Interview with: GBO International Financial Services

GBO International Financial Services is operating from 2009, more than 12 years, with 1000’s of world-wide clients, most of them companies.

1. Can you tell us about GBO?

We offer our clients state-of-the-art corporate banking solutions in Europe, gaming licensing in Curacao and in Malta and payment solutions. We push all the time with any new services and develop our B2B connections. In this market, if you have winning services and excellent customer support, you can outshine the competitor.

2. Please describe your industry/main market

We operate in the corporate services sector as most of our clients are companies or entrepreneurs that setting up new startups and companies. We specialized with the gaming industry – obtaining gaming licenses, assist with opening corporate bank accounts and Merchant Accounts and company formation. We also offer PR and Marketing platform for financials Institutions.

3. What are your main services?

Curacao Gaming License, corporate bank accounts and company formation.

4. What direction is the EMI’s industry going in terms of growth after the explosion of companies in the last few years?

The big boom in the finance industry in recent years. Dozens of companies have been established in recent years, mainly companies from Lithuania Malta and the UK. EMI management requires a lot of resources, especially regulatory, systems and sales and unfortunately many EMIs fail to reach stability. Many of them are from high-risk areas, areas that are now considered very high risk, a risk that the EMI regulators are not willing to accept, so we see companies merging and staying active – the level of risk that EMIs are willing to take has dropped greatly.

5. Can you describe what are the 3 main opportunities in the banking industry in Europe?

The crypto industry, the development of SEPA and the digitization of banking products and systems.

6. How to do you see your industry 3 years from now?

The size advantage will play a major role in the finance and banking services industry. Competition for traffic and customers will be more complex and the service that customers expect will be much more professional and accurate than today. Already today and especially after 2020 – the year of the corona, we see companies changing their activities and entering areas that were not important to enter in the past – the need to generate additional income pushes for news and creativity.

7. About GBO:

a. What are your most valuable strengths?

Professionalism and reliability without a doubt. We have been operating for over 12 years with thousands of customers with almost no glitches or complaints. Our network of contacts encompasses the world in many fields and in the end our customers enjoy the most advanced solutions on the market.

b. Which industries you focus on?

Mainly high-medium risk – eCommerce, Marketing companies, Gaming, media and online activities.

c. What make you unique in the corporate services industry?

We do not compromise on professionalism, for example we do not work or provide service to companies that operate in regulatory areas but rather hold a suitable license – does not suit us and does not threaten our business partners such as banks and clearing companies to provide service to such customers.

8. Please write a short sales pitch (a few sentences)

Our team will be happy to assist you to form most suitable corporate, banking structure and gaming licensing needs for you throughout our wide network of banks, payment processors and gaming regulators.