GBO’s Complete Service of Online Casino License Package:

  1. New License Acquisition: Expert guidance in obtaining a Curacao gaming license and Anjouan Gaming License, including application assistance and document preparation.
  2. Extensive Legal and Compliance Support: Complete legal help with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, including a compliance officer and audit services.
  3. Company Formation: Assistance with company formation in Curacao, Anjouan, or in other relevant jurisdictions, including arranging a local company director.
  4. Financial and Merchant Banking Solutions: Services for opening European bank accounts and merchant banking solutions.
  5. Banking and Cryptocurrency Integration: Setting up traditional and cryptocurrency banking solutions.
  6. Turnkey Gaming Systems and Software Provision: Supplying white-label online casinos, gaming software, and platforms.
  7. Comprehensive Licensing for iGaming Ventures: Licensing services for various iGaming products, including online casinos, mobile apps, sports betting, and more.

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    Getting Around Cheap Online Casino License Landscape: An All-Inclusive Guide by GBO

    Success in the ever-changing world of online gaming depends critically on establishing a solid legal foundation. Leading provider of turnkey solutions for online casino businesses is GBO, a corporate services provider for the gaming industry. Our all-inclusive services include company formation, banking solutions, online casino licensing, merchant services, and much more. This guide seeks to clarify the intricacies surrounding online casino licensing and provide both current and potential online casino operators with insightful information.

    Knowing About Online Gaming Licenses

    How to Get a License to Play Online Casinos?
    Establishing a reputable and profitable online gaming business requires first obtaining an online casino license.

    Here’s a detailed how-to:

    1. Investigate Jurisdictions: Every jurisdiction has its own requirements and advantages. Think about things like legal frameworks, tax laws, and reputation.
    2. Prepare Documentation: Compile the required paperwork, such as background checks, financial records, and business plans.
    3. Measures for Compliance and AML: Make sure your business complies with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction you have selected, paying particular attention to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures.
    4. Apply: Send your application to the appropriate licensing authority together with the necessary paperwork and fees.

    Cost of an Online Casino License

    Depending on the jurisdiction, an online casino license can cost a variety of amounts. Initial licencing fees, taxes, and continuing compliance expenses are some of the factors that affect the price.

    An Average of Cheap Online Casino License Costs

    Expense Category Estimated Cost
    Licensing & Legal Fees $17,000
    Website Development $5,000
    Game Software $10,000
    Payment Solutions $1,000 setup


    Curacao Gaming License Costs:

    • Obtaining a Curacao gaming license costs under €20,000. This encompasses company management, license registration, and hosting services.
      Annual Costs:
    • About €17,900 plus 6% sales tax is required to renew annually. This fee covers hosting, backup storage, company management, and license renewal.
    • In Curacao’s e-zone, virtual casinos are taxed at a low 2% on net profits.
      Timeframe for Issue:
    • The licensing process in Curacao takes around six weeks, but can be extended if more documents are needed.


    Anjouan Gaming License Initial Costs:

    Service Description Price (EUR)
    Incorporation of a Holding Company for the License
    Incorporation of a Belize company, documents, courier 650
    Apostilled Certificate of Incumbency 450
    Filing of TIN number 400
    Annual Maintenance fees (Registered office, Resident agent) 1,500
    Total Price for Holding Company 3,000
    Anjouan Gaming License
    Annual License fee (Setup, ISP services for compliance backup) 13,300
    Annual compliance officer/Key Person Authorization fee 2,000
    Initial Annual compliance and due diligence fees 1,700
    Total Price for Anjouan Gaming License 17,000
    Optional Services
    Nominee shareholder 4,000
    Nominee director 6,000
    Power of Attorney 500


    The Anjouan gaming license is renewable annually. Renewal costs may incur adjustments.

    Curacao and Anjouan gaming licenses are attractive to gaming businesses due to their low prices and fast processing.

    Procedures needed to obtain a new low-cost license for an online casino:

    A new online casino license must be obtained through a set of procedures that are typically the same in most jurisdictions, though there may be some differences depending on the regulatory framework in the area. The following is a summary of the fundamental and typical new online casino license requirements:

    1. Investigate and Choose a Jurisdiction: The first step in obtaining a chrap license is deciding on a jurisdiction. There are differences between jurisdictions in terms of reputation, taxes, fees, and regulations. Several well-liked jurisdictions are Curacao, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta, and the United Kingdom.
    2. Create a Comprehensive Business Plan: The online casino must have a detailed business plan that details its goals, target market, financial projections, operational plans, and marketing strategy. The licensing authority should be able to see from this plan that the business is viable and takes its obligations seriously.
    3. Assure Technical Standard Compliance: Software used by online casinos needs to adhere to strict requirements for dependability, security, and fairness. This frequently entails having reputable testing organizations audit and certify gaming software.
    4. Fulfill Financial Requirements: Typically, candidates must provide proof of their financial stability. This entails presenting proof that there is enough money to pay for ongoing costs, player winnings, and potential liabilities. It might be necessary to provide proof of funds, bank references, and financial records.
    5. Put Responsible Gaming Measures in Place: It’s critical to have laws and resources that support responsible gaming. This covers procedures for confirming an individual’s age, self-exclusion tools, and restrictions on player deposits and losses.
    6. Create and Put into Practice Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Policies: These are crucial. These cover protocols for verifying the identity of customers, keeping an eye on and reporting questionable transactions, and adhering to global anti-money laundering laws.
    7. Submission of the Application: The application must now be sent to the selected jurisdiction’s regulatory body. All necessary supporting documentation, including the business plan, financial statements, information about the gaming software, proof of AML, and responsible gaming policies, should be included with the application.
    8. Background and Due Diligence Checks: The licensing authorities thoroughly investigate the operators of casinos. This entails investigating past business dealings, criminal histories, financial stability, and general reputation.
    9. Fees and costs: As part of the application process, license and application fees must be paid. These costs can add up and differ between jurisdictions.
    10. Licensing Authority Review and Approval: The application is evaluated by the licensing authority during a review period that follows submission. Depending on the intricacy of the application and the effectiveness of the regulatory body, this process may take several months.
    11. Operational Setup and Compliance: Following license issuance, the operator is required to establish operations that adhere to regulatory requirements. This entails putting in place the proper financial systems, customer service procedures, and software.
    12. Continuous Regulatory Compliance: Online casinos with licenses must adhere to continuous regulatory standards, including regular audits, financial reporting, and upholding responsible gaming and anti-money laundering guidelines.

    Options for the Cheapest Online Casino License

    In case you’re on a tight budget, some jurisdictions provide licenses at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or recognition. We can help you sort through these choices and select the one that best fits your budget and business plan.

    Our clients at the Online Casino industry Are…
    From start-ups to well-established online casino behemoths, GBO is pleased to serve a wide spectrum of clients. Our customized solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of C-level managers and entrepreneurs in the online casino space who want to leave their mark.

    C-Level Managers of Online Casinos, This Is For You
    Making strategic decisions and having a deep awareness of the subtleties of the industry are essential for managing an online casino. We provide C-level executives with specialized services and insights to enable them to confidently navigate the complicated world of online gaming.

    3 Things You Need to Know About Running a Licensed Online Casino Business

    1. Regulatory Compliance: Following the law and following regulations is a must. It protects your company and fosters player confidence.
    2. Financial Management: Sustainable operations depend on the effective management of finances, including winnings, payments, and taxes.
    3. Player Safety and Fair Play: Upholding a good reputation and retaining loyal customers depends on providing a safe and equitable gaming environment.


    10 FAQs Regarding Online Casino Licensing:

    1. What is the average time frame to obtain an online casino license?
      1. The cheapest online casino license in November 2023 is the Anjouan Casino License, starting fro 20,000 EUR
    2. What is the average time frame to obtain an online casino license?
      1. The time frame varies but typically ranges from a few months to a year, depending on the jurisdiction.
    3. Can I operate globally with one license?
      1. This depends on the license. Some jurisdictions allow global operations, while others have restrictions.
    4. What are the ongoing obligations for a licensed online casino?
      1. Regular audits, compliance with AML regulations, and financial reporting are some of the ongoing requirements.
    5. How does GBO assist in the licensing process?
      1. GBO provides end-to-end assistance, from choosing the right jurisdiction to handling paperwork and compliance issues.
    6. Are there different types of online casino licenses?
      1. Yes, there are various types, including licenses for different games, software providers, and operational models.
    7. What happens if I operate without a license?
      1. Operating without a license can lead to legal repercussions, fines, and loss of reputation.
    8. How do I choose the right jurisdiction for my license?
      1. Consider factors like reputation, costs, taxation, and specific regulatory requirements.
    9. What are the key benefits of obtaining an online casino license?
      1. Legality, credibility, player trust, and access to more markets are some key benefits.
    10. Does GBO offer solutions for online casino startups?
      1. Yes, GBO offers tailor-made services for startups, including licensing, company formation, and banking solutions.
    11. Can GBO assist with compliance and AML strategies?
      • Absolutely, GBO provides comprehensive assistance in implementing effective compliance and AML strategies.


    What are the license fees for an online casino generally?

    Depending on the jurisdiction and the particular requirements set by the licensing body, the cost of obtaining and keeping a cheap online casino license can vary greatly. Nonetheless, there are a few standard costs that are typically associated with the procedure. Below is a summary of these expenses:

    1. Expenses Associated with Company Formation: You must form a legal company before submitting a license application. This includes the fees that vary depending on the jurisdiction and are related to registering a company. These expenditures may consist of administrative charges, legal fees, and registration fees.
    2. Application Fee: When submitting an application for a license, the majority of jurisdictions charge an application fee. Depending on the jurisdiction, this fee may be in the range of several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
    3. Licensing Fee: In the event that your application is accepted, you will have to pay a licensing fee in order to receive your license. Similar to the application cost, this can differ greatly. While some jurisdictions charge considerably more for licenses than others, others have relatively low fees.
    4. Government Fees: There might be additional fees levied by the government in addition to the application and licensing costs. These can be yearly fees, taxes, or donations to organizations that assist those who suffer from gambling addiction.
    5. Expenses for offices and infrastructure: A physical presence in the area is mandated by certain jurisdictions for license holders. The price of purchasing or leasing office space, utilities, and other associated costs can be included in this.
    6. Local Director or Representative: Some states require that a local director or representative be appointed who is a resident of the state. Salary and other associated costs may increase as a result.
    7. Compliance and Legal Expenses: It is essential to make sure that all regulatory requirements are met. This could entail paying for compliance audits and reports, as well as employing compliance officers and legal counsel.
    8. Costs Associated with Software Certification: A lot of jurisdictions mandate that an authorized testing agency certify the online casino’s gaming software for fairness and randomness. This certification may come at a high cost.
    9. Continued Operational Costs: Maintaining an online casino also entails continuing expenditures for things like customer service, marketing, employee pay, and software upkeep.
    10. Renewal Fees: Licenses for online casinos are usually not perpetual and need to be renewed every few years. The cost of renewing a license may be the same as the original licensing fee, or less.
    11. Financial Guarantees: Operators may be required by certain jurisdictions to present financial guarantees or evidence of a specific level of capital. Escrow accounts, bank guarantees, and evidence of funds are a few examples of this.
    12. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance: Putting in place efficient KYC and AML policies requires extra expenditures for staff training and software solutions.
    13. Taxation: The total cost of running an online casino can be greatly impacted by the tax rate on gaming revenues, which varies greatly between jurisdictions.

    When preparing to apply for an online casino license, operators must make sure they have done their homework and have enough money set aside for these costs. Many operators seek the advice of specialized legal and financial advisors in the gaming industry to gain a better understanding of the overall costs involved, given the complexity and variation in costs.

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