GBO offers assistance with finding and locating online processing credit cards companies. Our assistance is geared towards medium to high risk online companies and for B2B online payment processors.

What do you get?

  • Credit Card Payment Processing Systems – the systems are connected to top merchant banks in EU and out of the EU.
  • Assistance with opening merchant account opening – for High Risk operations

Online credit card processors are a cost-efficient way to accept credit card payments online. They are also flexible in that they accommodate a wide range of various types of companies and business activities. The requirements needed are a merchant account and a payment processing gateway. As long as you are connected to the internet, no matter where you are, you can receive online payments via these providers.

It is essential that you get your online payment processing service working as soon as your website is up and running, such as not to lose out on any potential customers.

There are many credit card processing companies available, however the more high risk your business is, the less likely it will be to find a decent processing company that will provide you with a payment processing gateway.

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    About your for Payment solution

    Main Key Factors for B2B online payment processor

    • Monthly Fees -When it comes to credit card processing, the merchant has multiple fees and costs he has to pay to various parties. One should take into account the additional fees as well as the realistic expected number of transactions in order to find the best rates. Different companies may find different elements to be of importance, for example, one company may put stress on the per-transaction costs while for another company it may be a lower monthly fee. High Risk Merchant Account Services – One may consider the option of integrating one’s payment gateway with an online e-Store, also making it possible to accept credit card payments online.
    • High Risk Merchant Account Services – One may consider the option of integrating one’s payment gateway with an online e-Store, also making it possible to accept credit card payments online.
    • Help and Support – It is of vital importance that your online credit card processor has a good support centre to ensure that all payments go through smoothly, keeping both you and the customer satisfied. It is recommended to go with a processor that provides 24-hour support seven days a week.

    It is essential for an online business to be able to accept online credit card payments. One should take the entire application process into consideration, including setup requirements and integration details when deciding on which processor to go with. It is recommended that one do a business analysis of what type of fees one will be expecting to enter into one’s account, and based on that see which processor may be best suited according to those prices. It is essential that you get your online payment service working as soon as your website is up and running, such as not to lose out on any potential customers.

    GBO offers assistance with finding e-commerce payment solutions for various online business such as

    • E-commerce websites
    • High Risk activities –sites that deal with forex, natural products or software, tourism and such
    • Affiliates
    • Internet services company

    What is an E-commerce Payment System

    An e-commerce payment system facilitates the acceptance of electronic payments for online transactions.

    GBO makes it easier than ever before for you to sell your goods and services online, assisting you to find payment providers

    Millions of consumers worldwide, use the internet for banking, shopping as well as other financial activities on an everyday basis. These actions can only be processed using e-commerce payment systems or what is otherwise known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). These payment systems provide a secure and fast way to make online transactions. These systems are operated by a high street bank or certain specialist companies to ensure the security of every transaction.

    The online business world has been completely revolutionized with the addition of electronic payment systems. Advantages include less paper work, lower transaction costs and lower labor costs. It is also user friendly and convenient for both the customer and business owner.

    What is E-commerce Payment Gateway Integration

    Ecommerce Payment Gateway is what enables the credit card transactions to take place. It’s a layer of processing that interfaces with your e-commerce site and your merchant account. It is the center where all the security and encryption come in to play.

    A secure payment gateway allows you the opportunity to sell your online merchandise and services vie credit cards, debit cards or other forms of payment. The payment processing services include particular security measures that verify the credit cards used for payments and will intercept any potential criminal attempt before a transaction occurs.

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    GBO’s assistance with finding B2B credit card processing solutions will assist your business to accept credit cards from clients all over the world. Our assistance with locating and finding solutions are tailored specifically for online businesses with a worldwide client base.

    B2B Credit Card Processing represents the most cost effective way to process business & credit card transactions for your online business.

    Our credit card processing assistance is suitable for

    • All types of online businesses – Our assistance with finding solutions encompass medical, retailers, e-commerce (ie gaming, Forex), and many more. Whether you are a high or low risk business, our assistance with finding solutions will able you to accept more credit and debit cards than any other.
    • International clients – Our specialised partnerships with global processing and banking institutions provides international credit card processing for a variety of online businesses located anywhere in the world. We provide timely and accurate debit card transactions in over 20 currencies.
    • Company structure – To be able to accept funds from overseas, a proper corporate structure is essential. GBO are experts at both providing assistance with B2B credit card processing structures and assisting with incorporating businesses, ensuring that we can help you get set up in the manner that best suit your needs.
    • Fully integrated solutions – B2B Credit Card Processing systems will be up and running in a matter of days, allowing you to receive deposits through your website almost immediately. So, whether your business needs a simple, low cost merchant solution for that infrequent credit card transaction, or you require an integrated credit card processing solution for your multiple locations, GBO can assist to find solutions for your needs.

    What is B2B Credit Card Processing?

    Business-to-business, or B2B is a business that serves other businesses. B2B credit card processing solutions is therefore designed with this clientele in mind. Unlike consumers, who are focused on flexible, convenient payments, businesses require payment options to streamline their processes, reduce costs and protect their assets.
    GBO offers assistance with finding customized B2B credit card processing solutions for a wide variety of merchants.
    Why it is so important to be able to process B2B credit cards?
    B2B Credit Card Processing is probably the single most critical processing element within a business. A poorly conceived solution can have a profound negative impact on a business. It is important to note that not all B2B Credit Card Processing solutions were created equal. A good processing partner understands the complexity and details required in configuring an effective solution. Whilst knowing how to navigate around potential pitfalls towards achieving the best solution.

    What you should know about B2B Credit Card Processing

    One element this is critical is the decision of what kind of merchant account will act as the foundation for the B2B credit card processing structure. Will transactions be “swiped” – with the customer and their credit card present? Or will payment be made over the phone? Whilst this might seem like an irrelevant question, since swiped transactions generally qualify for a rate discount, it is a decision that can have real impact to the bottom line.

    Businesses looking to increase profits may want to consider signing up for multiple B2B credit card processing services. These services can range from B2B credit card processing to online credit card processing. These services are designed to help increase business profits by offering extra ways to accept payments.
    It is essential for online merchants to offer B2B online credit card processing. With approximately 175 million plus shoppers online in 2016, businesses looking to attract these shoppers may need to offer a variety of credit card payment options. A partnership with an online credit card processing company can considerably enhance a business’ potential to increase their profits.
    Another way to increase profits is to offer a B2B credit card processing service. Businesses to business interaction occur for a number of reasons. A specialised B2B credit card processing service will generate a more rapid clearance of payment, especially when compared with customer processing services.
    From the client end, effective software and solid integration of a quality payment processing system is essential and will ultimately drive profits. Thus it is imperative to ensure that the company that is processing the credit transactions is reliable and efficient. Values that will hold you in good stead for your business’s life time.

    If you are an ecommerce site and are looking to accept payments through your website, GBO offers assistance with locating and finding B2B payment processing consulting so you can begin taking all kinds of payments online. Some of the benefits of payment systems include; getting a fully customized look-and-feel system, a payment gateway for your online incoming payments, full integration support, customer service and risk assessment along with opening of merchant accounts in top European banks.

    Our assistance with finding and locating B2B payment processing solutions will optimize your payment processing environment while delivering the B2B payment industry’s lowest overall fees for payment acceptance.

    International B2B Payment Gateway

    GBO’s assistance with finding and locating B2B payment solutions technology is integrated with some of the world’s best acquiring banks and payment institutions.  The B2B electronic payment gateways offer a highly secure server environment through built-in risk and fraud management algorithms.

    Corporate purchasing using cards is growing exponentially and makes up over 40% of all B2B purchases. Therefore it is becoming increasingly necessary to accept corporate and government purchasing cards as a form of payment. The benefit of doing so, can prove to be a huge financial benefit, that often, even well established and successful businesses are unaware of. The use of cards for B2B purchasing has doubled in the past five years and is expected to continue to grow at a rate of no less than 10% annually over the next five years. Merchants that already accept card payments from other companies or from government agencies can improve B2B and G2B processing for maximum efficiency and profits.

    One of the major benefits of accepting B2B payment forms is that it enables a business to accept a wider range of online payment methods, including corporate and government purchasing cards. This allows customers an incredible level of convenience and in effect generates more sales and higher profits. Furthermore, these profitable benefits help to offset the costs associated with B2B card acceptance.

    Are you already using an existing B2B electronic payment system?

    It is always a good idea for businesses that already accept corporate cards and government purchase cards to periodically review their processing costs and overall B2B efficiency. A significant number of merchants currently process cards incorrectly. This often results in the negative consequence of having to pay higher rates, which can add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year. Alternatively, they may not use the proper tools and technologies that allow them to process such transactions efficiently. Let an experienced and reputable merchant services provider guide you through the process of setting up your B2B payment processing systems so you can begin accepting corporate and government cards successfully.

    Check out our assistance with finding B2B electronic payment systems solutions if you are a business that operates online, most of your receivables are check or cash, or if you simply wish to have a great solution to meet your credit card processing needs.

    No matter which B2B processing service and mothods you select, you should expect it to provide you with the basic services that you need in order to accept payments.
    Regardless of the B2B processing service or methods you choose, you need to ensure that it will provide you with a standard service that will allow you to accept the full variety of customer payments. Along with the ability to process all major credit cards so you do not lose sales. The company you choose to help you set up your payment processing should be fully compliant with Data Security Standards (DSS) as established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and in the process support you in obtaining PCI compliance. A reputable and professional B2B payment processor should offer you readily accessible customer support, providing you with assistance irrespective of the time of day. This is necessary to ensure that you get the assistance you need to immediately resolve a processing issue and be able to accept payments with the least inconvenience.

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