GBO offers best Forex white label solutions including Forex broker license, Forex company formation, Forex company bank accounts and more additional services.

  • Forex Licenses & regulation
  • Opening a bank account for the Forex Company

A Forex white label solution is a software/platform where the owner of the website or the entrepreneur of the new Forex business purchase a fully supported software and then applies their brand and uses the site as its own.

In the Forex market, white labelling is used for FX trading software, platforms, and other additional services that brokers may offer like support systems, risk management systems and more.


GBO is working with leading and best Forex and Gaming platforms that offer white labeling.

White Labelling is becoming very popular in the FX market because both the buyer and the seller benefit from it.  The seller profits from their software sales, a proportion of the earnings their clients attain,
and the buyer is happy that he doesn’t need to handle the technical side of the business, he can simply concentrate on sending players to the websites.

What are the advantages of using a Forex white label programs?

Saves you time and effort– no need to deal with any aspect of the software. Ready-made platforms are available to use, you just need to work with the platform provider and set the commercial terms of the deal.

Focus on what you do best –target marketing your new Forex white label platform and not in the development of the software. This approach will save you a great deal of financial and human capital resources.

Quick Start- it takes only a few weeks once you decide to run your new Forex white label site until its up and running, and then you only need to focus on branding your site.

When using a solid Forex platform, both you and the network benefits, there are advantages to both ends. The benefits include the size, number of players and assets of all the brands. The more players and rooms leads to bigger prices and jackpots.

What are the disadvantages of using a white label Forex platform?

Little control of the website’s brand- you get a ready-made website with very limited design options with very little control of the look and feel of the site.

Limited Access to CRM, retention clients and the database. You do not control or operate the systems. This may be an issue when you have a database of players.

Loss of Revenues since the platform is taking 40% (can be different numbers – depends of the agreement with the white label Forex ) from the net income they earn from the players for themselves. In the beginning, you have very little power to negotiate percentages with the platform.


Targeted towards internet entrepreneurs

GBO’s assistance with Forex White Label solutions are targeted specifically towards internet investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. We focus on providing FX White Label Solutions for FX software, brokers and platforms.

Each white label is tailor-made for our clients in order to offer them the best opportunity to maximize their earning potential.  White labelling saves banks and brokers the cost of developing a new product to attract new customers. In addition, the makers of the white label solutions are able to customize the products for each client to make it look as if the client himself designed it.

With White Label Forex software, your clientele can benefit from top technology without depreciating your name or brand. The only responsibility of yours would be to govern the marketing aspect of your business, while everything else is done for you.

A complete solution

Benefits of using White Label Solutions include enabling partners to maintain the control over their business while benefitting from the use of the software provider. The partners do not need to be concerned over the software and can focus all their attention on their marketing and clientele. It is up to the partners to decide the amount of control they wish to have over the software, as well as indicate the level of maintenance they require from the providers.

In order to set up an online Forex trading company, a Forex white label platform will be required. GBO works with the top online Forex trading platform providers so that we can provide our clients with the best service. The Forex platforms offer you a full set of tools for the new white label site.

Branded website: web-based, no downloading necessary, personalized especially for you.

CRM: the purpose of this program is for you to have full access and control over your website, allowing you full visibility. The CRM is divided into several sectors: customers, leads, depositors, management, back office, accounting and affiliates.

Risk Management: this program is designed to minimize exposure to risk and specialize in fraud prevention.

Payment Processing: the forex platform will provide you with a processing solution designed according to your business model. We will take care of all the technical and compliance matters, making the process hassle-free.

As a conclusion, using Forex platform can be an excellent solution to start a new Forex  company, you just need to know all aspects of the terms & conditions. We will able to assist you in choosing the right platform for your new FX white label. The new trend this year is moving from forex to Cryptocurrency white label. Read more about it.

best forex white label solutions: The best Forex white label solutions offer quick and easy set-up; high security; value-added services and full customization to your brand. MT5 is one of the most widely used Forex white label solutions offering all the tools and instruments you may need in one platform. Tradesmarter also provides an all-in-one solution with full back-office software. The X Open Hub white label program provides front and back end technology, liquidity solutions, guidance when setting up, and account management support. ETNA offers an impressive range of Forex white label solutions for experienced brokers and FinTech professionals.

Best Forex White Label Program: The best Forex white label programs offer a platform with a full range of services, high-level security, customized branding, back-office support, mobile access, regular software upgrades, reasonable prices, and fast and easy set-up. Using one of the top Forex white label programs will free you from handing technical issues and let you focus on growing your business. The best comprehensive white label programs offer an end-to-end solution with platform software that meets market standards, such as MT4; MT5; cTrader; Ninja Trader, and Trading View. Some of the best Forex white label programs include BitFX Markets; Forex Day Trading; IG; City Index; FXCM; FXView and Orbex.

best white label forex broker: The best white label Forex brokers offer top trading platforms, cutting-edge tools, customer service, brand customization, and affordable prices. Top white-label Forex programs can be found at leading brokerage companies. Among the best brokers offering a Forex white label program are the Swiss Banking Group Dukascopy which has an excellent mobile app and JForex platform suite; the global market leader IG; B2Broker and award-winning CMC Markets. Other leading Forex white label brokers include CityIndex and Also, consider London Capital Group for Forex broker beginners; Saxo Capital Markets for more experienced traders; XTB Online Trading for excellent prices and Pepperstone for a smooth trading experience.

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