What’s so important with business bank accounts?

Regardless of the type of business you run—whether you own an eCommerce site or operate an international importing and exporting enterprise—managing a small business is often a laborious burden to handle; one has to invest substantial amount of time in building the business, retaining customers, and, above all, attend to the business’ financial aspects: oversee funds distribution in order to cover payrolls, pay the taxes that are levied on you as employer and deal with acquisition of products. With such profusion of tasks, a small business owner might need some assistance; it is fortunate, therefore, that some banks offer precisely such assistance.
Commercial Banking
Certain banks now incorporate a designated division, sometimes referred to by banks as “business banking” sedebitrvices, that deals with commercial banking – focusing on business accounts and assisting business owners. Amongst the services that are provided to clients are payroll processing, quarterly taxes payment methods and financial planning consultation – the latter may further incorporate management of retirement accounts. Alongside these services, many commercial banking divisions additionally offer small businesses a loan, thus keeping them afloat.
Nowadays, in an age of technological inattentiveness, banks must stay attuned to new developments, while offering services that comply with the unique needs that are dictated by new business ventures and newly discovered business fields.
Advantages of Commercial Banking
First and foremost, best business bank account assists small businesses by simplifying the necessary routine of managing their finances. In addition, once you wish to expand your business ventures, yet you do not have sufficient capital to do so, an established commercial account will allow you to borrow money for such purpose. Invoicing services and personalized invoices are an additional service that is offered via commercial banking; a small business owner might also receive discount on merchant service fees, and, commercial banking also issues the owner of a small business payment/ business debit cards for startups with which one can pay for services and pay to any of the business’ affiliates, worldwide.  Finally, an additional service—mandatory for any business that works with either international clients and/or suppliers—allows the business to send and receive funds from any of its affiliates, worldwide.
In order to make sure that each business receives the assistance, guidance and proper solutions it needs, a representative from the commercial banking division is assigned to each business.
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Disadvantages of Commercial Banking
The primary disadvantage of commercial banking is that, too often, it is more costly than traditional banking. Whereas fees are always charged for various actions and services—such as high deposits, multiple checks deposits and payroll services—it is possible that, depending on the size of your business, some of the services that are made available via commercial banking will be redundant to your own business. Nevertheless, the bank will still charge you for these services.
Additionally, international money transfers commonly use either SEPA (for transferring EURO’s) or SWIFT (for transferring USD’s); these methods are not only costly, but, they are also somewhat risky. Inevitably, the more international money transfers a business has to make, the riskier it is considered. Once a business is labeled ‘high-risk’, however, it will be charged with considerably higher fees.
An additional disadvantage is that different commercial banking divisions, belonging to different banks, offer disparate services and fees. Comparing the fees and the nature of the services provided is therefore an arduous task. Note that having a commercial account, prior to the establishment of your business, might, in fact, harm the business and slow its growth; transferring your account to another bank, however, might be both time-consuming and pricey.
If a time indeed comes when your business grows so that commercial banking services become mandatory, take the time to carefully review different commercial banking divisions; review their fees and consider whether any changes you make in your account are destined to benefit your business or harm it

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