How do I find my SWIFT code? Click here to SWIFT Code Checker
Automated online payments via online banking sites and apps are now a common form of settling payments and making purchases. It is estimated that Americans pay more than half their bills online. This makes it vital for automated payment systems to be easy to use, efficient and straightforward.

To this end GBO offers a sort code checker which uses current data to provide a one-stop online resource for checking sort codes. With this sort code checker, you can find out if a particular sort code can receive Faster Payments and ensure that your payment reaches the recipient.
You can identify a SWIFT code using internet SWIFT code checkers or you can ask your bank for their SWIFT code. The bank’s SWIFT code also appears on each individual check for checking accounts and on bank cards or building society cards. Online Sort code checkers often offer more than just a search tool for bank codes and can include news on industry trends. Use an online SWIFT code checker to confirm that all payment details are in order before making a payment.

What are SORT codes?
Each bank in the UK and historically in Ireland are associated with a Sort code which is used to direct domestic money transfers to a specific bank and branch. Sort codes are made up of 6 digits forming a numerical address for a bank branch, clearing bank, region, clearing system or financial institution. Since Ireland’s entrance into the EU, Irish Sort codes have been depreciated and Ireland now uses the SEPA system for transfers. In Northern Ireland Sort codes are registered and regulated by the Irish Payments Services Organization (IPSO). Northern Ireland bank branch Sort codes start with “9.”
A Sort code is formulated from three pairs of digits; the first pair of digits identifies the bank (i.e. Lloyds Bank Plc Sort code is 30) and the rest of the Sort code represents the bank branch code. Your Sort code usually features on the back of your debit card or on your bank statement. IBANs include the Sort code information but SWIFT (BIC) codes do not.
You can use an online Sort code checker to verify the details of a bank’s Sort code before making a payment or money transfer. There is a Sort code checker tool on the Cheques & Clearing Company website. Confirmation of your recipient’s bank Sort code using an online Sort code checker tool will help protect you from scams and ensure that your funds are not routed to the wrong bank.

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