GBO offers full formation package for e-Commerce websites including:

  • Offering ecommerce payment gateway to accept all kind of cards, alternative payments and wires
  • All services are provided remotely without the necessity of a personal visit
  • Ideal for Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce and more
  • Establishing an internationally based business, which can be operated from anywhere in the world, is easier than ever with Electronic Commerce (eCommerce banking), enabling you to approach clients worldwide

Our offshore e-commerce package includes

  • Assistance with Onshore or Offshore company formation (IBC) – we will assist you to incorporate the company in any jurisdiction in the world, based on your needs and limitations. The company can be formed in Seychelles, BVI, Marshall Islands, Cyprus, UK etc.
  • Assistance with opening ecommerce merchant accounts in to banks in the EU.
  • Assistance with Opening a corporate bank account for the newly formed company. We will take care of all the necessary paperwork for the bank.
  • Offshore payment gateway solutions to accept credit cards for your online business: (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners Club, JCB, Discover etc.)
  • Assistance with  Opening B2B merchant account for eCommerce websites in top European banks

We can help you to incorporate an international business, outside your jurisdiction.

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    For the best ecommerce bank account and eCommerce banking solutions, contact GBO

    An “IBC” company structure permits you to do business legally worldwide and enables you to add a payment gateway for which you are authorized to accept debit cards; Visa/ Master card / Amex / Diners Club, JCB, Discover etc.
    Our e-commerce offshore package

    Will help you to professionally run your website, and by using an international bank account and an international payment provider you will reach clients from all over the world.

    To activate your account internationally, you need the services of a third party clearing company whose system allows you to clear your client’s credit card / debit cards.

    *We accept all major legal businesses, who have no restrictions in the jurisdiction where the company is incorporated:

    Online gaming, travelling, software sales, Forex (regulated) , Bingo, Gaming, Lottery messenger and more.

    What are the Best E-Commerce Banking Solutions?

    Find a suitable bank account solution, dealing with the bank’s strange requirements, regulations, processes or their supremely “generous” bank fees, problems for business owners abound.

    As an ecommerce business, ease of payment is seen as a leading indicator of the quality of your business. Clients believe that if you can’t get something as simple as fund transfers right, then your other offerings may also be inefficient and disorganised. Every ecommerce business owner will have stories of lost clients because of poor banking solutions.

    Due to the complexity of e commerce banking needs (custodial accounts, multiple foreign currency accounts, AML, regulatory issues, etc) it is often not possible for a business owner to effectively navigate the overwhelming number of offerings available and find the best one. Often what seems like the best solution can be a disaster due to poor service standards and quality. For this reason, having an experienced broker to steer you towards quality is a must.

    GBO is the market leader in providing effective, hassle free e commerce banking solutions. Their knowledge and experience will provide both cost and time efficiencies, fee savings and simply the best ecommerce banking solution for your needs. Many of our clients find that the savings in efficiency is more valuable than the outlay. Our knowledge and market clout can often help you receive more competitive banking fees, and help you find the optimal solution for your needs and size.

    For the best ecommerce bank account and banking solutions, contact GBO.

    What are the Best E-Commerce merchant account solutions

    Best E-Commerce Merchant Account Providers – In today’s technology era, your business needs some kind of web presence in order to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. Whether you have a full website, an online directory listing or a social media profile, your company’s online presence enables customers to find you online, research your products or services and contact you over the internet. If you want to allow customers to conveniently purchase your products online, rave publicly about how great your products are and share their positive experiences with others, then you may want to build a fully functional e-commerce website. Setting up an ecommerce online merchant account may often seem like a complex and risky issue, especially in terms of security and maintenance costs. If you already have a successful ecommerce website, you may think it’s not worth it to switch processors just to establish an internet storefront. That is why we have reviewed and gathered the best payment gateway solutions for ecommerce. We recommend payment processors which provide quality merchant services to large companies as well as small start-ups in various industries, from low ecommerce risk to high risk, gaming and forex companies.

    Our e-commerce offshore package

    At GBO, we are experts in assisting businesses with their ecommerce offshore company formation, by opening an ecommerce bank account for both their corporate needs and merchant account needs.

    We also assist with finding the most suitable e-commerce payment gateway and all ecommerce banking solutions. Our comprehensive e-commerce banking solutions match clients in Europe and Asia with top banks and financial institutions.

    In order for an e-commerce company to operate financially and legally in the correct manner, our offshore ecommerce package will help you set up a company in Europe. We also recommand you to try and visit ecommerce expos this year to find and meet with more payments companies, read here on some the best ecommerce shows in 2017.

    Our process include applying in a jurisdiction with relatively low taxation, such as Malta, Cyprus or Bulgaria and then opening bank accounts with some of the leading European banks. Our connections with top financial institutions will allow you to open both corporate bank accounts and merchant accounts in the event that your ecommerce business wishes to accept credit card payments from your customers via your online store.

    4 things you should consider when looking for e-commerce banking solutions:

    When applying for an ecommerce offshore company bank account, whether corporate or merchant, the financial institution will typically require the business to provide various legal and corporate documents, as well as a summary business plan. This is requested in order for them to understand the nature of the business as well as its viability and sustainability. Make sure when submitting your application to the bank, that you have all the documentation in order, that your business plan is in no way misleading or inaccurate and that all forms are completed. This will enable our e commerce banking solutions counselors to make sure the bank expedites the approval of your file.
    When selecting your preferred financial institution, make sure the bank offers online banking services as well as 24/7 customer service. You will also want to clarify that your selected bank will offer any other feature that you require for your ecommerce offshore company needs.
    E commerce businesses are unlike other, more traditional businesses. An ecommerce company has clients all over the world and liability to suppliers globally. A bank that has little experience servicing ecommerce offshore companies will have you facing problems due to bankers who are inexperienced in the ways in which ecommerce companies operate. When choosing your banking institution, make sure they have experience in ecommerce and can meet your business’ banking demands.
    If you are an ecommerce company selling your products or services globally, then you will need to open a bank account that accepts foreign currency. A corporate bank account that accepts foreign currency will enable you to better manage your foreign exchange risk. By doing so, your ecommerce offshore company will be able to convert your funds into other currencies and your customers will be able to pay you using their country of origin’s currency. Having an e commerce banking solution that accepts foreign currency will help you streamline transactions and your financial interactions with your customers.
    An ecommerce offshore company is becoming a popular choice

    Offshore companies refer to companies incorporated throughout the EU, such as a Malta company, a Bulgarian company or a Cyprus company. These jurisdictions offer businesses attractive fiscal advantages and corporate structures, including one of the lowest taxation rates in Europe.

    As entrepreneurs of e-commerce companies become more aware of the benefits provided by an EU company, the establishment of Maltese companies for example has increased. Some of the benefits of having an offshore ecommerce company in Malta are:

    Recognized as part of the Eurozone, Malta is also a full member state of the European Union, a provision which enables Malta-based businesses with instant access to the EU’s market.
    Establishing a company in Malta allows ecommerce companies to open corporate and merchant bank accounts with top European banks.
    Corporate income tax rates for offshore ecommerce companies established in Malta can be reduced to anywhere between 0% and 5% in the hands of shareholders.
    Malta has taxation treaties with more than 70 countries.

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