While you were working out in the gym this morning or enjoying a longer-than-usual soaking in the jacuzzi, something dramatic happened in the financial services world that could affect your work as a marketing manager. We can say this with some degree of confidence because there is always something changing in the dynamic world of financial services. What matters is how well you set up the campaign for your financial services provider company. Does it allow you to adapt to the sudden change? Can you build new messages into the campaign that takes your company’s financial services to the head of the list to keep customers’ attention – old and new? With the proper help from expert PR services providers like our team, from the very start, your online marketing strategy for financial services will be built with the right messages for the proper targets, in the best format and with speed and adaptability for change.

The right messages

A tremendous body of information sits inside your company’s own database or is accessible in the Big Data domain. With artificial intelligence technology and machine learning, you could identify trends and shifts in the market and then identify specifics areas where a need for new services is developing. A data-driven, personalized customer experience is the key to keeping people visiting your website.
You can create messages that have real meaning in a new context. Also, the new information can pick up gaps in your own or the general market’s service offerings. This allows your company to be proactive in creating new and innovative products. Being first to market with new ideas and products has a lasting impact on how your company is regarded and a robust general business flow.


Focus on analyzing your existing audience data, which helps you produce the most effective tactics down the road. Shape your strategy from your performance by regularly tracking basic elements in your domain like:

  • Which keywords are used to locate your site?
  • Where do visitors spend the most time?
  • Are your visitors downloading any of your marketing material?
  • Are people visiting your home page or coming to the site from landing pages?

Using this data, you can create a sample customer persona and use this to shape all aspects of your campaigns.

The best format

Recognizing that mobile access to services has become the dominant feature of the financial sector, one of the most important points we make for the campaigns we build is emphasizing how vital a mobile marketing strategy for banks’ financial services has become.

The proper targets

It is essential to keep the message in your marketing of banking products and services relevant to the people that your products are designed to service. Keep the messages relevant to grab the attention of people who are already interested in this.
If your company is offering products for corporate clients, then the right digital marketing strategy for corporate services must include identifying decision-makers and creating specific campaigns to get their attention. We often advise how you can work across multiple platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to link to a relevant context-specific landing page. This allows for multiple, diverse and fast campaigns adapted to the latest news that the market is already discussing.

A final thought

Your company is not alone in the marketplace. What’s happening in the competitive market should be playing a significant role in shaping your messages. You want to make your marketing of banking products and services stand out above the rest, with different content, so know as much as you can about the rest of the field.
We can offer your company a complete range of Public Relations services, with promotions, interviews, public exposure, posts on major internet media, and help build the right content. Let us be your partner in making your work easier and more effective.

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