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Interview with: Eyal Doman, from Valyuz UAB

Interview with: Eyal Doman, Valyuz UAB Joining us today is Eyal Doman, from the electronic payment company Valyuz UAB. Eyal has more than 16 years of experience in the capital markets industry. [...]

Peter Mollins, VP Marketing, Spreedly

we’re seeing increasing levels of innovation in the payments space

Oren Mizrachi Director of Crypto at Leverate

The crypto industry has reached a level of maturity and is now beginning to plateau

Igor Pershin, Vice President at Finexpo

Last year the number of the companies was really low rather than other years, but ...

Danielle Lebhar, VP Global Sales at YuuPay Secure

We have seen a huge demand for wire solutions in the last 12 months...

Svetlana Hrnjez, Founder of 4Cash

In our opinion the financial industry is in already in a stage of massive growth

Nicc Lewis, VP Marketing at Leverate

We see regulation as a positive step. Regulating markets legitimizes the industry in the eyes of the public

Yuval Ganot, Co-Founder and CEO of LottoYard

There has also been an increased interest of affiliates. More and more affiliates from the gaming and binary fields have identified the potential of the lottery...

Ori Hazan, VP Business Development @ Panda TS

We are definitely in favor of new strict regulations... We hope it will help restore the industry’s good name

Awad Harbaji, CEO & Co-Founder at Oreint-Network

Many marketing departments are allocating more budgets to lead generation tactics...

Katia Tayar, Arabcom Group CEO

The market went dramatically up and that is why we witnessed many new brokers coming to the marketplace...

Moshe Rubinstein, CEO of FX Consultants Group

Some Gulf States are becoming known for their large volume individual trades...

Boaz Zaionce, Co-Founder & CMO of Covercy

To make things even worse, as banks pretty much dominate the financial world...

Wassim Khateeb, Managing Director of Hello Markets.

Any regulatory authority which supervises the good-standing of brokers in the financial industry is always welcome, in my view...


He founded a new strategy, which helped to increase the conversion rate...

Eliran Assa, CEO, ZotaPay

Customers expect to always be connected and to be able to operate sites...

Mor Einhorn, COO of Lottonetix

Today the lottery segment has a 29% share of the global gambling revenue


The payment industry is rapidly expanding and has been for quite some time now

Ran David, CEO of GBO

2015 was a good year for the sector, we saw many changes this year in the Gaming and Forex industry