Danielle Lebhar, VP Global Danielle Photo (2)Sales at YuuPay Secure

Danielle Lebhar, VP Global Sales at YuuPay Secure.
10 years experience in the Online Payments and Forex industries, has held VP Sales positions for the past 8 years. Main skills include B2B Sales, Business Development and banking relations, as well as, developing and successfully launching new payment solutions/methods in challenging markets.

1) What has been happening in the payments industry over the past year in terms of growth, new brands, new competitors?  YuuPay Logo
In the past year, the payment industry has become more sophisticated and complicated. If in the past, only Credit Card processing was good enough, this is not the case now. Merchants and their customers expect a wide range of payment solutions that include local alternative payment solutions (APMs), bank wire solutions, as well as, tailored solutions that cater to their unique needs. The role of a PSP is not only to provide payment solutions, but to be a knowledgeable advisor to the merchant that can offer the right solution to the end user. The old “one size fits all” model does not meet today’s payment needs.iFX Expo Asia 2015 (3)

2) What direction is the payments and wire industry going in terms of growth?   
We have seen a huge demand for wire solutions in the last 12 months. Over 2 years ago, YuuPay identified the need for a solution like this for the Forex and Binary Option industries (accepting 3rd party funds in challenging markets and large sums) and we built and launched YuuCollect, our own bank wire solution with local collection available in 27 countries worldwide.

3) Regulation – banks today don’t accepts transfers from direct clients to the forex company bank account – how this affects you and what do you think about it? 
Online payments and new regulations on accepting bank wires trigger merchants to use Payment Service Providers (PSP) who are experts in the payment domain. Unlike in the past, where some merchants kept some of their payment processing operations in-house. From a PSP perspective, we need to be up-to-date with the industry changes and standards and to always ensure that we always have the right solutions to cater to our merchants needs. Read more on forex merchant account servicesiFX Expo Asia 2015 (2)

4) What are the best method to transfer money in the FX  and Gaming industry? 
Wire solutions are a very suitable solution since it has a few major advantages:

  1. Ability to wire large amounts, without the limitations of Credit Card deposits.
  2. Suitable for customers that do not have or prefer not to use Credit Cards.
  3. No chargebacks, hence, less risk to the merchants from customer fraud.
  4. Suitable for cash based countries, were most commerce is done in cash and wires.
  5. E-wallet solutions are also widely popular and YuuPay is close to launching our own ‘YuuWallet’ solution in the next few months.

5) Developments – What are the latest developments on the technical side,
and how the grow of mobile effects payment possibilities?

Mobile payment capabilities and solutions are something that every Payment Service Provider should think about, as we live in a mobile focused world at the moment and this will not slow down anytime soon.
If in the past, the final payment part was mostly done on the PC/laptop, today, customers complete the end-to-end experience on the mobile. This enforces PSPs to ensure the user experience is suitable for the mobile environment and is responsive/adjustable according to the screen size.
6) What do you think needs to be done in order for a new forex\binary brand to succeed? 
Firstly, you need to know your target market very well, and know what local payment methods that market has (as each countries has their own different methods of paying for online goods and service). Not every country is Credit Card focused, so you really need to customize your payment solutions based on your clientele.

7) What is your company’s uniqueness? 
YuuPay is proud of our ability to offer unique local payment solutions for challenging and emerging markets such as South East Asia, GCC region and Africa. Also, our payment gateway is connected to a wide range of acquiring banks in Europe, as well as, Asia. It allows us flexibility in accepting wide variety of industries.
On top of the solutions that YuuPay offers, we are known for our boutique personal service that we offer to our merchants. From advising on the right payment solutions according to the merchant needs, continuing with professional technical support to ensure a smooth and prompt integration, and especially with ongoing personal account management.
We see our merchants as partners, and this makes all the difference.

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