Are you thinking of setting up a company in a free zone in Dubai?

Look nowhere else! Tax breaks, light rules, and simple access to markets in the Middle East and elsewhere are just a few of the advantages that firms may take advantage of in Dubai free zones. However, with so many alternatives available, picking the perfect free zone for your company might be difficult.

Our company, GBO, focuses on assisting companies formation in the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA). In addition to being the least expensive free zone in Dubai for company formation, banking, and tax, GBO is an official representative of IFZA, so we can provide you with a quick and affordable procedure for doing so.

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    IFZA has a cost-effective strategy for company creation and banking and provides a wide range of services to businesses in many industries. Due to the free zone’s advantageous position, it is simple to reach the Middle Eastern, European, and Asian markets. Additionally, GBO will help you with the IFZA’s virtual office solutions, flexible lease alternatives, and online company creation services.

    With all the advantages that a free zone provides, at a cheap price, and with the assistance of an authorized agency like GBO. Knowing that your business is in capable hands and that we will support you at every step will give you peace of mind.


    Dubai freezone company setup cost in IFZA

    Depending on the free zone and the kind of business you want to start, there might be a wide range of startup fees for a firm in a Dubai free zone. However, some of the major expenses you must take into account are as follows:

    Dubai company formation costs: The free zone will charge these costs to register and incorporate your business. They may differ based on the type of business you’re forming (such as an LLC, branch office, etc.) and the free zone you decide on.

    Business license fees: These costs, which the free zone also levies, must be paid in order to apply for the licenses you need to run your enterprise. Additionally, they may change based on the kind of business and the free zone.

    Legal and professional services: To help with the company formation procedure, you might need to employ legal or professional services, such as a local sponsor or a legal consultant. These services may increase the overall price of starting your business.

    Government fees: Some free zones demand the payment of government fees, including those for employee visas and immigration.

    Bank account opening costs: Some free zones could demand that the business open a local bank account. Depending on the bank and the free zone, the price may change.

    In conclusion, the price of establishing a business in a Dubai free zone can vary based on the free zone and the kind of business you want to launch. The main expenses are those for forming a business, getting a business license, renting an office, hiring a lawyer or other professional, paying taxes, and creating a bank account.



    What is the process of Dubai’s free zone company formation?

    Depending on the free zone and the kind of business you want to start in Dubai, the process for doing so can change. However, the following phases are generally included in the process:

    1. Select a free zone: Find out which free zone in Dubai is the best fit for your company by researching and comparing them all. It’s critical to pick a free zone that supports the goals and objectives of your company because each one has distinctive features and benefits of its own.
    2. Select a commercial activity: Each free zone contains a list of permitted commercial activities that businesses may carry out. It’s critical to pick a business activity that supports your organization’s aims and ambitions.
    3. Obtain a quote: The free zone authority or an authorized representative can provide you with an estimate once you’ve decided on a free zone and a business activity. An estimated cost of establishing your business will be included in the quote.
    4. Prepare the necessary documents: A number of documents, including copies of passports, resumes, and proofs of address for shareholders, managers, and the company, are necessary for the company formation procedure.
    5. After your application has been accepted, you must secure the necessary licenses.
    6. Create a bank account: Some free zones may demand that the business create a local bank account.
    7. Apply for a visa and a residence permit: You must submit applications for a visa and a residence permit on behalf of both you and any company personnel.


    It’s crucial to keep in mind that the procedure can change based on the free zone you select and the kind of business you intend to launch. Before choosing a free zone, it is best to do some research and evaluate the procedures of various free zones.

    In conclusion, picking a free zone and business activity, getting a price, putting together the necessary paperwork, submitting the application, obtaining the necessary permits, renting an office space, and other steps are normally required to establish a firm in a Dubai free zone.


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