We can help you take care of everything you need to obtain your Anjouan Gaming License and operate your Anjouan online e-Gaming company.

What is Anjouan Gaming License?

The Anjouan gaming license is an attractive option for online gambling operators seeking a cost-effective and straightforward licensing solution. Established to regulate various types of gambling activities under one umbrella, it offers operational simplicity and is recognized in multiple international markets. Anjouan provides favorable tax conditions and has a more lenient regulatory framework, which can facilitate quicker market entry for businesses. This license is particularly appealing for startups and smaller enterprises looking to establish a foothold in the online gaming industry efficiently.

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Anjouan Online Casino Popiularity Reasons:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: The Anjouan gaming license is relatively affordable, making it an accessible option for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises that want to enter the online gaming market without a significant financial investment compared to other jurisdictions. Total price 17000 EUR, see below a detailed table.
  2. Quick Setup: Obtaining an Anjouan gaming license is generally a swift process. The streamlined application procedure allows businesses to launch operations quickly, often within a few weeks. This efficiency is essential for businesses looking to quickly capitalize on market opportunities.
  3. One License for All Games: Anjouan offers a comprehensive gaming license that covers all types of online gambling, including casino games, sports betting, and lotteries. This universal license simplifies management and regulatory compliance for operators.
  4. Convenient Regulatory Requirements: Compared to more stringent jurisdictions, Anjouan has less burdensome regulatory requirements. This more relaxed regulatory environment makes it easier for companies to operate while still maintaining essential standards of operation.
  5. Global Reach: Holding an Anjouan gaming license allows operators to access international markets, although there are some restrictions on certain countries. This global recognition helps operators expand their customer base beyond local regions.
  6. Reputation: Although it is considered more lenient than some other jurisdictions, Anjouan has been issuing gaming licenses for many years and has established itself as a credible authority in the online gaming industry

Why work with us?

  • Successful track record in obtaining Anjoiuan gaming licenses for numerous customers.
  • Hassle-free process for you.
  • Quick and cost-effective procedure.
  • A dedicated professional account manager assigned to your account.
  • Assistance provides for payment and banking services.
  • Dozens of licenses have already been obtained for our customers

What are the benefits of the Anjouan Gambling license?

  • The license covers iGaming activities: sports gambling, casino, poker, bingo, and lottery.
  • High demand from global online casino companies.
  • Easy, fast, and cost-effective procedure to obtain the license.
  • Affordable second-year maintenance.
  • Just 2-3 weeks for the complete License process
  • Additional services: Banking & Payments
  • Competitive to Curacao gaming license costs

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    Anjouan Gaming Licnees Costs and Fees 2024

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    The benefits of obtaining an Anjouan gambling license are numerous.

    1. Firstly, the acquisition process is quick and cost-effective, with Anjouan having one of the shortest processing times among all gambling licensing jurisdictions worldwide. In some cases, the entire process can be completed in as little as 3-5 business days, making it ideal for entrepreneurs who have tight deadlines and want to launch their operations swiftly. Additionally, the setup and ongoing maintenance costs are affordable and cater to businesses with varying budgets.
    2. Anjouan also offers an easy and hassle-free application process compared to other jurisdictions. While there are still requirements to be met, the amount of bureaucracy involved is limited, reducing the administrative burden for license applicants. This streamlined approach makes Anjouan an attractive option, especially for those seeking to test their concepts before venturing into more complex licensing jurisdictions.
    3. Furthermore, the Anjouan license is particularly beneficial for startups. It allows companies to test their ideas, build a client base, and reinvest funds without incurring exorbitant application fees, taxes, and fees. This flexibility promotes holistic growth and enables diversification into other market segments, games, and areas of operation without significant financial constraints. Fast Offshore often recommends the Anjouan gaming license to startups establishing their first online gambling platforms, as it provides the opportunity for exploration, development, and experimentation without requiring a substantial capital investment.
    4. Unlike some jurisdictions that have different licenses for various types of games, the Anjouan gaming license covers all iGaming-related activities under a single license. This includes game providers, software developers, operators, and a wide array of games such as sports betting, online casinos, lotto, online poker, eSports, live games, scratch cards, and games of chance. This inclusive approach offers cost-effective flexibility for gaming companies looking to expand their portfolio of offerings in the future.
    5. Moreover, one of the significant advantages of an Anjouan gambling license is the absence of gaming tax. Operators with an Anjouan license are not required to pay any tax on their gross gaming revenue, making it a highly favorable tax environment compared to many other jurisdictions.

    Anjouan gambling license requirements:

  • Certified copy of valid passport (photo and signature pages)
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Original banker’s reference (at least 2 years).
  • Original Professional Letter of Reference from an Accountant or Lawyer.
  • Domain ownership proof.
  • Terms & Conditions with underage gaming, responsible gaming, and player KYC policies.
  • To obtain an Anjouan Gaming License, certain requirements must be met. The regulator follows a standard onboarding procedure that includes verifying the identity, intentions, residence, and sources of funds of the applicant.


    By fulfilling these requirements and obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License, startups and entrepreneurs can benefit from the jurisdiction’s accessibility, cost-effectiveness, ease of operation, broad coverage, and favorable tax conditions, making it an optimal choice for launching and operating an online gambling business.


    Annual maintenance of Anjouan gaming license cost

    The overall cost of obtaining a gaming license in Ajouan comes to roughly 17,500 EUR and includes a variety of fees and charges. This includes the Annual Anjouan Gaming License fees, which cover both the initial setup expenses and the mandatory ISP service for compliance backups.

    Also included are the Anjouan Gaming License fees. The procedure to receive the license normally takes an estimated time period of between two and three weeks to complete. In addition to the charge for the gaming license, there is also a fee called the Annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization fee that must be paid for each Key Person that is participating. There are also Initial Annual compliance and due diligence fees that need to be paid. These fees, which take into consideration up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs, are required in order to ensure compliance and proper governance.

    Additional fees for due diligence may be incurred in circumstances involving complicated structures. These fees, which normally range from €250 to €500 per subject, may be incurred. After taking into account all of these different aspects, the total initial expenditures for the licensing procedure come out to roughly 17,500 EUR.

    Once you have obtained your Anjouan gaming license and established the necessary corporate structures, it is crucial to maintain it effectively. This involves handling annual reports, compliance requirements, renewal fees, and other periodic obligations. As your business grows, you may also want to expand by adding additional payment accounts, modifying the business description, changing directors or shareholders, or acquiring additional licenses.

    To ensure proper maintenance of your license, GBO assists you with all the aforementioned tasks and provide ongoing support in the weeks, months, and years following the initial setup. By leveraging their expertise and familiarity with your company, you can streamline the maintenance process and avoid potential pitfalls.


    We offer a cost-effective maintenance package for Anjouan gaming licenses, covering all corporate matters, compliance obligations, and other related issues. Their comprehensive service ensures that you stay in good standing with regulatory requirements and receive valuable support when needed. The annual renewal fees for Anjouan gaming licenses are affordable. By opting for this package, you can delegate the responsibility of managing your license, allowing you to focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

    Procedures for Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License

    Preparation of Documents: Both personal and business-related documents are required for the application process.
    Due Diligence: Applicants must submit to extensive background checks and demonstrate financial stability.
    Business Plan Presentation: Outline your operational strategy, including how you intend to address obstacles like underage betting and potential money laundering.

    Anjouan Gaming License Fee Structure

    The standard fee for an Anjouan gaming license is approximately 17,000 EUR. This amount includes the annual licensing fee, initial setup costs, and ISP services required for regulatory backups.


    Locating the Most Convenient State for a Gambling License

    When it comes to a straightforward application procedure, Anjouan ranks highly. Their streamlined procedures and reduced bureaucracy make them one of the best options for those seeking a gaming license without the typical complications.


    What are the advantages of the Anjouan gambling license?

    • The license covers iGaming activities: sports gambling, casino, poker, bingo, lottery.
    • High demand from global online casino companies.
    • Easy, fast, and cost-effective procedure to obtain the license.
    • Low yearly maintenance fees.
    • Ability to open bank accounts with this license.

    What taxes apply to gambling operators?

    The is zero (0%) tax in Anjouan related to gaming operations

    What is the level of Anjouan, Comoros corporate taxing?

    Zero (0%) with no restriction on the distribution of dividends. It’s essential, though, to get the structure right from the very beginning, so you should let our experts guide you from start to finish.

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