If you are looking to process payments worldwide and operate your merchant account for your online store, GBO offers B2B merchant account solutions for online companies.

We offer B2B merchant account solutions that are suitable for low and high risk companies, e-commerce sites, gaming sites, Forex companies, gambling sites and White label payments (PSPs).

What you get?

  • A merchant account within one of the top European banks
  • A processing gateway for both credit cards and debit cards
  • A Processing gateway to facilitate alternative payments

What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is essentially an arrangement established between a bank or clearinghouse with a business, that allows such a business to accept credit card payments into a specified bank account (your “Merchant Account”). The funds generated by the credit card transaction and processed through this online authorization company, are then credited to the business’s account if and when the transaction is approved. fOr example, there are special forex merchant accounts for forex brokers that allow them to accept money from their clients.

What are our B2B merchant accounts solutions?

Business to Business (B2B) merchants are companies that market their products or services to other businesses or government entities, rather than to end users. Businesses will often require their suppliers to accept purchasing credit cards as a prerequisite to doing business. Accepting a purchase card can provide savings as well as speed up the payment process.

Our B2B merchant accounts and white label payments are opened in leading European and Chinese banks and accept transactions in the above mentioned business fields. Opening a B2B merchant account enables the business to accept and process payments directly into the company’s bank account.

What is the value of using a B2B Merchant Account?

A Merchant Account is most certainly the most cost effective manner for a business to accept credit card payments. As we discuss in our ‘Doing It Without A Merchant’ section of the site, B2B Merchant Accounts are not the only way for a business to accept credit card payments, however, they are the simplest way. Once a business establishes a merchant account and has a company that will authorize the payments online, it will be able to accept credit card numbers on the website and receive payments due for a determined transaction. It’s that simple!

In order to save time and money on processing and transaction fees, B2B merchant accounts must be set up properly. In order to achieve maximum profitability, accepting the Purchase card at the lowest cost is key. B2B merchant services range from low-risk ecommerce sites to high-risk operations such as gaming, forex and online casino businesses.

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    B2B Merchant Accounts

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