GBO’s Comprehensive B2B Gaming Services Package:

  • New License Acquisition: Guidance and support in acquiring an online gaming license, including help with application submission and preparation of necessary documentation. The license can be issued in Curacao, Anjouan, Malta and other countries.
  • Extensive Legal Assistance: Support in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) frameworks, providing a compliance officer, policy creation, and conducting both regular and IT audits in compliance with the latest standards.
  • Corporate Establishment: Assistance in setting up a company in Curacao, including arranging for a local company director.
  • Financial Solutions: Services include opening European bank accounts and offering merchant banking solutions.
  • Banking and Cryptocurrency Solutions: Assistance in setting up banking and cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Gaming Systems Provision: Supply of turnkey white-label online casinos, gaming software, and platform solutions.
  • Comprehensive Licensing for iGaming Ventures: Licensing services covering a range of iGaming products such as online casinos, mobile apps, sports betting, poker, lotteries, and bingo.

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    GBO provides complete B2B online casino services, making it easy for them to stat their online gaming business

    Main Responsibilities of B2B Gaming Services Providers

    Consulting on Corporate Structure

    B2B gaming service providers offer strategic planning to advise on the best corporate structure for your gaming business, ensuring compliance with legal, financial, and operational standards.

    Incorporating the Gaming Company

    They handle all aspects of legally forming your gaming company, from registration and documentation to setting up operations in a suitable location.

    Incorporating the Holding Company

    If needed, they set up a holding company to manage assets and intellectual property, optimizing for tax efficiency and international operations.

    Incorporating the Payment Agent in Cyprus or Another EU Country

    Service providers ensure that payment agents comply with EU regulations and integrate seamlessly with your gaming platform for secure transactions.

    Managing the Process of Obtaining the Gaming License

    They assist with preparing and submitting documentation for gaming licenses, liaising with regulatory authorities to ensure a smooth process.

    Structuring Policies, Procedures, and Working Standards

    Providers help develop and implement policies and procedures to enhance operational efficiency and ensure high-quality service delivery.

    Online Casino Software or Gaming White Label Solutions

    They offer cutting-edge online casino software and white label solutions tailored to your business needs, with customization and ongoing support.

    Opening Corporate Bank Accounts

    Assistance with selecting suitable banks, managing documentation, and setting up corporate bank accounts.

    Opening Merchant Accounts

    Setting up merchant accounts to accept various payment methods and integrating them with your gaming platform for seamless processing.

    Finding Payment Processors for Online Casinos

    They identify reliable payment processors specialized in online casino transactions and implement advanced fraud prevention measures to protect your business.

    With the rapid evolution of online gaming, Curacao has become a prominent center for gaming enterprises. Due to its advantageous geographical position, favorable tax legislation, and strong regulatory structure, Curacao presents gaming enterprises with exceptional prospects.

    Our comprehensive package of B2B gaming services in Curacao is intended to meet every requirement of a gaming company, from establishing banking solutions to acquiring a new gaming license.

    1. Curacao B2B Gaming Providers: An Entrance to a Variety of Gaming Experiences

    Gaming providers provide an abundance of games and gaming experiences, constituting the backbone of the online gaming industry. Our organization offers connections with a vast selection of Curacao-based gaming providers renowned for delivering engaging, high-quality, and varied gaming content. Our network comprises providers that accommodate numerous tastes and preferences, from traditional table games to cutting-edge slot machines.


    2. Managing the Process of Obtaining a New Curacao Gaming License

    A crucial undertaking for any gaming enterprise in Curacao is the acquisition of the new Curacao Master Gaming License. By providing assistance with the application, submission, and preparation of required documents, our service streamlines this procedure. Obtaining a Curacao gaming license grants your company not only legal recognition but also entry to a wider international market. With our assistance, you are assured of adherence to all regulations and a seamless licensing process.


    3. All-Inclusive Banking Solutions for Businesses in Curacao and in Anjouan

    Banking is an indispensable component of operating a prosperous gaming enterprise. We facilitate the establishment of merchant and bank accounts in Curacao, offering financial solutions that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of gaming companies. These banking solutions augment the credibility and efficacy of your business operations by facilitating smooth financial transactions.


    4. Embracing the Future: Wallets for Cryptocurrency

    In the dynamic gaming sector, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a transformative force. We assist Curacao-based gaming companies in establishing cryptocurrency wallets, which facilitate anonymous, quick, and secure transactions. By utilizing this service, you not only enhance the security of your financial transactions but also position yourself at the vanguard of technological progress within the gaming industry.


    5. The new Curacao Master License: Policy and Procedure Assistance

    A Curacao master license grants access to a vast array of gaming operations. We offer extensive assistance in comprehending and adhering to the regulations and protocols linked to the acquisition and upkeep of this license. Our proficiency guarantees that your gaming enterprise functions in accordance with the law, upholding the utmost levels of adherence.


    6. Curacao Audit Services: Establishing Trust and Compliance

    Conducting audits is critical for preserving the credibility and integrity of your gaming enterprise. By performing both routine and IT audits, we guarantee that your organization is in compliance with the most recent regulations and standards. Conducting these audits is essential in order to identify potential areas for enhancement and to exhibit transparency in the eyes of your clients and regulators.


    “Business-to-business” gaming services, or “B2B” services, are services and solutions offered by one company in the gaming industry to another company. In contrast to business-to-consumer (B2C) services, which are directed towards the end user, business-to-business (B2B) services are designed to support the operations, expansion, and improvement of other businesses’ services.

    Within the gaming sector,B2B gaming services comprise a diverse array of products and services, such as but not restricted to:

    1. Software Solutions: This refers to giving gaming operators access to gaming platforms, technologies, and software. These solutions can include lottery and bingo systems, sports betting platforms, and software for casino games.
    2. Compliance and Licensing: B2B providers help gaming companies get the licenses they need, like the Curacao gaming license. Additionally, they support the maintenance of adherence to diverse legal requirements and standards across jurisdictions.
    3. Payment Processing Solutions: Offering integrated payment processing systems, which include merchant account setup, payment method facilitation, and cryptocurrency wallet setup and management.
    4. Operational support: This refers to providing back-office software, customer service instruments, data analytics, and other operational technologies that facilitate the seamless operation of gaming enterprises.
    5. Game development and content creation are two aspects of some business-to-business gaming services. Examples of this include developing original games, supplying developer portfolios, or providing white-label solutions, which are gaming platforms that are ready to launch with customizable branding.
    6. Consulting and Advisory Services: Professional advice on business planning, marketing, customer acquisition, and market entry tactics for the gaming sector.
    7. Networking and Partnerships: Encouraging relationships and collaborations within the gaming sector, which can be essential for start-ups or growing companies trying to make a name for themselves.
    8. B2B gaming services are essentially about giving gaming companies the resources, know-how, and assistance they require to run their operations efficiently and competitively in the gaming market.



    10 FAQs Regarding Our B2B Gaming Services in Curacao and in Ajouan

    1. What does the Curacao B2B casino provider list include?

    • Our Curacao B2B casino provider list includes a comprehensive selection of trusted and innovative gaming providers. These providers offer a diverse range of gaming products, from classic casino games like roulette and blackjack to modern video slots and live dealer games. We ensure that each provider on our list meets stringent quality and reliability standards, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience for your customers.

    2. Who are the leading Curacao gaming service providers?

    • The leading service providers in Curacao are renowned for their cutting-edge technology, robust gaming platforms, and diverse gaming portfolios. They specialize in delivering a seamless gaming experience with a focus on user engagement, security, and innovation. Our network includes providers who are pioneers in gaming software development, offering scalable and customizable solutions that cater to a global audience.

    3. What encompasses Curacao betting & gaming services?

    • Curacao’s betting and gaming services are a comprehensive blend of various online gaming activities. This includes sports betting platforms with a wide range of betting markets and competitive odds, online casino games featuring a vast array of slots and table games, as well as lottery and bingo services. These services are supported by advanced backend solutions for secure payment processing, user management, and data analytics.

    4. How do B2B Curacao gaming solutions enhance a gaming business?

    • B2B Curacao gaming solutions enhance businesses by offering scalable, flexible, and technologically advanced gaming platforms. These solutions are designed to maximize player engagement, optimize operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with international gaming standards. From customizable game content to integrated payment systems and robust security measures, these solutions provide a comprehensive framework for a successful online gaming operation.

    5. What are the steps to obtaining a Curacao iGaming license?

    • Obtaining a Curacao iGaming license involves a multi-step process. Initially, it requires submitting an application to the Curacao Gaming Control Board, followed by preparing and presenting various documents, including business plans, financial records, and software details. Applicants must also demonstrate compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and undergo a thorough background check. We assist in navigating these steps, ensuring a smooth and compliant application process.

    6. What advantages does a Curacao gaming license offer?

    • A Curacao gaming license offers numerous advantages, including global business opportunities due to its wide acceptance and reputation. It also offers a favorable tax environment, with low tax rates and incentives for gaming businesses. Additionally, the streamlined licensing process and the jurisdiction’s experience in the gaming industry make Curacao an attractive choice for startups and established gaming companies alike.

    7. What’s involved in opening a bank account for a Curacao gaming company?

    • Opening a bank account for a Curacao gaming company involves selecting a bank that understands the unique needs of the gaming industry and offers services like multi-currency accounts and online transaction facilities. The process includes submitting business details, proof of license, and complying with due diligence and anti-money laundering regulations. We facilitate this process by advising on the best banking partners and assisting with the necessary documentation.

    8. How does a merchant account benefit a gaming company?

    • A merchant account is essential for processing online payments. It allows gaming companies to accept credit and debit card payments, providing a secure and efficient way for players to deposit and withdraw funds. Merchant accounts also offer fraud protection, payment gateway integration, and detailed transaction reporting, which are crucial for managing the financial aspects of an online gaming platform.

    9. Why are crypto wallets becoming important in gaming?

    • Crypto wallets are gaining importance in the gaming industry due to their enhanced security, anonymity, and faster transaction speeds compared to traditional payment methods. They enable instant deposits and withdrawals, reducing the wait time for players. Additionally, the use of cryptocurrencies broadens the market reach, appealing to a tech-savvy audience and providing a competitive edge in the evolving digital economy.

    10. What types of audits are required for Curacao gaming companies?

    • Curacao gaming companies are required to undergo various types of audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and to maintain operational integrity. These include financial audits to assess financial health, compliance audits to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, and IT security audits to evaluate the security and integrity of gaming software and data protection measures. Regular audits not only ensure compliance but also build trust and credibility among players and stakeholders.

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