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For corporates – whether you need to send money to a supplier halfway across the world or pay someone for their service on the other side of the Atlantic, our online international wire transfer understanding are your best choice.

How can you get cheap wire transfers from clients all over the world including Europe?

  • Register with the money transfer company
  • Obtain an account with them and an IBAN
  • Send your customers your SEPA information. (SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area)
  • The customer can now send you money to your SEPA.

Today it become the prefered choice and options for high risk businesses like forex and gaming to accept deposits from clients.

How do money wires solutions work?

  • Choose the amount of money you wish to transfer and the currency.
  • Provide the system with full bank details of where the funds are to be transferred to.
  • Send your money in your selected currency to the money transfer company.
  • The money transfer company will then transfer the money to the payee you provided.

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    Iternational money transfer solutions

    In a few simple steps, you saved money on high bank fees through cheap international money transfer solutions
    There are various methods you can use in order to transfer and receive money abroad:

    • Use a dedicated Money Transfer Company with low fees and a competitive exchange rate (0.5% – 7%).
    • Use your Bank and pay fees up to $100/£50 and get expensive exchange rates (average 1% – 3%)
    • Use an e-wallet like PayPal, Skrill and pay an average of 3.6%-5%

    Compare cheap international money transfer companies

    We feature and compare money transfer companies that are able to offer a pleasant experience for the customer. They do this by providing user-friendly online platforms, helpful and dedicated account managers who are readily available on the phone and competitive foreign currency rates.

    International money transfer companies

    • CurrencyTransfer

      With offices in London & Tel Aviv, the CurrencyTransfer online global payments marketplace is used by over 10,500 clients in 20 countries.

    • PayBoutique

      Primarily, Payboutique PSP is a niche solution that lets the global e-businesses to accept payments from Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Georgian and other CIS markets. Read More >>>

    • YuuPay

      YuuPay is a payment service provider for online and mobile merchants. We take care of all your merchant payment needs, as challenging as they can get. Read More >>>

    • Covercy

      Covercy enables businesses and individuals to execute international commercial transactions online, at low cost with guaranteed rates. Read More >>>

    There are several benefits in using international money transfer account online

    • The sender’s payment details are sent from his bank to the wire company’s bank in the same country of the sender’s bank.
    • The money is paid directly into your account.
    • Improve your cash flow by receiving funds from abroad as quickly as possible.
    • Put an end to the paperwork involved in handling paper-based payments.
    • Fees are typically debited from the principal amount before crediting your account.
    • Funds are credited to your account quickly, either on the value date or on the first available possible value date.
    • Automatic currency conversion – payments are converted into the currency of your account.

    What is the Best Way to Transfer Money Internationally?

    For corporate bank accounts holders, sending international payments can be a daily task and to keep things running smoothly, it’s important to find the right method.  With digital transfer services available, you can send and receive money in just a few minutes. However each service differs in terms of fees, exchange rates, and time needed to complete each transaction. Before choosing a method, make sure to find the best deal and service to cater to your business’ needs.

    You need to take into account how often your business conducts international transfers and the amount of each transfer. For example, sending larger transfers can incur much higher fees so you want to make sure the service you choose is the most cost effective.

    What are some of the main things to understand before choosing how to send money overseas?

    1. Exchange rate
      A major thing to consider when choosing the best way to send money overseas is the exchange rate. Different banks and transfer services may offer differing rates, and some can be pretty high. Look out for the margin on the exchange rate offered, as many banks can charge a lot. Coupled with the typical transfer fee, you can end up spending a significant amount in extra fees. One of the fairest exchange rates is the mid-market rate, which is basically the point between supply and demand of any given currency.
    2. Security
      All financial services are held to rules and regulations that they need to comply with in order to operate. When deciding which provider to use, make sure that they are in full compliance with the local and global regulations. They need to have protocols in place to avoid money laundering and fraudulent activities.
    3. Fees
      Most transfer services have an international transfer fee for sending money overseas. Make sure to look out for hidden fees and understand anything you might be charged before you settle on a provider. Each system has its own fee structure so it’s very important to compare your options to find the one that is best for your business.
    4. International Money Transfer Apps – for Android and iOS
      You will find an international money transfer app useful in a range of situations. You can use the app if you need to send a family member a monetary gift; split a restaurant bill with a friend or pay your rent.

    How can you send international money transfers? (Android and iOS)

    There are several ways to transfer money internationally such as your bank or wire transfers. There are also many online transfer providers that are now challenging these more traditional methods. Banks are notorious for overcharging; however some prefer the safety of one’s own banks when sending large amounts of money.

    1. Banks
      Banks are the most traditional method for transferring money internationally. However they are known to be the least cost effective option. With high fees and exchange rates, many businesses choose to send money overseas via alternative methods.Since banks have to dedicate resources to the huge range of services they offer, they don’t always focus on improving their international transfer services. These days there are other options that specialize in money transfers that have much better rates and online tools.When sending transfers between European banks, your transfer might qualify for SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). SEPA can make your transfer between European counties cost as much as a local transfer and avoid costly international fees.
    2. Wire transfers
      Wire transfers have been a popular way to send money abroad quickly. Wire transfer companies like Western Union can be found all over the world, and don’t require users to have a bank account. This can be very convenient for those that need the transfer to be conducted as fast as possible, especially if a bank account is lacking or the recipient is in a remote location.The main disadvantage is that the rates are usually very high. While wire transfers can be useful for those that need the money to be received immediately, it might not be the best options for regular international transfers.
    3. Online payment providers
      Online payment providers like PayPal and Valyuz are another way to send money overseas. This option can be very efficient when both sender and recipient have accounts with the same payment system. These systems allow you to withdraw money from your bank account and send it internationally quickly.Fees differ depending on which service you choose and it’s advisable to compare providers to find the one that suits your needs best. Security-wise, these online payment providers need to comply with strict regulations depending on their jurisdiction and are usually very safe.Finding the best way to send money overseas can take a bit of research and comparison shopping. While each method has its advantages and disadvantages, knowing your business’ needs is the only way to find the best international transfer option.


    How do you transfer money to someone else’s account?

    Whether you are transferring money to a supplier, a family member or a client, you can use one of several methods to wire money cheaply online to someone else.
    A primary method is by an online wire transfer using an account number and IBAN. This method allows you to easily send money online to someone else’s account, or to transfer funds between your own accounts, from one financial institution to another. Online wire transfers are a great alternative when sending large amount of money since typically the fee is set. In order to make a wire transfer, simply register with one of the wire transfer companies.

    Bank to Bank Money transfer online – How does it work?

    The fastest and most secure way to receive funds from abroad is by using electronic links between banks.
    What is the cheapest method to send money abroad?
    There are several ways in which you can transfer money overseas and each method has its pros and cons. The least expensive method is typically by using a wire transfer company. This works by you transferring money to the transfer company in your desired currency and they in turn transfer it to your specified payee in the currency of your choice. The fees for this type of service range between 0.5% and 4% depending on the currency and the risk involved.

    How Much Does it Cost to Make International Money Transfers?

    The price of sending money internationally depends on several factors:

    What kind of money transfer do you want to make?

    USDSWIFT transfers are usually costly as you need to pay your own bank fees as well as the fees of any correspondent bank involved.

    EUR SEPA transfers within Europe are cheaper however if it is an instant transfer in EUR fees can be high.

    If you are sending funds in one currency and having them received in a different currency the money will need to be converted before the transfer and this entails further costs. Exchange rates used for these transactions can be marked up by 1%-3% higher than the market rate.

    How much time does it take for an international wire transfer to be received?

    If you are transferring from one bank to another bank it can take 1-2 working days. The transfer can take longer when a correspondent bank is involved as they may take time to authenticate and verify the transfer.

    An international wire transfer can usually be completed within 1-3 days.

    What will I need in order to make an international wire transfer?

    To successfully wire money you will need to provide specific information about the beneficiary bank including the name of the bank; branch name; full address including city, state, country, WIFT/BIC code or ABA/RTN.

    To make an international money transfer you will need to provide the International bank Account Number (IBAN) and International Routing Code (IRC) for most countries.

    What will I need in order to make an international bank transfer?

    To successfully transfer money to a bank in another country you will need to provide the account details of the recipient; the account holder’s full name and the full address of their bank.

    You will also need to provide the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) or the recipient’s bank account number.

    You will need to provide the SWIFTBIC (SWIFT Bank Identifier Code) which helps identify the bank receiving the payment.

    How does international money transfer work?

    The complicated process of completing an international money transfer depends on several factors but mostly on the payment platform you use (e-wallet, bank etc.) as well as the type of credit institution and type of currency involved.

    Roughly speaking a wire transfer can be made when the sender has the recipient’s full account and bank details.

    A wire transfer can be completed in as little as one working day when processed during business hours for international transfers.

    It is possible to send a single transfer as a onetime occurrence or set up a mass-payment in advance for multiple transfers. It is also possible to save the wire information and reuse it as well as viewing past and future wire transfers.

    What are the best money transfer rates?

    The best money transfer rates vary depending on the amount of money being transferred, the currency being transferred, the transaction fee and the speed of the transfer. In Europe the best money transfer rates tend to be €1-€5 for SEPA transfers (transfers made within the EU and only in Euros). The cost of a money transfer is mainly determined by the fee asked by the provider – either a set fee per transaction or a percentage of the amount being transferred. Money transfer providers often waver the transfer fee for amounts over a certain figure. If you are making an international money transfer there are other expenses to consider.

    What are the best rates for transferring money abroad?

    The best rates for transferring money abroad depend on the money transfer provider, currency and amount being sent. The best rates are usually through online money transfer providers, in one currency and in large amounts. The money transfer service charges a fee plus they often mark up the exchange rate above the mid-range market rate and pocket the difference. You might find that a transfer provider wavers the transfer fee but marks up the exchange rate. You can avoid this by transferring the same currency you want to be received so no currency exchange is necessary.

    How can you get the cheapest money transfer?

    Get the cheapest money transfer by choosing a money transfer provider that offers low fees and fair mid-market exchange rates. Send larger amounts of money rather than several small amounts as the transfer fee is often wavered if you send larger amounts. Send money transfers in the currency that you want to be received to avoid exchange rate fees.

    What are wire transfer fees?

    Wire transfer fees are charged by banks and money wire transfer services. Usually both the sender and recipient are charged wire transfer fees. The average fee for a domestic wire transfer made through a wire transfer service is approximately $4.80 for an incoming transfer and $17.30 for an outgoing transfer. The average fee for a domestic bank to bank wire transfer is approximately $15 for an incoming transfer and $26.40 for an outgoing transfer. Some institutions waver the incoming fee.

    What is the international wire transfer fee?

    International wire transfer fees vary depending on which bank or transfer company you are using. Some financial institutions charge the sender and the receiver of the wire transfer. Outbound international wire transfers sent from a bank can cost $35-65 and incoming international wire transfers can cost $15-25. Some banks waver the outgoing fee for preferred customers and many online banks waver the the fee for incoming wire transfers.

    How long does an international wire transfer take?

    International wire transfers can take 1-5 business days to arrive. Banks often set a cut-off time during the day and any wire transfer made after that time is counted as having been made the following business day. Factors that affect the duration of an international wire transfer include the transfer provider; where you are sending the funds; whether the sending and receiving accounts are with the same bank; currency and whether the transfer is interrupted by Bank Holidays or weekends. Overall money transfer providers and online wire transfer companies are faster than bank wire transfers.

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