Awad Harbaji, CEO & Co-FounderEmad new at Oreint-Network

Awad Harbaji is the founder and CEO of orient-network. During his career he worked as a consultant for Major Forex companies in the industry and established for each company its Marketing department throughout understanding the company’s goals and strategie.
In 2014 , he created Orient-Network , to provide forex/Binary brokers with unique and quality traffic.
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1. What happens in the forex and BO industry over the past year in means of growth (new brands and the demand for fresh quality leads)
In 2015 , we noticed a huge step up on the demand for fresh online leads. A lot of new Forex/Binary brokers joined the market which created aggressive competition among the new rising brokers. This made also the advertising agencies to come out with new advertising and marketing methods so it can stand up to the huge demand and keep up with the big volumes to generate online leads and widen its affiliate network constantly.
2. What are the latest lead generation developments by technical 
IMG_2609 (2)and marketing side – new tools, new methods?
Many marketing departments are allocating more budgets to lead generation tactics. Inbound marketing spend in particular has been growing as companies need to find more creative ways to get in front of the customer and break through the noise.
3. What are the 3 most important issues to affiliates/brands regarding their leads?
1-All affiliates expect from the advertiser to handle leads in proper way so they can monetize more from their traffic and get better payouts.
2-Transparency and fairness is the key for the success for both sides. Affiliates expect from the advertiser to keep them involved with the results of each campaign, this way affiliates can get a clear picture about the traffic quality .
3- Affiliates mostly use several macros to learn more about their leads.
This way affiliates can study the users journey and make more funnels to get better results.
4. What are the mistakes forex brands and call centers do with their leads?
Most of forex companies don’t share the details of the campaign with their sales team .this can actually let the first conversation with the potential customer fall between the cracks. For example , when lead registers through a Landing Page that point to the leverage he can get from the company , the sales person should know that so he can use it as a tool .same thing with free signals . More info on forex call centers
   5. What are your best 5 tips for forex brands?
a) Involve the sales team more with the details of the campaigns
b) Keep your data base active as well with promotional material
c) Keep your CRM managed and follow the leads status and handle the leads on time .a lot of sales person have difficulties to keep up with the amount of leads they are getting and this may cause a lost of potential customer.
d) Respond to any reaction from the lead as fast as possible
e) Keep your landing pages responsive as the majority of the day use of the internet serving is through smart phones and tablets.
6. What is your company’s uniqueness?
We setup the campaign fast and make sure it meets the demands of the advertiser. We keep learning the statistics of each individual campaign and try to optimize it in the best way to reach the clients target
Orient network has exclusive private sources that provide us with unique traffic.

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