If you are an ecommerce site and are looking to accept payments through your website, GBO offers assistance with finding and locating B2B payment processing solutions so you can begin taking all kinds of payments online. Some of the benefits of our assistance include; getting a fully customized look-and-feel system, a payment gateway for your online incoming payments, full integration support, customer service and risk assessment along with opening of merchant accounts in top European banks.

Our services include assistance with finding and locating payment provides companies, corporate bank accounts,  as we are not a payment provider.

Our B2B payment processing solutions will optimize your payment processing environment while delivering the B2B payment industry’s lowest overall fees for payment acceptance.

International B2B Payment Gateway

GBO’s assistance with finding payments provides can includes B2B payment solutions technology that is integrated with some of the world’s best acquiring banks and payment institutions. This allows the payments providers to serve as an an all-in-one channel that enables merchants to accept online payments on a global scale. It’s the benefit of having just one B2B payment system without the need for unnecessary multiple integration. The B2B electronic payment gateways offer a highly secure server environment through built-in risk and fraud management algorithms.

Corporate purchasing using cards is growing exponentially and makes up over 40% of all B2B purchases. Therefore it is becoming increasingly necessary to accept corporate and government purchasing cards as a form of payment. The benefit of doing so, can prove to be a huge financial benefit, that often, even well established and successful businesses are unaware of. The use of cards for B2B purchasing has doubled in the past five years and is expected to continue to grow at a rate of no less than 10% annually over the next five years. Merchants that already accept card payments from other companies or from government agencies can improve B2B and G2B processing for maximum efficiency and profits.

One of the major benefits of accepting B2B payment forms is that it enables a business to accept a wider range of online payment methods, including corporate and government purchasing cards and international bank transfers. This allows customers an incredible level of convenience and in effect generates more sales and higher profits. Furthermore, these profitable benefits help to offset the costs associated with B2B card acceptance.

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    Are you already using an existing B2B electronic payment system?

    It is always a good idea for businesses that already accept corporate cards and government purchase cards to periodically review their processing costs and overall B2B efficiency. A significant number of merchants currently process cards incorrectly. This often results in the negative consequence of having to pay higher rates, which can add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year. Alternatively, they may not use the proper tools and technologies that allow them to process such transactions efficiently. Let an experienced and reputable merchant services provider guide you through the process of setting up your B2B payment processing systems so you can begin accepting corporate and government cards successfully.

    Check out our assistance with finding and locating B2B electronic payment systems solutions if you are a business that operates online, most of your receivables are check or cash, or if you simply wish to have a great solution to meet your credit card processing needs.

    No matter which eCommerce payment gateway and methods you select, you should expect it to provide you with the basic services that you need in order to accept payments.
    Regardless of the B2B processing service or methods you choose, you need to ensure that it will provide you with a standard service that will allow you to accept the full variety of customer payments. Along with the ability to process all major credit cards so you do not lose sales. The company you choose to help you set up your payment processing should be fully compliant with Data Security Standards (DSS) as established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and in the process support you in obtaining PCI compliance. A reputable and professional B2B payment processor should offer you readily accessible customer support, providing you with assistance irrespective of the time of day. This is necessary to ensure that you get the assistance you need to immediately resolve a processing issue and be able to accept payments with the least inconvenience.

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