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The most common way to settle your business is Hungary is to establish a Limited Liability Company or a Company Limited by Shares.

Hungarian corporate law allows a rather wide scale of possibilities for the operation of a limited liability company (LLC)

Some of the several benefits of the Hungarian incorporation of companies and tax rules:

  • Fast incorporation process, starting of with One day process (electronic registration)
  • Fast registration for EU VAT validation, enables to trade with all EU Member States free of VAT.
  • Relatively low corporate income tax – 10%
  • Comfortable initial capital of minimum amount 3.000.000HUF (approx. 10.000EUR) It’s not obligation to provide the initial capital at the time of the registration of the company.

Why Hungary Company Formation?

Hungarian company formation is one of the best option to operate a business in Europe. Registering a corporate entity in Hungary has many advantages such as low (or in some cases none) capital gains and dividends tax. Hungary can also be an excellent jurisdiction for registering a holding company, as Dividends paid to any resident or non-resident person are legally tax-free. Paid royalties are considered expenditures and can be deducted from Hungary corporate profits. Withholding tax is 0%.

Main requirements for Hungary Company Incorporation:

  • Only one shareholder and one director is required to fulfill Hungary company formation requirements.
  • Most of the Hungarian companies are required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • VAT registration will obtained within few days from the incorporation date.
  • Corporate shareholders are permitted.
  • Registered address or virtual office required
  • Minimum share capital – HUF 3.000.000 (appx €10,000), can be withdrawn after incorporation.
  • Company can has an Hungarian Bank account

Hungary business register of companies – Registering a company in Hungary is done through the Court of Company Registration, an institution controlled by the Ministry of Justice and it’s the address for anyone who wishes to register a business, or a legal entity’ like for example, Hungarian Company formation process.

The Trade Register of Hungary deals with registration of companies, merchants, traders, sole proprietorships, partnerships. Also it is an official information source through its state-of-art online formations form that allows agnates to establish a company in a fast, quick and accurate process.

Also, it offers information on companies and other entities with no costs. The Hungarian Registry of Companies provides information on existing registered companies as registration number, name, main activity, social security numbers, social capital, registered office

GBO team of professional can assist you with the setting up Hungarian formation. Open Hungary company has never been so easy with us!