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Why Cryptocurrency?

  • The hottest trend in recent years
  • Relatively new business startup with huge demand
  • Increasing demand from your customers (if you are a brokerage)
  • Easy to setup using Cryptocurrency Trading Platform white label


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Crypto Trading Exchange And Bitcoin Exchange Trading

Launching a new cryptocurrency exchange involves a lot of planning and it’s important to get professional guidance. GBO offers services that can help you set up your new online business as well as find the best trading platform to suit your needs.
Starting a cryptocurrency exchange business is a fast growing trend, as well as investing in crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.  New businesses owners that want to build their company efficiently can run their exchange on white-label software on an SAAS model.
There are many white label platforms offering the framework for you to start your business in the crypto exchange sector. This software offers a turn-key solution for your business by providing a ‘ready-made’ blockchain exchange platform 2018 that you can run under your brand name. They are an excellent alternative to the expensive processes of building an in house platform from scratch.
GBO can assist you in finding the best white label cryptocurrency trading platform. Our services help you set up your new online business efficiently so your customers can begin buying, selling, and/or converting digital currencies in the best environment.
It is important to keep in mind, that although your online business runs on an SAAS model, it’s still a complex venture with many responsibilities to oversee. You will need sufficient investment funds and/or self-capital to start your business, comply with regulations, build your site, cover legal fees, and more.

So how exactly does a cryptocurrency exchange work?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a digital marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alt-coins. The exchange serves as a liaison between traders of digital currencies.
Similar to bank deposits, a trader can deposit and withdraw funds into their exchange account. Once the funds are deposited, the trader can use their balance to trade with others on the exchange. When ready, the trader can withdraw money.
Traders can place Buy Orders (bids) or Sell Orders which the system software will match together. The Buy Order serves as an offer to buy a cryptocurrency at a specified price. Sell Orders offer a cryptocurrency for sale, at a minimum price set by the seller. If the buy and sell prices are in the same range, the exchange will perform a match for the potential trade.

What can a cryptocurrency trading platform offer your customers?

  • Day trading: The blockchain- based platform will allow day trading of cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange: The ability to trade common currencies like USD or EUR to digital currencies as well as trading cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency.
  • Trading Bot: Users can invest and trade with a digital bot to maximize earning potential.

The cryptocurrency trading industry is bringing fresh innovation to the traditional financial system. If you are starting your own cryptocurrency trading exchange let GBO help you find the best solution for a white-label cryptocurrency trading platform 2018.
what is cryptocurrency white label exchange
How much the cost for white label bitcoin exchange software
what is white label ethereum exchange software
How to start white label cryptocurrency

How Much does White Label Bitcoin Exchange Software Cost? 

Setting up your own Bitcoin exchange using a white label solution is time and cost effective. The alternative is to invest in the exorbitant cost of exchange software development. White label exchange solutions are reliable and offer a technical infrastructure customized to suit your brand. The cost of white label Bitcoin exchange software varies according to your needs. Various factors influence the cost for example the number of languages; number of currencies; whether you require API to an external exchange and payment processing requirements. The price will be affected by the amount of additional development time you require for unique modifications or add-ons. The cost of self-hosted white label exchange software is approximately 7,500€ to 40,000€ annually while Cloud-hosted can cost approximately 12,500€ to 50,000€ a year. The price of Bitcoin white label exchange software usually involves a one-off activation fee and monthly hosting fee. 

What is White Label Ethereum Exchange Software? 

Ethereum (ETH) is a booming cryptocurrency run on ethereum blockchain technology. With blockchain’s powerful infrastructure digital assets can be moved around and transactions made securely without banks, censorship, downtime, third party interference or fraud. This makes an Ethereum exchange a viable business but it requires costly exchange software that takes time to develop. The solution is white label Ethereum exchange software that provides the infrastructure for you to set up your own Ethereum exchange without having to develop the software yourself. Using a white label Ethereum exchange solution lets you integrate your unique user-interface and branding in an existing framework and requires minimal configuration. You will also be able to specify the languages and branding features you require for your exchange platform. White label exchange software solutions give you the option of trading in a number of cryptocurrencies in addition to ETH.  

How to Set Up a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange? 

 Although cryptocurrency exchange is a high-profit endeavor it is also an area of high-risk so before contemplating a white label cryptocurrency exchange business make sure you have all the necessary resources, knowledge and financial back-up. White label cryptocurrency exchange solutions are ideal for those who have limited technical know-how and limited capital to invest in software. White label solutions offer branding and customization of your own cryptocurrency exchange. Research online for a white label exchange platform with a solid trade engine, user-interface, wallet and admin panel. You will then be left to customize the software according to your brand. It can take a few months to finalize the customization but it is a lot faster than developing the software from scratch. Choose a white label exchange solution with impeccable security; customer support and multiple customization options.  

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