GBO presents solutions for safeguarding client funds for Electronic Money Institutions. Our services include:

  1. Assisting in opening correspondent accounts: With GBO’s guidance, you can open correspondent relationships with other financial institutions, facilitating international transactions and broadening your global footprint.
  2. Assisting in opening accounts at reliable credit institutions: We can assist you in setting up accounts with trustworthy credit organizations, promoting the safety of your client funds.
  3. Supporting the creation of accounts in intermediary banks: GBO stands ready to help you set up accounts in intermediary banks, enhancing the security and efficiency of your international wire transfers.
  4. Providing client fund solutions: We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to overnight safeguarding clients’ funds.


Find out how we can help you with safeguarding clients’ funds and other banking solutions

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    If your Electronic Money Institution seeks expert guidance to enhance your banking solutions, consider partnering with GBO. Our commitment lies in understanding your unique needs and directing you toward the most beneficial strategies and solutions.

    Here’s how your institution can benefit from GBO’s services:

    Increased efficiency: We can streamline your banking processes, optimize operational efficiency, and offer real-time access to essential data.


    If your institution aims to boost operational efficiency, amplify security, and enrich the customer experience, look no further than GBO. Let us aid you in making strategic decisions that will propel your financial institution to new heights of success

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