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GBO offers assistance with finding white label payment gateway and processing solutions, allowing businesses, software platforms and processors to provide branded payment and risk management technology to all their customers around the world.

A White label payment gateway is ideal for

  • Gaming platforms & white label gaming
  • Online casino platforms, white labels
  • Forex white label companies
  • eCommerce software and system providers

If you have brands using your gaming platforms, it would be mutually beneficial to offer a branded payment gateway for your clients.

White label payment gateway solutions

Payments services providers (PSPs) – PSPs require personalised payment gateways to establish connections with banks, processors and other gateways. Recent technological advances enables you to simply license a white label open source payment gateway, without having to build one from scratch.

 White label payment gateway makes it possible to

  • Make a branded payment gateway to your specific needs
  • Gain control over all the aspects of your product, including marketing, project management and sales
  • Receive professional training, software and product innovation and updates
  • Make a branded e-Commerce gateway to your specific needs
  • Receive access to external customer support solutions
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  • Receive streamlined, cost-effective solutions for your needs, and Offer value-added services
Using a white label payment gateway is ultimately quicker and more cost effective. Building your own payment gateway requires significant investment and could take years to implement. With a white label solution all you need to do is buy a license, configure and start.


A payment gateway white label solution will increase both your clients and your sales revenue. With it, they will be able to


  • Access a payment gateway without high costs – it’s simply part of the offering Provide payment options for customers, thereby providing flexibility on how they choose to pay
  • Offer the preferred local payment method for each market, thereby accessing a wider audience
  • Receive payments in up to 23 languages
  • Create localized content for a personalized payment page
  • Offer optimised features, including one-click payments or ‘save card details’ for faster payments
  • Minimise possible fraudulent transactions
  • Suitable for forex, gaming platforms, ecommerce platforms, consulting firms

For your clients, a white label payment processing gateway offers their customers streamlined billing and payment management, whilst generating a strong ongoing revenue for your business.
A private label option offers a specifically designed white label solution, offering a branded PCI DSS compliant payment solution for financial institutions, banks and larger online merchants.
We can create a solution for your particular needs: whether it is full API capability with your current product or a fully branded turn-key solution, so that your clients will able to bill and manage their customers with ease.

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Key factors for your white label payment gateway

  • Prospective clients will be impressed with the enhanced capabilities of the product suite.
  • Offer combined packages with leading receivables and payment processing solutions bundled together.
  • The private label payment gateway solutions allows clients to improve their tracking and direct marketing to their clients, improving business outcomes.
  • Higher proportion of retained clients – The provision of an easy to use, multi purpose payment solution will ensure that the varying needs of the client will be met, ensuring a strong long term partnership.
  • Quick entry into market – We can have your private label payment processing gateway solution available in just a few days. A white label solution allows your clients to process payments without impacting your technology resources.

Other white label benefits:

White label solutions can be fully customized and branded. The gateway settings can be adjusted as desired to integrate into existing branding designs.

  • Build consumer confidence with localized integrated design
  • Maximum credit card data security
  • Fraud prevention and risk management software
  • Third party customisation and API documentation.
  • Available high level technical support.
Payment gateway white label platform

GBO partners with many financial institutions worldwide to provide market leading payment gateway and global processing assistance. Because of the dynamic nature and market growth, having reliable worldwide coverage will ensure that your business is in a position to grow with a flexible solution in place.

White label credit card processing technology gives merchants a range of transaction data, reporting and billing statements, such as chargeback ratios, approval rates, fraud analysis and other transaction analysis reports.
The intuitive payment page offers a secure payment method, that is integrated seamlessly into the existing website design, without hosting Credit Card information. The payment page is hosted on a fully PCI DSS compliant server, which ensures the highest level of security and protection.
White label mobile payments
White label credit card processing supports mobile payment, which makes accepting payments easier and cheaper. White label mobile payment solution can be done quickly and without requiring costly or time consuming software development efforts.
What is a White label payment gateway reseller?
Fully branded payment gateway solutions are able to be resold, providing your clients with an in-house solution for their respective customers.
If you are a B2B solution provider, chances are your clients need a payment gateway and you could easily offer it to them as an added value. You could design your payment gateway from scratch, but in many cases, doing so would be like reinventing the wheel. You would make mistakes others have already made causing you to waste thousands of dollars and valuable time. You would need to hire employees with experience in clearing and payments which could take months. You would need the experience in developing payment gateways as well as the financial backing to do do so. Last but not least, you would need to perform ongoing maintenance, including contract with banks, implementation of security measures, programming, AML, etc.
Instead of going through the trouble of designing your own payment gateway, opt for a white label payment gateway solution.
What is a white label payment processor?
A fully supported, ready-made gateway that is designed and maintained by a payment service provider and sold to others as a customizable, brandable SaaS.
A white label payment processor allows businesses to offer other high risk merchants, a payment gateway using their own brand name.
By using a trusted technology provider, and presenting its solution as your own, with your brand’s name on it, you are able to offer a unique service to your clients who will come to love and trust you, thus strengthening the image of your brand and the reputation of your company.
Who needs a white label payment service?
If you are a B2B company whose clients need a payment gateway, a white label payment service is the ideal solution for you. You can offer your clients branded payment gateway services as an added value, without the hassle of developing your own.
  • Payment Processing Consultants – can brand their payment system and offer it to their clients as part of their consulting business.
  • Online gaming software companies are great candidates for offering a white label payment service. In addition to offering your clients your gaming and online casino software, you can offer payment gateways as well as a one-stop shop concept.
  • Forex technology providers can also offer their clients an integrated payment gateway in addition to the trading platforms in order to offer their clients a full service package.
GBO can assist you in finding the best payment gateway service to meet your needs.