the safety of players is paramount. This includes safeguarding minors and assuring that player winnings are duly paid.
    3. Prevention of Gambling Addiction: Addressing the potential pitfalls of online gaming, particularly gambling addiction, is a central tenet of the licensing process.

    To meet these objectives, Curaçao emphasizes a gaming environment that is:

    • Safe: This pertains to the safety of games, gaming equipment, and systems, ensuring they are secure from risks like theft, malware, and cybercrimes.
    • Responsible: It’s imperative that players are treated fairly. The licensing process looks at measures to prevent gambling addiction and protect vulnerable groups, including minors.
    • Reliable: The integrity, stability, and continuity of the gaming provider are evaluated. This reliability extends to ensuring no association with money laundering or terrorism financing.
    • Transparent: Gaming providers’ operations should be clear, accountable, and maintain proper records.

    Evaluation Parameters by the GCB

    During the licensing application process, the Gaming Control Board (GCB) of Curaçao primarily focuses on:

    1. The integrity of the applicant, which extends to its beneficial owners, stakeholders, directors, managing directors, and compliance officers.
    2. The financial integrity of the applicant’s organization.
    3. The accessibility of the gaming channels from the perspective of the players.

    Post the granting of the license, operators must submit critical policies and procedures to the GCB within six months. These should be audited as per the GCB’s guidelines and can be requested by the GCB subsequently.


    Business Plan For The New Curacao Gaming License

    The delineated business plan serves as a conceptual structure to furnish a comprehensive synopsis of the requisites and strategies associated with obtaining a Curacao Gaming License. This is merely an introduction; for a comprehensive, customized business plan that complies with the most recent Curacao gaming regulations and facilitates the successful application for a new gaming license, please get in touch with us.


    • Executive Summary: Overview of business and goals.
    • Business Description: Legal and operational details.
    • Market Analysis: Customer and competitor insights.
    • Marketing Strategy: Promotion and retention plans.
    • Operational Plan: Workflow and technology requirements.
    • Management and Personnel: Team structure and duties.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to local laws.
    • Financial Projections: Revenue and profit outlook.
    • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks.
    • Technology Plan: Infrastructure and security specifics.
    • Product Portfolio: List of gaming services.
    • Player Protection Measures: Safety and ethical strategies.
    • Exit Strategy: Future business transition plans.

    Decision Timeline

    Post the submission of a complete application, the GCB commits to a decision within two months.

    License Duration

    Once granted, the license has a validity of up to one year. However, this can be subject to change based on new or transitional provisions in future Curaçao legislations.

    Stipulations Attached to the License

    There are general conditions tied to every license. Specific conditions related to licenses granted directly by the GCB to operators catering to the international market via online means can be found here. Depending on unique circumstances, additional conditions may be affixed to individual licenses.

    In conclusion, securing a gaming license in Curaçao is a meticulous process, ensuring that the online gaming environment is safe, transparent, and trustworthy. This not only protects players but also establishes the legitimacy and credibility of the gaming operators.

    We have a tremendous experience in online gaming operations and we can help you setup all the necessary corporate and financial structures and acquire the necessary Curacao online gambling license.

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      Contact with WhatsApp us: +972504938469, email us: [email protected]

      The GBO team, active since 2009, offers a comprehensive suite of services for those looking to acquire a Curacao e-Gaming license through the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB).

      We cover all aspect of Curacao’s New Licenses Applications

      From guiding through the application process and business establishment in Curacao to providing white-label solutions across Europe and Asia, we ensure a seamless journey. We also specialize in facilitating banking and high-risk merchant accounts in Europe. The GCB, under the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH), upholds rigorous standards for licensees, emphasizing player safety, ethical operations, and robust fiscal practices. Applicants are expected to adhere to these stringent criteria and, once licensed, maintain them to the highest degree. For detailed insights and resources.


      Obtaining an Online Gaming License: In 2019, the responsibility of online gaming licensing and oversight was assigned to the Minister of Finance of Curaçao. However, by March 2020, this duty was transferred to the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB). Starting November 15, 2023, the GCB will manage and process applications from operators aiming to secure an online gaming license. It’s important to note that licenses will be granted exclusively to Curaçao-based online gaming companies. For detailed information on the application procedure, licensing terms, and to access application forms, follow the links provided.

      Licensing Perspective:

      The GCB’s licensing framework is built upon internationally recognized standards:

      • Adopting a strict stance against any deceptive or unauthorized gaming activities.
      • Prioritizing the rights of players, especially younger participants, and ensuring they receive their rightful earnings.
      • Actively working to prevent issues related to gambling addiction.
      • It’s essential for gaming providers in Curacao to maintain a high standard of safety, ethical conduct, transparency, and consistent reliability.

      Key Points for Curacao License Application:

      • Applicants must be established and recognized entities in Curacao.
      • Those focused on player and financial management are the ideal candidates.
      • Applying necessitates the submission of specific forms, such as the Online Gaming License Application Form, Business Disclosure Form, and an in-depth Personal History Disclosure.
      • During the evaluation, the GCB emphasizes the applicant’s trustworthiness, financial stability, and effectiveness of their service delivery. After obtaining the license, the licensee must share certain policies with the GCB within a set six-month period.


      The New Curacao master gambling license

      Several steps are required to obtain a master certificate in Curacao under the new regulations:

      1. Verification of the personal information of directors and authorized individuals; Comprehensive business checks; Verification of the organization’s compliance with key policies and conditions.
      2. Post-Licensing Phase: Observation of license-holding operators;
      3. Within six months of receiving a license, licensees must conduct the necessary tests and provide the GCB with data;
      4. Validation of the trustworthiness of new licensees, directors, and other authorized individuals;
      5. Significant incidents are discussed in the report.


      The specified data may include the following:

      1. Details about the applicant; Brand name; Used domains; Business model; Type of gambling activity; Player account information; Fund management details; Currencies utilized.
        monetary transactions (directly or via intermediaries);
      2. Location of the server; Gaming delivery channels (PC/mobile);
      3. Details regarding game providers;
      4. Positions held by the applicant;
      5. Information about the applicant’s criminal record; Information about the applicant’s address and citizenship.
      6. Specific details about local representatives;
      7. Information about the company (name, local address, registration number, date of incorporation, etc.);
      8. Company history (founding, business expansion, relocation of operations from another jurisdiction, and current Curacao-licensed activities);
      9. Source of capital;
      10. Within six months of obtaining a Curacao license, licensees are required to verify all player data, accounts, funds, game integrity, and information security, and provide this information to the GCB.

      Master License Application submission requirements documentation

      1. Birth certificate, either original or certified copy;
      2. Passport and/or identity document (original or certified copy);
      3. Original or certified copy of the applicant’s recent police clearance and/or protocol (certificate of no criminal record); Each jurisdiction in which the applicant has resided for more than six months within the past two years must be documented.
      4. Copies of any and all gaming licenses issued to the applicant in any jurisdiction;
      5. Original or certified copy of a letter from a credit institution or bank, or a bank statement (issued within six months of the application date);
      6. Original or certified copy of a utility bill or bank statement bearing the applicant’s current address, or any other document validating the applicant’s residential address
        Declaration and confirmation of the shareholders’ source of funds and source of income.


      In the past Curacao had two types of gambling licenses

      A master license and a sub-license. While both cover gaming operators and allow the same essential rights for e-gaming operations, there is a distinction between the two.

      Master license

      It licenses e-gaming operations for the holder and provides the possibility to sell sub-licenses to other third parties, which are subject to the same restrictions and covenants of the Master license.
      Master licenses are issued at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, and it has become extremely difficult to obtain a master license in Curacao.


      It offers the same rights to operate online gambling activities in a legitimate manner but is a single-instance license. A sub-licensee cannot sell additional sub-licenses to third parties.

      NOTE: There is strong anti-money-laundering legislation in force in Curaçao.

      In order to obtain a Curacao sub-license, operators must meet certain basic criteria:

      • Full compliance with Due Diligence and KYC procedures
      • Full identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBOs)
      • Satisfactory references on UBOs
      • A detailed and transparent description of the games to be offered.

      All online gaming operators must obtain a sub-license in order to run internet gambling operations in Curacao. The Curacao gaming laws require full compliance with all the relevant regulations before you can operate. Let our expert team at GBO take care of the necessary procedures to obtain the license, set up your company and banking accounts. Check with us for the current applicable charges.

      Curacao license advantages

      Over the past few decades, since it started offering an e-gaming license in 1996, Curaçao has established itself as one of the most sought-after jurisdictions in which to obtain a gaming license. Other positive factors are that Curaçao has no VAT, a low corporate income tax of only 2%, no tax on bets, a progressive legislative system, political stability, first-rate telecommunications facilities, and a well-established financial services industry. Taken together, these make Curaçao an extremely attractive environment for international online gaming companies.

      To operate properly in full compliance with the Curaçao gambling law, a company offering online e-Gaming services in Curaçao must obtain the proper licensing, banking, and corporate entities. GBO can give you all the assistance necessary, including oversight by a qualified Curaçao gaming lawyer so that you can structure all the necessary licensing, company formation, bank accounts, gaming payment solutions and more.

      Curacao Gaming License Cost & Requirements: What You Need to Know

      To run an online gambling or e-gaming operation, a sub-license is required. This sub-license can only be issued by organizations that hold a master license, which is where GBO comes in.

      It has become increasingly difficult to obtain a master license, but we have gone through these processes for you, making it that much easier and more cost-effective to obtain a Curacao gaming license.

      Our trusted network of experts and proven infrastructures have made it possible for us to offer competitive licensing fees that include all the necessary procedures and requirements.

      How Much Does a Curacao Gaming License Cost?

      You can expect a Curacao gaming license to cost between €15,000 to €25,000, depending on the exact corporate structure. This fee includes all the necessary steps to be undertaken to get your online gaming operation up and running, including:

      • Incorporation of a holding company.
      • Acquiring the Curacao gambling sub-license.
      • Setting up merchant payments and accounts

      Curaçao e-Gaming Corporate Setup Costs

      A company must be registered in Curacao as the holder of the gaming  license. The company should be located in the special e-Zone in order to qualify for the minimal rate of corporate tax on profits.

      The incorporation process includes company formation, drafting of incorporation documents, government fees, preparation of the required AML/KYC/CFT documentation, submission of the records of UBOs and all other sets of documents, courier fees and all other associated costs.

      The initial fees charged for all services by GBO include the first year’s operations of the Curacao online casinos from the date of registration of the company. 

      European Corporate Setup Costs

      A company must be registered in Europe to act as the financial channel for banking activities. 

      The incorporation process includes company formation, drafting of incorporation documents, government fees, preparation of the required AML/KYC/CFT documentation, submission of the records of UBOs and all other sets of documents, courier fees and all other associated costs.

      The initial fees charged for all services by GBO include the first year’s operations of the holding company from the date of registration. 

      Banking Setup Costs

      The European holding company should be set up with merchant banking and virtual bank accounts that allow customers to receive, transfer and withdraw funds globally, mobile banking, IBAN accounts, ForEx swaps and all the other necessary financial transaction facilities. GBO’s fees include identifying and negotiating the whole package of financial services with recognized European EMIs.

      Curacao Gaming License Acquisition Cost

      It is not possible to register for a Curacao Master Gaming license. The current holders of existing master licenses can issue sub-licenses that offer exactly the same scope for gambling online as their own licenses. However, holders of sub-licenses cannot themselves sell further sub-licenses to other companies. 

      There is a one-to-one relationship between the sub-license and online casino. The company that holds the license can only operate a single online casino from its registered website.

      The exact cost of the sub-license is subject to negotiation with the master license holder. GBO will act on your behalf to get the best possible deal fora fully activated Curacao gaming license.

      Total costs for setup of Curacao online gaming site

      When you negotiate the deal through GBO, the whole package is bundled so there are no extras. We include the full Curaçao gaming license cost, setup of the Curacao gaming company, setup of a European holding company and opening the necessary banking and payment services accounts. 

      The table below set out the current pricing for the services. This is not a binding quote. You should discuss this with a GBO officer in order to negotiate a final quote and contract for the full services.

      Topic Action on your behalf GBO fees
      Banking Search for accepting banks in EU €2,500
      Corporate Register a Curaçao company $7,900
      Corporate Acquire or create EU-registered corporation for banking contracts €3,650
      Corporate Perform compliance, KYC & UBO audits included in Corporate services
      Electronic Money Institutions To allow for receipt of PSP funds included in Banking services
      Gaming license Negotiated from Curaçao master license holder $16,900
      Merchant Payment Open PSP accounts for processing money transfers to & from gaming customers included in Banking services

      Recurring and renewal costs for a Curacao gaming operation

      The initial fees charged for all services by GBO include the first year’s operations of the Curacao holding company from the date of registration.

      After the first year, there are several recurring charges and fees, including:

      • Renewal of the Curacao company license, including government fees, legal fees and stamps
      • Renewal of the European company license, including legal fees, government fees and stamps
      • Renewal of the sub-license on contract from the Master License holder
      • Payment of Curacao resident agent fees
      • Payment of Curacao registered office costs and all the other associated business costs
      • Renewal of general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and other associated insurance covers

      These charges are bundled into GBO’s fees for annual services.

      The table below set out the current pricing for the services. This is not a binding quote. You should discuss this with a GBO officer in order to negotiate a final quote and contract for the full services.

      Document Description Cost
      Passport Valid passport By the client
      Utility Bill/Proof of Address Accepted Documents: Water, Electricity, Landline Telephone Bills, TV Cable Bills, Bank Statement, Office Government Correspondence By the client
      Bank Reference Letter Must be signed by Bank representative + Letter must be addressed to ” To whom it may concern” By the client
      Professional Reference Letter The letter must be provided by a Lawyer or Accountant + Lawyer or Accountant must include their name in English + Position + Signed By the client
      Copies of all current software agreements List your software agreements and other main function agreements By the client
      Company renewal Renewal of documents with the register 4,000 – 6,000
      License renewal Renewal of the gaming license 10,000 – 13,000
      * Certifications must be in ENGLISH. If not, then the Certification must be translated to English and certified as a true copy


      Updates on the modernization of the Curacao online gaming legislation. (last update 28.12.2022)

      The regulation of online gaming in Curaçao has undergone several updates and modernizations in recent years. In 2018, the Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA) introduced a new licensing regime for online gaming operators, which included new requirements for obtaining and maintaining a license, as well as increased oversight and stricter penalties for non-compliance.

      In 2020, the CGA announced further updates to the online gaming legislation in Curaçao, including the introduction of a new licensing category for “skin betting” operators (companies that allow users to bet on the outcome of eSports matches using virtual items as currency).

      In addition to these updates, the CGA has also been working to improve its transparency and accountability, including by providing more information about its licensing processes and decisions on its website.

      It’s worth noting that the regulation of online gaming is a rapidly evolving area, and further updates to the legislation in Curacao may be made in the future. It’s important for gaming companies operating in Curaçao to stay up to date on the latest developments in this area

      What are the advantages of the Curaçao gambling license?

      • Curaçao is highly regarded as one of the world’s oldest, most politically stable and reputable gaming licensing jurisdictions
      • Curaçao has very favorable tax rates compared to other jurisdictions
      • Curaçao is known for its fairness in handling disputes
      • The Curaçao license allows for eGambling operations in the full range of activities, including sports betting, casino and table games, poker, and Lotto
      • The cost of a Curaçao sub-license is usually lower than in other reputable jurisdictions
      • Regulation of business in Curaçao is less restrictive that most other jurisdictions, allowing operators to act more freely
      • Curaçao’s IT infrastructure offers a wide array of services for online gaming operators and providers, such as high-capacity private racks, private cloud services, custom dedicated servers as well as other hosting options.

      What is the online Curaçao e-gaming licensing authority?

      The government of Curacao provides casino operators, software and service providers in the e-gaming industry with a gaming license that allows gaming operators to conduct business relating to casino, lotto and other gambling-related activities.

      Gaming in Curacao is regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission, which is associated with the government of Netherlands Antilles. The jurisdiction is known to be one of the oldest, most reputable and highly respected in the online casino services industry.

      The regulatory body in charge of handling the Curacao Gaming Commission is known as the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA). Established in 2001, CIGA controls all online gaming operators and as a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) it is bound by its code of conduct.

      The Curaçao e-Gaming Licensing Authority strives to ensure that its licensees operate within the guidelines established by the Government of Netherlands Antilles and that standards of customer service are followed.

      Forming a new Curaçao company can enable companies to apply for an e-zone permit. Having an e-zone permit has specific advantages. Let GBO guide you in making the appropriate choice for your own operations.

      What is the level of Curaçao corporate taxing?

      A BV company operating in Curaçao’s E-Zone today can pay a corporate tax rate of just 2%, with no restriction on the distribution of dividends. It’s essential, though, to get the structure right from the very beginning, so you should let our experts guide you from start to finish.

      What taxes apply to gambling operators?

      Of all the major online gaming jurisdictions, Curacao offers the most favourable gaming tax provisions of any in the world. Most international e-gaming operators are double taxed. The GGR (gross gaming revenue) tax is levied on the net profit on the actual gaming (bets minus payouts), and can range as high as 25%. Next, companies are taxed on their own net profits (income minus expenditure) and are lucky if that can be lower than 15%.

      Curaçao does not levy any tax on gaming profit (or rather, the GGR tax rate currently is zero.) Companies set up with our guidance with the proper corporate structure only pay 2% tax on net profit, and can redeem 98% in tax-free dividends to shareholders.

      In terms defined in the Curaçao gaming laws, a sub-license holder has no restrictions on the territories from which players intend to conduct their gaming activities. It is the responsibility of the operator / licensee to be familiar with the local laws and requirements of the territories in which they intend to offer their services.
      At the time of writing, the restricted countries by Curacao gambling laws are:
      Australia, the ABC territories, France, The Netherlands, the Caribbean islands, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA, and any other jurisdiction that Curaçao declares online gambling illegal.

      * There is strong anti-money laundering legislation in force in Curaçao .

      Operators must:

      • Maintain a full audit trail for every player who makes a deposit with an operator, including financial transactions and individual wagers
      • Make full details of all gaming systems, including back-end software logs, to third-party auditors
      • Not engage in unethical marketing or advertising practices.

      Curacao gaming license requirements

      There are certain guidelines to be followed and requirements to be met for a company to receive a license from the Curaçao Gaming Commission. The company must submit all the necessary documents of the shareholder(s) for the Curaçao company to be formed. This includes an application for the Curaçao Department of Justice to proceed to conduct an investigation of the company and a request for registration with the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce as a locally formed legal entity. Once the investigation is concluded and all relevant documentation approved, a provisional license subject to a number of conditions is issued. One such condition is the ability to provide a set guarantee deposit. Generally, after submission of all application documents, it takes about a fortnight for the license to be issued.

      How long does it take to get a Curaçao online casino license?

      Using our expert service, the procedure for obtaining a Curaçao gaming sub-license is fast and efficient and can be completed in under 2 weeks.

      How to apply and do I need to apply for multiple types of Curacao gambling licenses?

      Applying should be done through us as we all the required knowledge and experience. It is only possible to acquire a sub-license in Curaçao, which covers all forms of online gaming such as online casinos, poker, sports betting, lotto etc.

      Curaçao e-gaming license costs:

      We offer competitive fees and fast incorporation. The charges for obtaining the license are divided into several categories:

      • Incorporation of a holding company for the sub-license. The incorporation process includes company formation, drawing up corporate documents, payment of all government fees, getting corporate documents registered and stamped, and relevant courier charges.
      • Please note that the company license must be renewed annually. Renewing includes annual maintenance fees such as government fees, resident agent fees, registered office costs etc.
      • Acquiring the gambling sub-license for Curaçao – including all procedures – set-up fees, annual sub-license fee, annual due diligence fee and annual database backup hosting. Contact us for full details of all costs involved.
      • Other services we offer. You can also select from optional services such as providing a nominee shareholder and/or nominee director. The cost for these is added to our quote.
      • Payment services and banking – we can assist you with your merchant payment needs. Each online gambling operation must have the ability to accept and repay funds from end-user players. This is the most basic aspect of running your Curaçao online casino. Our service assists with opening an account for wire transfers from users, and assistance with opening merchant accounts in top banks in Europe and Asia. (This is an exclusive and unique service!)

      How do I get a Curaçao gaming license?

      Your application will be for a sub-license, which grants you all of the necessary rights to operate in Curaçao. You can provide the following gaming actions:

      • Sports Betting
      • Casino Games
      • Bingo
      • Slot Machines
      • Video Poker
      • Other card games
      • Lotteries

      How do I get a gambling license in Curaçao?

      We are here to help you negotiate the necessary steps. As long as you have followed all the correct procedures, you should be up and running within a few weeks.

      How are Curaçao’s gambling laws set?

      The laws regulating the gambling industry are set by the authorities of the Government. These currently are managed by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board 

      GBO provides all the necessary advice and guidance relevant to the laws of Curaçao when our customers are setting up their operations.

      What must I know about the Curaçao gambling commission

      The commission is established under the Curaçao Minister of Justice and is known as Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA).

      GBO provides all the necessary advice and guidance about the functions of the Commission when our customers are setting up their operations.

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